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Hey hey two chicks fam it is me Carl and I am back with a part-time work from Home job but before I jump into the Video make sure you guys subscribe like And share because on this YouTube Channel we give away laptops and we are Giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers and they are absolutely free The only thing you guys have to do take My video share it with a friend post it On Facebook Tick Tock Instagram Twitter But don't forget to come back and leave Us that comment down below now I dropped Some videos on the channel last night Make sure you guys go back and check Them out I dropped the company they have Eight work from home positions and this Is a quick hire company that provides Equipment make sure you guys go back and Check out this video also guys hop over Here to the two chicks blog look on the Home page apply for a tell us tell us is On a hiring spree this is a skip the Interview non-phone opportunity for you Guys and don't forget guys let us us Know in the comments what type of work From home job you're looking for and be Sure to sign up for Branded surveys Let's get into the video so the company Is called her campus media and they are Looking to feel their Human Resources Specialists work from home position so It says here that her campus media is Seeking a human resources specialist to

Join their part-time team approximately 20 to 30 hours per week days and hours Are flexible and to be determined with The candidate so that is perfect guys You will help provide guidance and Support to the employees on all types of HR matters working with other Departments management and legal to Resolve items as needed liaise with Third-party peo account managers and Serve as point of contact for both Administrative and also benefits matters Manage and oversee Recruitment and Hiring processes including supporting The hiring managers in administrator Negative aspects of interviewing and Recruitment process managing recruiting Budgets onboarding and off-boarding Communicating policy changes to staff And also maintaining and updating Relevant documentation you will help Organize coordinate and launch the Dei Initiatives and resources in partnership With the management to foster a diverse And inclusive work environment where Everyone feels a sense of welcome and Baloney organizing oversee continuously Monitor adhere to internal policies Oversee administration of inter in Internship programs and ongoing basis Update develop and Implement new Processes and also policies maintain an Update personal files and assist with Tracking and scheduling employee

Performance reviews respond to all Employment verification requests for Both employees and contributors also Guys for this job you will need some Experience I do see five to seven years Of Human Resources management Administration or relevant work strong Interpersonal communication listening And critical writing skills experience In attracting developing and engaging Talent experience successfully Incorporating diversity equity and Inclusion goes into HR processes Programs and initiatives also This job is on the high paying side 35 To 43 dollars per hour so that is Perfect now the link guys will be posted Right below the video in the description Box so you guys can check out this Company again the company is called her Campus media they are seeking to feel This part-time Human Resources Specialist work from home position they Do offer flexibility which is perfect And the pay is 35 to 43 dollars per hour Make sure you guys go over to Google do Some research jot down any important Information about the company just in Case you guys apply and get interviewed You want to be prepared and not Surprised make sure you hop over to Facebook join the group it is kiss that Cubicle goodbye make sure you guys Follow us on our other social media

Platforms because guys we do have a lot Of giveaways going on across all of our Social media Brands so make sure you are Following liking and sharing make make Sure you follow us on the two chicks With the side hustle home page on Facebook don't forget about Twitter and Don't forget about Instagram we're so Close on Instagram to 10 000 followers And once we reach that number guys there Will be another giveaway going on with The Instagram platform it is two chicks With the side Hustle come over there Follow us create some stories create Some reels put us in your stories let Your friends and family members know Where they can find legit work from home Jobs side gigs and side hustles my name Is Carol and I will catch you wonderful Lovely people in the next video bye YouTube

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