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Happy Monday everyone I am back with Another no talk and work from home job Leave get hired a remote work from home Job paying 17 to 20 per hour we're going To go ahead and get started remember These jobs move very quickly so you need To get on the bandwagon and apply for These jobs immediately okay because they Go really fast okay so we're going to be Talking about a company here I'm going To show you my screen and we're going to Go ahead and talk about it because it is These type of jobs again they move very Quickly as you can see on the screen We're talking about charity water again According to Glassdoor the pay is Between 17 and 20 an hour it could be More depending on your experience it is You're going to be doing gift processing Associates to work remotely this is a Full-time position now again it's only In the United States as long as you're In the 50 States you're eligible to Apply for the job as you can see here Okay they hire from all 50 states And then when you go down a little bit Further here It talks about the highlight of the job You'll be extension part of their Development operation team that supports Their accounting and fundraising team You have charity water track every Dollar raised by process every donation And ensure completeness and accuracy of

Donor records and when you go down a Little bit further you will be Responsible for the timing efficient and After process of donation across their System and you'll collaborate closely With their fundraiser and across the Organization to design Implement and Maintain the system and process needed To build a gift processing for scale Okay so again when we go more into Details you're going to enter donation To their CRM Salesforce and GL netsuite To ensure accurate and reconcile donor Records across all systems you're going To manage matching gift platforms since Your donation or properly received match And distributed according to donate Intentions You're going to also prepare and Distribute IRS or yes IRS end time the Tax receipts to donors you're going to Be facilitating mailing list creation And ad hoc reports for external Communication as well as you're going to Be building and maintain a recognization Process across systems with the finance Department and you're going to serve as A key player in month close ensure an Offline donation and pledges are Recorded and reconciled between the General ledger and CRM And then you're going to communicate With and respond in a timely manner Externally with donors and internal with

Team members regarding donation and Campaign And then you're going to advise the Engineering team on opportunities for Our nation and system Um goals now you must have a bachelor's Degree even though it says you have a Bachelor's degree still apply anyway Okay the job that I'm currently on Required a bachelor's degree again I Don't have a bachelor's degree I have Associates degree and been on a job for Almost 12 years okay so one year of Related work experience in accounting or Dating entry I'm going to show you a Place where you can practice your daily Entry proficiency Excel skills I'm going To show you a place where you can learn Excel for free they want you to have Strong attention to details that is a Skill you need to implement in your Resume you care about the little things And make sure that they get completed on Time and in a professional manner Exceptional communication on all cross Collaboration skills and then this is an Ad plus if you have this if you have it That's great if you don't don't worry About it is experience working with Salesforce next week I'm gonna show you A place where you can learn that but Again it's not mandatory experiencing Fundraising environment former training Excel software if you have it this is a

Add to your but again if you don't have It don't worry about it Um you know but if you haven't it's Great to have and then you'll be Successful you have to double triple Check your work because you know that Accurate data is critical to operating Successful you need to pay stronger to The details have extra grammar spelling And proofreading skills you care about The numbers being right you take the Time to make sure everything reconciled Or is set up to be error approved okay So this is for you so if this is Something that you want to do then make Sure you go ahead and apply because These type of jobs do not last that long Okay these jobs move very quickly Because it's more of a dating entry type Of job this company do offer unlimited PTO summer Friday six week paid leave After five years of employment 401k plan Medical cover at 80 plus dental vision Employer paid life insurance they do Have stepped in for home office Professional development TSA pre-check And a you do you perk and then two to Four annual Travel opportunity to spend Quality in-person time with the team now This is something that you're interested In and all you need to do is Click right Here where it says apply for this job Here now I am going to share my screen Again and I am going to show you a place

Where you can learn Microsoft Excel for Free show you a place where you can Practice your daily entry and if you Want to learn Salesforce you can learn This too so again I'm going to share my Screen and the first thing that we're Going to check out is Microsoft 365. I Talk about this all the time because it Is a free place to learn Microsoft for Free okay Again this is Microsoft 365. you can Learn Outlook OneDrive word excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft Teams Yama assets so in the job Description it talks about Excel so they Want you to know by Excel you'll go in Here and look at all these videos here If I want to know about rows and columns I click on it it'll tell me how to Insert a delete rows and columns right Here by watching a video okay so that's How easy it is before you disqualify Yourself and say you're not able to do The job I'm going to also share my Screen and show you a place where you Can practice your daily entry so you Should be practicing your dating entry Every single day anyway so you can get Better and that is with this is free if I Want to practice my typing test I can I Can practice my 10 key tests and then Give you typing tips so if I want to Practice my 10K key test which is daily

Entry I hit start and I have a choice to Practice numbers and symbols numbers Only and you choose so if you can choose One minute three minute if I choose five Minute click on it it starts timing me Once I start Actually type it so again this is 3.99 To you there is no charge to you make Sure you go ahead and check that out Today okay now I'm going to show you a Place if you are want to learn Salesforce again it's not mandatory but If you want to learn it it's a free Place where you can go and learn it for Free so you can get in those points Bonus points I would say Um to learn it so here is a place Anytime I tell you when I don't know Something I go to Google I use Google as My friend in order to learn a lot of Things you can type in learn Salesforce In our next week videos here are some Videos that you can look at to get an Understanding on how to use Salesforce And netsuite videos again it's not Mandatory but if this is something that You would like to learn this is a bonus Point to you okay as well as if I go Into fundraiser you know if I want to Learn fundraiser Um get information about that that is a Good uh point the more you know the the More your pay will be and again I always Go and search it fundraised environment

There are videos that talk about Fundraiser so how you get started so Take advantage of this again it's 3.99 To you okay so again if this video has Been helpful thus far I want you to hit That like button and also I want you to Subscribe to the channel by clicking That red button and don't forget to Click on the Bell to turn on all Notifications so every time I upload new Videos you will be notified plus that Will give you plenty of opportunities to Go ahead and apply for these jobs as Well they go very quickly and when I go YouTube Good job out there been made for you Begin it starts with you you gotta Believe if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will you got to go out there Today and grab whether she is by Applying for these jobs I get it a lot Of y'all have applied for multiple Positions and it's been hard y'all it's Been hard Um sometimes it takes some people a Longer time than found a job you might Have to go through 100 job applications Before you actually find what you're Seeking but it's okay you got to stay in Your own lane and stop preparing Yourself to other people because when we Started preparing yourself to other People that's what that's when you get In trouble okay just make for sure you

Just keep pushing keep applying don't Give up you got this and don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it if you Don't believe in yourself nobody else Will so I want you to go out there today And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs you got this there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you gotta take action Faith without works is dead you gotta Speak Life of yourself the power of the Tongue determines life and death okay so You got this go out there and grab what Is yours you know that I talk about Multiple strengths of income have a Backup plan and I talk about course Careers I am going to share my screen Because this is a great place for Someone that always wanted to go back to School and then know how Um I talk about this because it is a Great opportunity you do not have to Have any experience or degree of course Careers have partnered with Fortune 500 Companies that are looking to hire you Into an entry-level position drop degree And experience for course careers now Here are some of the courses that you Can take is Tech sales digital marketing Information technology I ask you to go Look at the testimony so you can see What other students are saying about Course careers everybody are speaking

Good about course careers is a great Place to start to come out making Anywhere between 60 to 120k a year now how it works is you Start their free intro course in the Intro course it's going to tell you Everything you need to know about text Sales Information Technology digital Marketing at that time you know it's a Good fit if it's a good fit don't Procrastinate go ahead and enroll in the Course your rolling course is a Self-paced course it takes anywhere from A week to three months it just depends On how long you expect doing it And then you'll start your career you Start applying the skills you acquire From the course in a new career they Will teach you exactly how to land an Entry level position through Insider Knowledge of how to apply the companies What they look for resumes applications How to interview and so much more again Because they partner directly with Companies that want to hire their Students dropping their degrees and Experience for their graduates okay now When I go into one of them I know that You want to know what is the price so if I go to Tech sales Again it tells you the companies that Normally hire in that field tech sales And then it talks about when you go down A little bit further the day in the life

Of a text else you'll be responding to Emails checking calendars your research Companies and adding a new Prospect You'll be making phone calls to people In your Outreach and when you go down a Little bit further it talks about who is This Excel courses for and then what you Will learn in the class like sales bases Sell skills sales technology sales Process interview prep and again here is Some more testimonies that I recommend You to check out and here is the price Again free introduction course 499 One-time payment fee when you go to University trade school college you're Going to be out more money than this and There's no contract or hitting fee along With a 14-day money-back guarantee if You use my coupon code which is the rest Of 50 you'll get 50 off of this or you Can choose to do a four payment plan Where they take hundred and fifty Dollars out every two weeks and again There's no contractor hitting fee along With a 40-day money-back guarantee again In order to make it from point A to Z You have to be a risk taker you cannot Complain about the situation if you Haven't taken action again faith without Works is dead you've got to move in case It appear and complain about somebody Else moving up the ladder and you don't Want to take action sometimes you have To invest in order to move the right

Investment which is this in order to Move to the next level so make sure you Go ahead and sign up today use my coupon Code which is the rest of 50 and you can Start taking these courses today coming Out making between 60 to 120 pay a year And this could be a life changer for you And your family so take advantage of This okay now again I want you to just keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you gotta believe if you Don't believe in yourself nobody else Will go out there today and grapple Insurance by applying for these jobs and Remember check out the video that's Listed up at the top or at the bottom There are more no talk work from home Job leads to help you get closer to Landing your first second third job even A side hustle thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video bye

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