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Foreign Hi everybody welcome back I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great back with another job for you guys This one right here is coming from the Company Tegra RCM and just to let you Know they have quite a few remote jobs But this is the one that I picked out For you definitely check their career Section before applying for this job There may be something that's better Suited for you okay but we're going to Be talking about their credit balances Representative this job has a pretty Good pay that's going to be between 15 And 29 an hour and we're gonna go ahead And get into the details so with this Shop right here you're going to be Resolving credit balances in a timely And accurate Manner and process internal And external refund requests you're Going to also identify Trends and Escalate where appropriate and maintain Confidentiality of all patient Demographics medical and financial Information ensuring proper handling and Disposal of confidential documents and Adherence to HIPAA you will respond to Requests for information and resolve Accounting discrepancies and resolve Unidentified payments through research You're going to maintain accurate clear Concise and complete notes and other Relevant information in a timely manner

And comply with all applicable federal State and local laws regulations and Requirements as well as tegria RCM Policies and procedures in all aspects Of the job performance you will need to Have a high school diploma or GED one Year of health care revenue cycle or Finance experience proven knowledge of Billing process and credit resolution And understand basic accounting Techniques you also need to have strong Organization be able to multitask also Be respectful and be able to resolve Issues they want you to have proven PC Proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications so here's the application Right here definitely check it out in The description bar if you're interested In applying you know that I wish you Guys the best of luck make sure to leave Any questions or comments below and as Usual thank you guys so much for Watching and I'll see you in my next Video

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