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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from And it's so good to have you join me on Another video another exciting Opportunity so if you are not subscribed Make sure you hit that subscribe button And go ahead and hit that notification Bell some of you have been mentioning How YouTube is not notifying you in time For these job leads coincidentally I Just had a conversation in regards to This issue with someone from YouTube so We had a little meeting with YouTube to Discuss this issue and hopefully they'll Get it together that was their promise To Melissa at home so we'll see how it Goes but I definitely don't want you Guys to miss out on these opportunities So go ahead and hit that notification Bell and at least you would get notified Just in case don't take any chances Alright so let's jump into today's video I have a treat for everyone in this Video so I wanted to include multiple Companies that are currently hiring and The best thing about these companies They are not phone based jobs all right Now some of them may require you to Still interact with another human being Okay it just won't be over the phone in Terms of handling customers in that type Of environment so I'm going to share These opportunities with you I have

Three companies coming to you in this Video with some amazing not Phone Base Work from home opportunities that pay Fairly well let's jump into it as you Can see this is U.S bank and if you are In the US you are familiar with U.S Bank They have a position here for an Executive Administrative Assistant Coordinator and it is remote based now This position is located in two Locations listed it states that it's Available in Palo Alto California United States so I know I have some Californians who visit my video feels Hoping and praying and crossing your Fingers That a remote-based job is available in Your state so this position is available In California as well as in the US all Over the U.S so if you are in California You may be able to work a hybrid sort of Thing with U.S Bank where you can work On sites or work from home so that might Be an option there but it does State Remote United States and that usually Means that the job is available all over The us all right now if that's not the Case don't attack Melissa at home go After U.S Bank about this all right so This is a full-time position that is Being presented by this company and Let's jump into the job description okay Now feel free to read their you know About section here that talks about U.S

Banking what they do and how they love To help customers and businesses and Serve their communities so definitely Read that information because it's Important as I state in all my videos That you know who the company serves What their goal is what their mission is So that you can formulate an amazing Resume and cover letter that is tailored Specifically for a position in a company Okay so if you need assistance with your Resume hit me up melissiahome I do free resume evaluation and I also Offer resume revamping services and Resume templates are available in the Description section below this video all Right so let's jump into it the job Description for this position they are Looking for someone who's passionate About helping customers and the Communities where they serve so this Role reports to the leader the talic Team at Talent their mission is to use Technology to empower business owners With the tools and insights needed to Grow their business and achieve their Goals so talik offers the software that Is used by business owners to streamline Operations gross sales and understand Their businesses so they're looking for An administrative business partner who Is energized by their mission Now what exactly is the responsibilities The responsibilities include building

And executing on administrative systems And processes which include but are not Limited to assisting with meeting Coordination and calendar management Fatalik leaders so you'll be managing Calendars and assisting with meetings Actively participate in planning Execution and post-meeting activities Maintaining up-to-date Charts access and distribution lists Ordering and maintaining technology and Workspace management for staff Supporting talek co-leaders and Leadership team helping support the Payload Alto office location by Coordinating team visits team meals and General office maintenance now the Description sound a little fishy I'm not Sure if you will be required to travel But it does State remotes okay so again If you find out something totally Different when you apply for this job From U.S Bank address them about this All right don't come after me I'm just Reading the job description that they Posted so the basic qualifications for This job basic is just high school Diploma or equivalent five okay you will Need five let's say eight years of Experience in administrative and support Staff activities so this job does Require you to have some experience in Administrative support support staff Activities all right now the preferred

Qualifications and skills and Experiences listed here they prefer that Your broad set of organizational skills Ability to take responsibility for Multiple tasks excellent verbal and Written communication strong computer Skills ability to handle multiple tasks Etc etc now just to give you guys a Little tip even though they have in Their basic qualifications that you need To have five to eight years of Experience in administrative and support Staff activities So also notice that in their preferred Skills and experience that they did not List that you need to have five or eight Years of experience okay in their Preferred skills area so that means that Even if you don't necessarily have five To eight years of experience in Administrative but you do have the Skills and experience and you're highly Confident in your skills and experience And you have excellent references okay That you can handle the job the task Then I would be bold and go ahead and Apply for this position Even if it states that you need five to Eight years if you have two years but You feel again confident in your Abilities you have all you hit all the Preferred skills and experience listed Here okay then go for it all right so Just got to be confident confident is

The key when it comes to applying for These some of these remote-based jobs All right so if there's anything they Can do to accommodate if you're a Disabled they can accommodate disability During any portion of the application or Hiring process Please refer to their disability Accommodations for applicants all right Now the benefits for working for U.S Bank in this company you get medical Dental vision coverage basic term and Optional term life insurance short-term Long-term disability pregnancy Disability and parental leave 401k and Employer-funded retirement plan paid Vacation up to 11 paid holiday Opportunities adoption assistance sick And safe leave actuaro so they try their Best to think of everything you need Okay and these are the benefits that They offer you all right so this has Come from U.S Bank if you liked a little Insight on the salary just a little bit The salary range is 25 to 38 dollars per Hour and this depends on your location Where you are located as well as your Level of skills and experience and if You do have five to eight years of Experience then you should expect to get The highest salary right but it can also Depend on your location so keep that in Mind all right so if you're ready to get Started and apply for this position

Click or it says apply now hopefully You'll be able to get through your Application if not then that simply Means the position may have been closed But at the time of this video if I click On apply now Guess what Application is available okay so it's Still available for you to apply for This position now this is at the time of This video So that is from so this is from U.S Bank Let's move on to other companies that Are currently hiring the next company I Want to share with you is Loom they are Looking for CX Advocates okay if you'd Like to learn more about Loom you can Always Google this company they're real Legit company that's been around for a Very long time their Maltese position is Only available in the US it says us only Okay so if you're International please Don't post the comment section is this For Internationals no it's for us only Okay I highly encourage you and advise You to make sure that you visit the Links to these jobs that I post and just Read the information to find out now Loom is the video communication platform For the sync work work that helps Companies communicate better at scale Lou makes it easy to record Quick videos Of your screen and camera and instantly Share them with a link more than 20

Million users across 350 000 companies That around the world trust moon to Share feedbacks updates intros training And so much more so even though you may Not have heard of such a company they Are well known okay the role for this Position is a part of part of their International support team focused on Providing world-class 24 7 support Experience to all their Loom users so The responsibilities let's jump to that Develop customer relationships that Promote retention and loyalty help Customers via email okay Loom and Occasionally live video Zoom to ensure They are successful with their product So if you are someone who's against Phone that's great this does not require You to be on the phone but you will be On possibly the assistant customers via Zoom live videos so if you're also shy About communicating on video then this Might not be the position for you but I Highly encourage you to be flexible Require you to assist the customers via Email majority of the time and maybe Every now and then if it calls for it You may need to get online on Zoom with The customers to assist so you Troubleshoot support inquiries actively Monitor engage with their additional Support channels And work closely with the success and Sales team now

What are they looking for well they do Require that you have one plus years of Experience in working in customer Support Experience delivering excellent support Curiosity empathy and advocacy an Advocate dedicated to taking Earnest Ownership in their role Experience with zendesk or equivalent Support platform self-starter experience Working with targets excellent time Management skills bonus great video Presence and love engaging with Customers through video so that is a Bonus so again if you are not Comfortable with being on video then you Obviously don't have this bonus trait Right but if you're okay with that then That is a bonus make sure you highlight That in your resume and cover letter Experience supporting a SAS product and Familiarity SSO and it goes on so the Perks for working for this company they Offer competitive compensation and Equity package Medical Dental 14 paid Company holiday 401K Wellness flexible PTO paid parental leave Home office and Technology reimbursement Meaning that they may help to assist in Paying for your home office equipment Which may include a computer so they Will assist with that okay now you can Always find my suggested equipment work From home office equipment link is in

The description section it will take you To Amazon where I have some equipment That I suggest that you purchase and Some of them are highly affordable so if You get something that's very affordable Okay then they may cover the entire cost Of your equipment so you get free Equipment now go ahead and read further Details that they have here to have some Additional information about this Position that you may be interested in Learning about now notice they did not List the salary within this job post so I will go ahead and list it in the Description section below this video Right next to the company and I also Provide some time stamps all right so Let's jump to the next company that is Currently hiring this is coming from Trust and will and they're looking for Junior members support Specialists Remote base USA so this is only in the US this is considered a part-time Position so trusted will is on a mission They're on a mission to help every Family leave their legacy with a fast Easy and secure way to create manage and Distribute their estate plan online Since 2017 they've helped hundreds of Thousands of families plan their future With a streamlined and intuitive Approach that makes estate planning Simple affordable and accessible now for This position they're looking for

Someone who have experience delivering Fasting class consumer experiences you Are strong effective and resolution Driven Communicator who can empathize With users effectively investigate Issues provide education and propose Thoughtful Solutions you are clear and Thorough writer who provides accurate Clear communication via customer Experience platforms like zendesk okay About this role provide high quality Support for trusting will members Resolve issues via live chats email and SMS that's it no phone communicate Thoughtfully to provide answers to Questions to questions surrounding trust And will products handle users issues And drive thoughtful and effective Communication again communication keep Popping up so pay close attention that Is very important and add that in your Resume qualifications for this job They're just looking for someone who has A thoughtful commit who is a thoughtful Communicator who is excellent at Communicating through a variety of Channels Sincere passionate passionate again is Repeated and creative track record for Creative problem solving self-motivated Experience with these tools send desk Click up Etc they're looking for people Who can rock Pacific time zone hours This is an hourly non-exempt role with a

Schedule that will vary week by week so Keep that in mind now bonus points it's A bonuses if you have these Qualifications if you are bilingual in English and Spanish speaking in writing Then this is a bonus startup experience If you work with a startup company this Is a bonus knowledge and understanding Of estate planning Omni Channel support Experience alright so those are bonuses If you happen to have these bonuses then You are good to go for this position now The hourly pay for this job is 18 to 20 An hour there's salary range for this Position is 18 20 an hour in addition to Compensation that will also include an Employee Equity package as a component Of their offer along with other benefits And perks outlined below so you can read All these benefits outlined below Also since I'm sure I have it in my Title this job is the one that offers You 250 worth from home stipend plus They'll also offer Mac and Apple Accessories so they'll offer your Mac And Apple computer and they also and They offer flexible work schedule so if You're ready to apply for this position You can click where it says apply for This job just click right on it and We're just going to do that to see if This job is still available okay it's Still available because the application Is still open so they're still accepting

Application now if you need assistance With your resume or cover letter make Sure you hit me up Melissa home at or you could just go straight To my booking site and book for my Revamp services to jump on that so you Can start applying these positions Quickly if you want to apply even faster You can download my templates that are Available in the description section Below this video alright so if and if You have any questions about those Templates and how to use them or run Into any issue you email melissia home don't post a comment under the Video in regards to your issue that Issues that you're having about my Service or my templates because I may Miss that and it does make sense for you To post it in the comment section email Melissia at home okay to get One-on-one assistance so this is all I Have for you thank you so much for Watching and go ahead and click on the Link in the description section to find Out about other remote-based jobs that Are currently hiring on today and the Jobs that I posted yesterday are still Hiring so make sure you check those out As well and I'll talk to you soon happy Work from home bye

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