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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another work from home job lead Slash side hustle opportunity for you Today I have seen in the comments from Time to time people are wanting no Interview jobs side hustles things like Survey websites or micro task websites Where you can just take a test or sign Up and get started making extra money And while I'm happy to provide those Opportunities to you and go search them Out I am not the biggest fan of a lot of Them because it's just most of them take Way more effort than they pay I do have Some such as Amazon Mechanical Turk and A quick Tate typing and transcribing That I am a fan of and that I've done Videos in the past but you ask and you Shall receive today we are going through Some side hustle side money Opportunities that don't require any Interview and I called them side money Opportunities again because this is not Gonna be a full-time income but if You're trying to just make a little bit Of extra money for some shopping or Vacation or something else this might be Perfect for you so today we have the Company Elite editing and they are Looking for Content editors who know AP Style now AP style you can just Google And look up online it is a certain style Guide that the document has to follow

But they are basically just looking for Someone who has a working knowledge of AP style and can access the current AP Style book again you can Google what AP Style is you'll follow the process and Guides of engaging in collaborative work So the main point of this is you'll be Reviewing and assessing short articles For meeting the style grammar and Content request so you'll look at the Articles and you'll make sure that they Follow that AP style and then you'll go Through and check each word and comma And period to make sure that grammar is Correct so these are documents that are Already written you don't have to write Them you just have to basically Proofread them and then if you find Errors you will request revisions from The writers as needed and give Encouraging feedback to the writers You'll be having to recognize when Writers are not improving and Communicate with them and you'll be Giving and receiving constructive Feedback to the writers now this is a Freelance 1099 work from home position It says you can work anywhere so it does Sound like they are hiring a worldwide It says the workload is flexible however We love Freelancers that accept work Consistently so this is one of those Things that you can just log in and Accept work when you have time to work

And then you can once you finish your Last assignment you can stop accepting Work and choose to log in later in the Day or another day so the hours are Totally flexible now the deal with pay Is they pay per word they pay one cent Per word and they say there's typically Plenty of consistent work so the volume To success in making money with this is Being able to be fast reader and check That for grammar and be a fast editor so Just for example the sentence that I've Highlighted has 32 words in that Sentence so if you edit that entire Sentence that would be 32 now if you are Interested in this opportunity on the Right side of the page there is a Content editor test again there is no Interview you just download the test and Follow the instructions if you pass the Test you are in and can start editing And making money alright please help me Out if you'd like to see more Opportunities like this where it's just Take a test and log in and work when you Want to if you want to know more more About survey sites or if you're looking For a specific core corporate work from Home job please leave down anything Below specific that you're looking for And thank you so so much for watching And supporting me and I'll be back Really really soon with more work from Home job leads just for you

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