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Happy New Year everyone I am back with Another uh side hustle side gig Opportunity that I want to share with You Um for 2023 Um I want to bring more Um side hustle side geek opportunities For you to have multiple strains of Income because that is what I believe in So make for sure that you watch the Videos all the way through again this Channel is all about non-phone working Home job leads they go out every single Day now we're talking about the company Sick track okay now they are hiring they Hire online dating entry Um reps to work from home Um they do provide you with flexible Hours where you can choose when you want To work you may have a nine to five job And when you get off you want to come in And do something or maybe Um you want to work while your kids are At school or you just want to work just Only on weekends you can do this with This job with sick track and there are Now accepting new users so how it works Okay once you click on how do I get Started then this will come up the Requirement is various election laws you Must be a U.S residence to do this work You cannot reside in California or Massachusetts you must have a PayPal Account your computer must be running

Windows 10 or 11 are Mac OS 10 14 or Higher you need to have a dual monitor Set up or a 4k monitor is not required But is highly recommended okay so how it Works is you're going to take a three to Five second video of your driver's License or state ID next to your face The video files need to be five MBS or Less in size let the camera focus on the Neck of the text of your ID because they Need to be able to read it and then You're going to email the brief video to Support at sick And they want to bring to your attention This is alert stick track will never ask For money nor send you a check we do not Do interviews on Facebook the only Application process is to email to this Email address if you see anything that Is other than that or on another website From an email please let them know Immediately okay so again that is how it Works it's just basically Self-explanatory is very easy to do here And then when you go down how high it Pays for its work and it gives you an Example here it is the base value of the Day's work is a hundred and twenty you Your share will be as following 90 Accuracy that's sixty dollars 92 accuracy 60 94 accuracy 72 96 Accuracy for 84 98 accuracy 96 and 99 Accuracy is 108. so the more you type With less errors the more you get paid

And you won't get paid for tax if tax Should not have been entered in the First place because the line is blank or Crossed out the file should have flag Instead of working on it some signatures Were skipped over and not tagged and the File had to be reset for someone else to Do or um bogus queries or tags you will Not get paid for those okay and when you Get paid um they're saying as of June The 7th pay turnarounds will be each Friday after the end of Prior calendar Week okay So again basically you will tag Signatures data tagging means making or Marking a signature line and seeing Whether the signature is matching Against the voter database or not the Match it could be a hard match a soft Match or non-match at all okay so this Is really a easy job to do Um like I said Um a side hustle side gig opportunity to Make extra cash because it's people that Reach out to me all the time and say Look I don't even have I only have Twenty dollars to last one until I get Paid the next following week and it Shouldn't be that way I have been Bringing you to bringing you more jobs Where you can make your own schedule you Can choose when you want to work so you Need to go ahead and take advantage of This again this is a really easy job it

Talks about the job spec if you click on That it can go through everything that You need to know Um how to do things Um it just it's self-explanatory they do Have a YouTube video where already walk You through on how to do this job as Well and then when you Google that's why I say use Google as your friend you can Get information all all the time about Somebody is talking about sick track They tell you about sick track how it Work just like what I went over Um there's no charge or any fees for Signing up or for the training that they Provide to you for doing the job this Company they will train you too as well And it talks about how much money again That you can make and then it talks About the pros of sick track and it Talks about the cons of Sid tracks so I Suggest you to go ahead and check that Out for a better understanding again This is a side hustle side gig Opportunity I believe in multiple Strains of income and you should have it Too and I want to leave some Encouragement words with you for the New Year again happy New Year is you need to Go into a new year With a mindset that I am going to apply For jobs I'm not going to give up even Though that there are rejections Rejection is not the end of life we all

Go through rejection it's just building My character I'm going to get out there And I'm apply for jobs even if I don't Think I'm qualified for the job I am Going to apply I'm going to keep pushing I'm going to keep applying I'm not going To give up I'm going to surround myself Around people that have my best Interests people that have my back I'm Going to keep pushing every single day And because the power of the tongue Determines life and death you got to Believe on you on yourself or over Yourself if you don't believe nobody Else will so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs Brain in 2023 with a great expectation You can do this I get this people don't Have people to encourage them but I am Your friend I am going to encourage you And say on this new year Speak Life over Yourself not death the power of the Tongue determines life and death so go Out there today and grab your job today There is a job out there with your name On it and speaking about since it's New Year's go ahead and download your free Job planner for job Seekers this free Job planner will help you plan out your Job search by giving you a tracker to Track everything when you're applying For a remote job okay so all you have to Do is hit that download button when you Hit that download button this is what

You're going to receive you can either Print it out immediately or you can Download it and save it on a desktop and Again this job planner is good forever It's no expiration date okay so when you Are really looking for a side hustle Side gig opportunity you need to be Looking every single day So this is a Tracker that I used years Ago like in 2007 but I was writing on a Notebook conversation composition book Um and I just upgraded just try to help You so you can stay organized you need To put the date that you apply for the Job the company's name the job title the Salary the job type whether if it's a W-2 a 1099 job and then you go down a Little bit further you can put down Whether it's a full or part-time job if The company offer paid training did you Apply for the job you can either put yes Or a check mark skills requirement put Some of the skills there and if you will Offer a job now this is a resume Comparison okay so what you want to do Is study the job post either you can Print out the job post or put the job Post and you just go back and you just Write the keywords there are keywords in The job post and in order for your Resume to pass the Africa tracker system You have to take the keywords from the Job post and Implement those into to Your resume where it sounds natural now

Not to lie if you don't have the Experience I wouldn't do it because you Never know when they're going to say hey We need to give you a test and if you Fail it then they're going to know that You're lying so what you need to do is Look found the keywords in the job post Go to your resume find the keywords and Just do a comparison okay remember that There are keywords in the job post okay So all you have to do is Implement that I am going to start this New Year is I'm Going to start I'm showing you when I um Actually talk about a job and say if I Was applying for this job this is how my Resume will be and start giving you an Idea because I want to see more more People getting job offers this year 2023 So keep on a lookout for that as well Once your resume pass the applicant Tracking system congratulations it is Time for your interview so this is a Interview tracker where you put the date That you have in your interview the Company's name In Virtual interviews are conducted in a Platform similar to Um Zoom so you will need a zoom link who You're going to interview with the time Whether if it's one o'clock 12 o'clock P.M Central Standard time Mountain Standard Time that is very important you Need to know that and when you scroll

Down this is some of the things that you Need to do a do list before interview is Research the comedy maybe for sure you Know as much about the company as you Can okay companies love it when you Research and you know as much about the Comedy you know the ins and out because They feel like if they if you know that When they hire you you're going to do Everything you can to research your job Always prepare to answer and ask Questions never go into an interview Where they do all the asking and you Don't ask any questions because that Makes the hiring manager a recruiter Feel like you're not interested in a job And they will toss your resume to the Side plan and prepare your attire when You're doing a virtual interview you Need to dress just like if you were Going on site from top to bottom never Just have on the top and then down the Bottom you have on short pants because You never know when they're gonna tell You to get up I cannot see your you your Face can you turn that blind on and it's Going to be kind of embarrassing walking And trying to open the blind up and you Have shorts on and you have a fancy Dress I mean a fancy shirt or a tie or Whatever the case may be and down the Bottom is just pajamas on so make sure You dress just like if you were going on Site okay test your Tech in advance make

For sure you have a ring light make for Sure um your microphone is working make For sure everything is good and to go And be mindful of your facial expression And body language Make for sure that you speak clearly and Slowly because they need to understand You know that you're talking you know It's clearer so you know make sure you Take your time and you speak clearly and Slowly be confident because they can Tell if you're not confident you know That's one skills that I cannot give you You gotta pray to ask God to give you That but you got to be confident and Listen before you answer never over talk A hire manager a recruiter or you should Overtalk anybody in Period or anyway so Again this is some of many that you can Do to get Um you know be successful on your Interview so all I want you to do is get The job be confident be prepared and be Yourself so make sure you go ahead and Download this free job planner for job Seeker share with everyone that you know They could benefit from it and make for Sure that you're watching the videos all The way through because there are Valuable information in all of my videos Um that's you know been going out and It's going to be more going out you know This this year 2023 make sure you Consider subscribing to the channel by

Clicking that red button that says Subscribe and don't forget to click on The Bell to turn on your notifications So every time when I upload new videos You'll be notified and that will give You plenty of opportunities to go ahead And apply for these jobs I would love to See more and more people getting hired In 2023 so I can go ahead and share it On different platforms so people can Know hey it is possible for people to Work from home if you would like to Support this Channel or become a member Of the YouTube channel all you have to Do is click the join button there is a Short video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the YouTube channel Don't forget to check out the community Tab that is where I engage with you when I upload new videos when I do posts when I do quotes I posted it in there and Again remember to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there with your name on it but it Starts with you you got to believe if You don't believe nobody else will so go Out there and grab what is yours today By applying for these jobs happy new a Year let's brain in 2023 with a good Great expectation I will see you in the Next video

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