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Everyone this is Melissa from melissia At home and welcome back to another Video So they are back the controversial Remote-based company the most Controversial remote-based company I've Had shared on my channel and the reason Why I say this is because they have the Most ridiculous okay most ridiculous High paying positions out there that I've ever come across during my years Sharing remote peace positions on YouTube I have shared this company in The past maybe a couple of weeks ago for Another remote lease position that they Had and it was very much controversial Because I still look at the comments That I get people could not believe that A company would have such high starting Salary for not requiring you to have 10 Plus years of experience or five plus Years of of Prior working experience Okay all that the position required you To have is just knowledge and skill in a Specific area but they did not require You to have prior working experience They their starting salary is just Through the roof okay so in some of the Comments that I was getting for that Video no one could believe it to the Point where there were people suggesting That it had to be a scam it's too good To be true and so on and so on and the Position paid around eight thousand

Dollars per month and it was like an Entry level position a starting that's Their starting pay okay and I had to Suggest to people to go and do just a Simple Google search about the company And you will see that they are legit and Real company okay so the work from home Positions that they have on their Website for real or from home jobs that They're looking to fill okay so they Have some multiple open positions you Can go to their open positions in the Upper right corner to search through the Many jobs that they have the many Openings that they currently have so if You do a quick Google search files.com Review You can look up all the reviews about This company just to verify that they Are a real company okay and if they are A real company And people have words for this company Because you can go to sites like Glassdoor if you are curious to know if Anyone has ever worked or got hired for A company the best place to go is you Know sites like indeed or Glassdoor Because you'll find People who work for the company posting Reviews about so many of you trust Indeed as well as Glassdoor search can Be done on this company to know that They are a real and legit company just Because a salary sounds too good to be

True to you right does not mean that That's the case not everything is too Good to be true it's perfectly normal For you to come across an opportunity And have questions about its legitimacy You also want to do your online research If you have you know some questions About an opportunity so you're feel free To do that okay so files.com we verify That they are a legit company that People do are working for this company Because they left their reviews in Regards to their experience working for This company so they are back with Another remote-based position that is Currently available so I felt the need To share this opportunity now for all of Their majority of their remote-based Positions or all of their remote-based Jobs they'll provide you with a free Laptop okay so it seems though they will Present any any and all of their Employees that's working for their Company a laptop a free laptop I also Have some other benefits that we're Going to get into so let's jump into it Now hiring recruiting sourcerer for Files.com whose file who is files.com They are an Enterprise secure cloud Storage and automation service location For this job will take place The comfort of your home so work from Your home on a remote first team at a Hybrid remote company as a recruiting

Sourcer at files.com you will use your Outbounding experience and techniques to Help them find and engage and attract Top talents so they are currently Looking for a recruiter world-class pay And benefits is what they offer now in This job listing unlike the prior Listing that I shared in the past video They did not you know expose the exact Salary but they gave you some hints and Clues to follow so it states that you Can earn quote-unquote Bay Area salary From anywhere so whatever that Bay Area Salary is that's what you will earn and It doesn't matter where you reside if You don't reside in a Bay Area you will Earn Bay Area salary what exactly is a Bay area's salary well we can do a quick Google search and I was able to do that Okay so I just put in to Google average Salary in the Bay Area and this is Basically what I was able to pull up States that San Francisco Bay Area Living pays an average of 165 000 and Salary ranges from a low of 145 000 to a high of 187 thousand dollars Read all the different sites that have Their salary listed you have a site that Have them up to four hundred thousand Dollars in average Bay Area salary so I Would go with Sixty four thousands a hundred ninety Two thousand dollars would be the Average salary and might be what they're

Offering for this position now the Reason why I say that is because my last Video that work from home job that I Posted for this same company They were offering eight thousand Dollars per month salary for a position On their website now this might be Slightly lower than that particular Position because I believe that job Required a little bit more Knowledge and Skills and technical skills than this Position requires right so we can just Go in between 60 let's say 64 000 if You're gonna if they want to go by the Bay Area average salary To 100 to a hundred thousand dollars per Year between that amount so that's the Average salary salary that we're gonna Take it further goes on to say that Their pay is competitive with the top Software companies in the world with Generous based salary plus Equity Compensation they also offer big Company Benefits you'll get full health dental Vision Assurance coverage 401K with Generous matching they offer 11 company Holidays per year 11 holidays per year I have to repeat that brand new laptop And they'll also provide you with one Thousand dollars for you to use for the Rest of your home office needs so you Can purchase a monitor or webcam Keyboard mouse you know if something Breaks you have the money to cover it

That's what that one thousand dollars is For they'll also send you a brand new Apple laptop okay so this is basically What the position let's get into what They're looking for in this row sourcing Candidates for all positions across the Company is what you'll be doing both Technical and non-technical you will be Building you will also be building Projects in LinkedIn recruiter and other Platforms such as angieslist.com for Active searches develop strategies and Messaging to track and engage passive Candidates while focusing in the finding And driving key metric Managing pipelines of candidates Supporting their diversity initiatives And helping files.com attract candidates With diverse backgrounds so be in charge Of recruiting candidates for files.com But it sounds like a very simple task to Do not saying that it's super super easy To do that with every position I want to Give it respect to those who are in that Position and not say oh this is such an Easy job anyone could do it so that's Not what I mean easy meaning that if you Have these skills already Soft skills in this area you have done Recruiting before in another type of Position or something related then this Should come very easy and natural to you For you to do because this is all they Have on their job listing they did not

List years of experience uh special Skills that you need to have and so on Okay so I'm sure they you will need some Sort of knowledge base to perform the Role as well as some type of skills so Again no experience was listed on their Job listings so I would assume that you Probably don't need to have a lot of Experience maybe little to no experience To get started with this company but They will probably prefer that you have Some type of Knowledge and Skills or Familiar with recruiting and sourcing Candidates in some type of related Position okay so that's what we're gonna Go with because they didn't really give Much all right so that's basically it For this opportunity with files.com if You are interested in this company I Think it sounds like a great company to Uh land and a remote-based job with you Could go ahead and start applying for This position okay now in my last video People were asking out if anyone has Gotten hired from this company and again You can always Google to find that out Anyone has been hired by this company Through my platform I don't know I'm not Sure until someone says hey I got the Job then I'll let you know okay so if You are still unsure or feel uneasy About it don't apply it's very simple no One's forcing these jobs onto you and Telling you you must apply or have a gun

Or weapon to your head and forcing you To do anything you can just simply Bypass it okay all right so that's Basically it for this video thank you so Much for watching and I wish you all the Best of luck happy work from home bye

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