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Good morning happy Saturday it's Suzanne Today I am bringing back this Apple at Home advisor position it's been really Hard since I posted my first video for a Lot of you to actually find openings to Apply for so in this job I'm going to Tell you about the position once again For those of you who are new here and Have not already heard about this job I'm going to tell you about that but Then I'm also going to show you toward The end of this video how you can Actually find one of these positions to Apply for because this is a very popular Job a lot of you want to work at Apple So with apple it's about connecting with People including yourself as an Apple at Home support advisor you'll share your Love for technology with others and That's just the beginning A New Beginning because this can be more than A great job it can be a rewarding career I'm also going to tell you how much you Can make in these positions at the end And it's pretty it's a pretty penny guys For working from home uh this is going To be a great opportunity for you now They have jobs located in the U.S China Ireland Singapore possibly more you'll Have to check but so this is definitely A job that's open to us and International candidates a lot of you Leave me comments saying you're looking For jobs in other countries so this one

May work for you as well All right so let's scroll down here save Someone's day and be amazed by what it Does for yours when people contact us For help and Apple support advisor you Responds you'll be their human Connection to Apple friendly thoughtful And real you'll answer questions about Our products and services enriching Customers lives by helping them access What they've come to love from Apple We'll count on you to manage their Experience throughout the process using Your own personal touch there's no Script just helpful training and with Each customer conversation you have it Becomes clear you're not just supporting Technology you're supporting people all Right so Shantae is an advisor who's Becoming a mentor you can watch that Film if you want to I mean I am going to Give you the links to these Pages grow Into your role and Beyond Apple has Always been a learning community which Is why today more than ever everyone is Here everyone here is seen heard and Valued you'll be part of a culture of Open dialogue and supportive feedback Where leaders take an active role in Your professional development you'll get Regular coaching and mentoring to help You you sharpen your skills and access To all kinds of resources to promote Your career all right over time you'll

Gain valuable experience to help you Succeed in practically any job right and We expect everything from an advisor That our customers do for years Apple Has been recognized as a leader in Customer support and there are thousands Of reasons why our customer service Advisors some are tech savvy simply Because they're passionate about using Technology to do what they love some go Deeper they're interested in what makes Devices work from the inside out we Welcome both and everyone in between as Long as they're also curious Investigators technical problem solvers And good listeners they will train you To be the best before you help customers They'll help you you'll learn apple Technologies and get familiar with their Approach to customer conversations so They're going to provide you with all The training that you need here you Don't have to have any experience in This role I haven't even seen anything About a degree yet I know they do have Some programs for college students as Well so they definitely hire people who Do not have a degree and who have very Little to no experience Where managers or leaders is an Apple Support team manager you'll lead by Example through inspiration rather than Simple instruction you'll build diverse Highly collaborative teams by using open

Honest feedback to develop each team Member's talent and skills so if you're Interested in doing more than just being An advisor and moving into leadership Apple is also going to give you an Opportunity to do that as well here are Some of the benefits health and wellness Educational Employee pricing Apple stop Stock discount charitable contribution Matching and I know I have read and we May see it a little bit later that they Also do provide you with an iMac Computer hopefully we'll see that a Little bit lower down here on this page So here are the opportunities there are Three different opportunities there's an Apple support at home advisor you'll be The customer's first point of contact You'll be the friendly voice of Apple Answering questions about the products And services and providing world-class Customer service troubleshooting and Tech support you'll be prepared thanks To some great in-person inner active Training then they'll rely on you to Listen to the customers and use your Technical expertise creatively and Passion to meet their needs and remind Them that behind their great products Are amazing people it says to click Apple support advisor rules but I'm Going to actually show you a different Way to finally find these jobs because That link typically has not taken us to

Where the jobs actually are so I am Going to show you that Apple's support Team manager bring your leadership Skills to Life by providing daily Supervision and promoting the Development of Apple support advisors And I thought there were three jobs but Maybe it's down to two now so let's take A look to how you're actually going to Find this job and apply for it alright So here's where you're going to find Your perfect role and what I'm going to Do here in the search bar is I'm going To type in apple Support Spell that right At Home Advisors and hopefully that's going to Bring up a list of jobs that they Currently have open and as you can see Here you've got a drop down Apple Support college program Apple support Advisor customer support specialist at Home right so they've got some different Things you can pick from here lots of College programs for people who don't Have any college degrees so let's see if I can click on this Apple support Advisor right here Okay and there we go there's a job Apple Technical support advisor on August 25th Let's keep scrolling down to see there's Their college program job that you can

Click for students technical support Advisor some of these will require a Little bit more technical ability maybe They will require a degree but you're Going to want to go ahead and click in To some of these jobs so let's try a Couple of them let's see we've got let's Not do the college program let's do the Apple technical support advisor to see What is required there All right so you can submit your resume There they just they posted this back in August it has been a couple months so You're going to want to keep checking Back here for these jobs but this is how You're going to find them tells you a Little bit about this job key Qualifications descriptions so let's Look under those qualifications okay so Here they want you to have two years of Professional technical troubleshooting Or technical ability experience Supporting customers via phone email Chat or in person passion for customer Service and ownership of the customer Experience good communication Self-management thrives on a team Effective time management able to Research and grasp technical information Experience with their of course products Their iPhone tablet Mac Etc and an Aptitude for acquiring skills in Technical troubleshooting all right so That's one of the jobs let's try their

Other job Apple support team manager Again you can submit your resume resume Here they tell you a little bit about This rule what you're going to be doing Let's look at the key qualifications Again minimum two years experience in People management knowledge of contact Center management tools influencing Skills technology Relationship building coaching So really let's see let's take a look at The education and experience they'd like You to have a bachelor's degree or Equivalent experience it doesn't even Say you need you do need the two years Of experience but you may not need the Degree in this position so I'm going to Let you guys check the rest of these Positions out I'm going to give you both Links to the pages that I just showed You And just so you know the pay apple pays Very well they pay anywhere from around 43 to 90 dollars per hour total with Benefits which actually comes out to be Around I think Possibly 89 000 a year that you can make In these at home advisor positions that Is why they're hard to get because they Really do take care of their people now If you're interested in applying for This again I'm going to put those links Down Below in the description for you Let me know down in the comments what

You think of this or any trouble that You're having with these and I will see You guys in the next video good luck

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