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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and you Already know when you see me I'm Bringing you guys another remote job Okay this one right here is gonna be Coming from the company Rocky Mountain Crisis partners and they are currently Looking for an overnight Behavioral Health crisis specialist they do have Quite a few other remote jobs definitely Check those out but this job is full Time and part-time and so let's go ahead And get into the details the starting Pay of this job is 19.50 an hour a 50 Cent per hour increase may be available After 90 days a one dollar an hour Increase may be available after six Months and annual increases thereafter They also pay a differential for the Evening weekend and overnight shifts in Rocky Mountain crisis Partners is a Premier 24 7 crisis response resource in Colorado Okay so the primary purpose of Your job would be to answer calls for Rmcp crisis lines and crisis Specialists Rapidly evaluate complex Behavioral Health situations then develop recommend And support appropriate telephone crisis Interventions to be implemented with Individual callers their families in a Wide variety of community helpers Including Health Care Professionals and Law enforcement and Emergency Medical

Services personnel with this job right Here a bachelor's degree in Psychology Social work or other related Human Services degree is required demonstrated Skills and or knowledge of clinical Assessment Crisis Intervention Techniques and treatment planning and The ability to efficiently learn Maintain and demonstrate Mastery of Crisis and operational protocols and the Ability to exercise excellent Independent judgment with minimal direct Supervision also using open-minded and Non-judgmental approach when working With others working in a team approach That's friendly and proficient using Multiple Computer Applications also a Flexible schedule and availability to Work holidays and weekends so preferred Candidates will have knowledge of and Experience in the mental health and Substance abuse treatment systems of Colorado one to two years of experience In a customer service role or call Center environment credentials as a CAC Or Lac post degree experience in Providing emergency Mental Health Services and cultural competence working In a variety of populations okay they do Provide benefits with this job you will Be subject to a background check and This job is a Paylocity application Depending on the company it can be short Or they can be long now of course if

You're interested in applying for the Shop check out that link in the Description bar you guys know if you Have any questions or any comments you Can leave those below and as usual I Thank you guys so much for watching I'll See you on my next video and good luck To those who apply for the job

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