URGENTLY HIRING! Work From Home With No Experience Needed – WILL TRAIN! Retrieving Medical Records

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All right my friends welcome back to Another daily work from home job lead This one requires no experience they are Willing to train they are urgently Hiring but before we get on to all the Juicy details if you’re new here my name Is Lindsay I’m always searching the Internet looking for the best work from Home jobs available and bring them to You on a daily basis so make sure you’re Subscribed if you never want to miss out If you do want to get those applications In the links are always in the YouTube Description box below and thank you to Everyone that did answer the poll that I Ran on Friday I am always looking for Feedback and I’ve noticed views going Down so I want to make sure that that’s Not because I’m not being helpful I know Some people are getting a little Frustrated with the work from home job Industry here lately and that is totally Understandable but I always aim to be Helpful to someone and so the feedback For being helpful is likes on videos and Views on videos so if you have any Suggestion of things that would be Helpful anything specific that you’re Looking for leave them in the comments Section below but with that being said This is in the health care field the Company captivity I hope I am saying That right they are hiring a customer Service slash medical records retrieval

Specialist now this is remote within the United States and they are hiring for a Daytime shift no nights or weekends will Be required they are urgently hiring They say themselves so make sure you get Those applications in if you are Interested as they will be interviewing Now one thing to note because this Position does not require any experience It does start out on the lower end of The wage at 14 an hour they do offer Full benefits and then after 90 days you Have the potential to go up to 14.50 an Hour this would be one of those jobs That is perfect to get experience so you Then qualify for higher paying jobs that Do require experience but they are Looking for someone to just contact Health care provider offices and request Copies of medical records you identify And coordinate the method for record Retrieval with the provider’s offices You’ll maintain professional and Frequent contact with providers offices Through the records retrieval process You’ll complete all responsibilities as Outlined in your annual performance plan And you may be required to work on Special projects from time to time so Even though you may have to pick up the Phone and call different doctor’s Offices to request medical records this Is not an inbound customer service a job You will be picking up the phone and

Making the calls and you’ll be working With businesses and doctors offices and Not irate customers now they do require A high school diploma or GED but no College degree is required it says Previous call center or collections Experience is always preferred but not Required we will provide training so They will train you training is also Paid they’re looking for someone who can Have have good attention to detail Someone who can demonstrate the Understanding of HIPAA guidelines Someone who can type at least 30 words a Minute and someone who can have basic Computer skills now this is full-time Work from home they will offer four Weeks of training and they’re urgently Hiring because their anticipated class Start date was back on November 28th but I am guessing they did not get people Hired and that deadline did not happen Which is why they are now urgently Hiring they are trying to get people in The door ASAP all right if you’ve made It to the end of this video I want to Say thank you so so much for watching And supporting me and I’ll be back Really really soon with more work from Home job leads just for you two videos Will be popping up on your screen one I Picked for you and the other YouTube Picked for you that you might enjoy next Please Subscribe and hit the Bell icon

So you never miss another work from home Or money making video from me and thank You so so much for watching and I’ll Catch you in the next next one

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