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Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another video for you guys and in This video right here I'm gonna be Giving you guys the inside scoop again On another company we're going to talk About the assessment we're going to talk About the interview process and just how Long everything took this is going to be About the company Regions Bank and Regions Bank is actually the last Company that I worked for before I Started working from home over 11 years Ago so I did used to be a bank teller at Regions Bank but anyway they do have Remote jobs as well so once you go to Their career section you can just search Remote and you will see the different Jobs that they have so they did have a Remote contact center Banker job hey Everybody so I realized I didn't go over The job details in this video but I want To go ahead and go over them with you Now at the time of me doing this video This job does still seem to be available If it's not available I encourage you to Check to see what other remote jobs they Have because they do have multiple Remote jobs okay but this was going to Be the job as the contact center phone Banker again it's remote within Region's Footprint which we will talk about later

On in the video but with this job right Here you're going to be providing Excellent customer service of course You're going to be assisting customers Via inbound and outbound calls and you Got to be meeting their needs through Providing advice guidance and education On the full ranges of Bank products and Services that regions offers you're Going to achieve and exceed performance Targets monthly for quality assurance Efficiency and customer engagement and Troubleshoot clients electronic and Mobile Banking technical issues we'll Identify and resolve problems promptly And you will follow through on customer Inquiries you just need a high school Diploma or GED it will send you the Equipment but you will need to have the Following technical specifications they Would prefer if you had contact center Experience in banking and finance Experience and a bachelor's degree and Training is going to be Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 p.m Central Standard Time for seven weeks they did Mention you get on the phone after two Weeks of training so I want to let you Know that as well and for this Particular job you'd be working Monday Through Friday from 10 a.m to 7 P.M Central Standard Time one day off during The week either Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday you can choose your off day

Preference and every Saturday from 8 A.M To 5 p.m Central Standard Time there Will be no changes to the scheduled Hours this is a full-time job and you Will get benefits so those are the Details of this job like I said Definitely check out some of their other Jobs to see what they have available and I did apply for that job I applied on December 24th so I had a very quick work Day application after you do your Application they will ask you to do an Assessment and you will have a few days To complete the assessment so we're Going to go ahead and talk about the Assessment the assessment was pretty Easy they did ask some of those type Personality type questions but for the Most part the assessment was you having To go through some scenarios and Choosing the way that you would respond And assist the customer if you've done Customer service you pretty much know How to do these assessments after I took The assessment and submitted it I didn't Hear anything I took the assessment the Same day that I applied so I did take The assessment on the 24th of December I Did receive an email on January 11th From a recruiter and she wanted to Schedule an interview she did want to Make sure that I was in Region's Footprint so regions they do have a Footprint of different locations that

They hire from I will go ahead and put That up on the screen for you so you Will need to be in these particular Areas to work with this company I am in Georgia so of course I'm in the Footprint and so then she did schedule Me an interview so my interview was January 12th and so in terms of the Interview again as I always say in these Videos this was the Star Format Star Format is just asking you about a Situation a task an action and a result So that is pretty much how most of these Customer service interviews are gonna go Like I said to you guys in my other Video anytime I do an interview I have My resume printed out and I also just Have have a little tiny note on my Resume just reminding me of the scenario That I'm going to use and again I use it Each time and this is important because This allows it to come off naturally and Just roll off the tongue naturally and Conversational and when you're in an Interview you want to be natural you Want to be conversational you also want To look into the camera not at the Computer screen you want to look into The camera this conveys confidence and It helps you to get these jobs okay so The interview is probably it was about Five or six questions tell me about a Time where you had a difficult customer Tell me about a time where you had a

Difficult employee tell me about a time Where you received feedback they may Even ask you how do you like to receive Feedback they did ask about my resume Just asking some of the different things That I did I do believe that I was asked What I did not like about my most recent Position so for me my most recent Position would be with Pearson and I Always State the truth that I don't like The fact that it's a seasonal position And there's no room for full-time growth With the position I mean so you know They may ask you about that I would say That the interview lasted exactly 30 Minutes so in this interview I still Wasn't aware of what the pay would be But the hours for this particular job Would be between 11 A.M and 8 P.M but Then I did receive a phone call from the Recruiter the next day to offer me the Position that's when she mentioned that The pay was 18 an hour and it wasn't Negotiable okay so so I did not accept That job but as usual these videos are To help you guys and to give you guys Information just in case you're Interested in applying for the job but I Do think that you know they move very Fast the interview was pretty much very Relaxed it didn't feel you know like I Was on trial or anything like that and Like I said they moved very fast the Recruiter was very friendly the

Communication was great so I would Highly recommend applying for them if You are interested in you know banking Customer service and things like that of Course if you're interested you will Find the link to the job in the Description bar you'll also find a link To their career section as well so yeah If you have any questions or comments go Ahead and leave those below you guys Guys know that I appreciate you so much For watching and I'll see you in my next Video

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