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[Music] Hi everybody welcome back to my channel I hope everybody's doing good today I'm Doing amazing I'm happy to be bringing You guys some more videos you guys are Going to see more videos coming from me This spring so just be prepared have Your notifications on because I will be Uploading more on camera videos okay so Today this is a great video for you guys Because in this video right here we're Going to be talking about a very Beginner friendly company this is a Company that I've applied with and Interviewed with and they do hire pretty Fast so on top of that I'm going to be Giving you guys some tips on how you can Get more hits when you're applying for These jobs so you can stay tuned to the End to watch that but let's go ahead and Talk about the company all right so the Company we're going to be talking about Is transcom okay transcom has been Around for years this is a very Reputable company this is not a fly by Night company and they do have work from Home jobs so just to give you guys a Little bit more information about Transcom they've been around since 1995 And basically what they do is they serve Customers in digital traditional Channels chat email messaging social Media voice and video okay so they do Have remote jobs and when you go to

Their site you can just type in remote So at the time I'll be filming this Video today it's February 24th they do Have technical support advisor jobs a Human resources job a customer support Advisor and Technical Support advisor And they also have a customer service Advisor and Technical Support advisor For the mobile devices and services work At home okay so that is the job that I Applied for I'm gonna get into the Details about the job and then I'm going To tell you guys about the interview Process and everything like that okay so This job is available in the USA they do Have some that are available in Canada And you must live and work in one of the Following states and so those states are On the screen for you if you're not in Those States unfortunately you will not Be able to apply but I will link my Nationwide job playlist for you so that You can check it out okay so with this Shop right here it is full time you're Going to be supporting their clients Customers with their questions related To billing and account maintenance and The customers may have questions about Services on their account they may need Help enrolling in or canceling a service Or disputing a charge but let's talk About the pace so they're saying that The starting pay is 17.31 so when I saw That I assumed that they would you know

Work with you if you had you know more Experience but they don't so that pay is Non-negotiable so if that's not going to Work for you don't even waste your time Applying but they also have pay Increases with continuous learning and Advancement to new tiers of support Benefits paid vacation time they provide Equipment for you and it's 100 work from Home so definitely still have some perks There even though the pay may not be the Best but you know again this is not a Career this is a starter job so in terms Of their requirements you only need to Be 8 18 years or older have a high School diploma or GED you must be able To successfully pass a criminal Background check you must be able to Work a full-time work week of 32 to 40 Hours and they do have overtime Opportunities so I did notice when I Read reviews about this company there Are tons of overtime opportunities we'll Be able to work a variety of shifts Including evenings weekends and holidays Now once you choose your shift you will Be stuck in that shift for quite some Time so make sure that you choose one That's going to work for you we'll talk More about that in a little while also Strong computer knowledge including the Ability to accurately type at least 40 Words per minute excellent English Written in verbal communication skills

Previous call center and work from home Experience is preferred it is not Required okay so you do not need any Experience to work this job you just Need to have a hardwired internet Connection it must meet their speeds so To get into the application I believe There was an assessment with the Application but it wasn't a hard Assessment at all so for the assessment It was mainly just asking asking Questions about you know the iPhone Would ask you how would you you know Research your phone you know or it would Show you a screen and ask you where you Would go to on the iPhone to navigate That particular screen so just a little Stuff like that so if you have an iPhone It's not going to be hard at all super Easy assessment I do think that there Was some sort of typing test I'm not Sure but I do believe there was a typing Test as well okay so after you do the Assessment then you're gonna have like An interview and it's going to be like a Phone interview then they're going to Have the questions and then you're gonna Have to speak your responses so you know When you do your phone interview make Sure your background is quiet make sure You're speaking eloquently and things Like that and like I tell you guys in All of these videos make sure that you Have different type of scenarios already

In your mind or you know written down Because they will ask you how you Handled certain scenarios tell you some Things about their position and ask you If you're okay with that so that's Pretty much how that goes and then after You submit that it takes a few days for You to hear back whether they tell you You that they're not interested or Whether they tell you that they want to Move forward with you so if they do move Forward with you you're going to be in a Group interview so when you do get the Interview invite you will need to go Ahead and schedule your interview as Soon as possible because they do fill up Quick so when you do your interview There are going to be multiple people in The group but it is a phone interview It's not you know on camera or anything And the way they do it they call it the Round robin interview they basically go Around the group's Office three or four People everybody will have a chance to Answer a different question oh I feel Like you don't really have any time to Prepare because the interviewer is Asking that person a question you're Listening to that person in the meantime You're supposed to be able to think About your own responses but you're not Going to be responding to that question You're going to be responding to a Completely different question so I'm not

A huge fan of it so after they ask Everybody questions it's like three Questions I'm gonna ask you you know What do you like in a company what Didn't you like at your last job just Little questions like that that you'll Answer and then after that they will Break you off into a group and at that Point you can either get an offer or They'll tell you that they'll follow up With you and then at that point they'll Follow up with you within 72 hours Either letting you know if you did get The job or letting you know if you Didn't get the job so that's pretty much How the interview process goes so just To give you guys a little bit more Information about the position you will Be completing two weeks of training in a Virtual classroom where you will prepare For the role but the instructor-led Presentations discussions interactive Modules role playing and you will be Taking some Live customer service calls After you graduate training you will Transition to two weeks of live calls With the help of the support staff okay So there is no long four to six week Training where you can kind of you know Get get in the groove of things they Literally you know throw you out there After two weeks so if that's not Something that you want to do I Definitely don't recommend this for you

But yeah I still think that this is a Great opportunity I like the fact that The company is straightforward they Don't play any games they get right back To you is a lot of calls if you look at Reviews a lot of people say that it's Back to back calls can be back-to-back Chats back-to-back calls so you will be Very busy you will have a chance to pick Your schedule as well and like I said in The beginning of this video you will Need to make sure that you pick one that Works for you because you will be stuck In that schedule for quite some time but Yeah I think it's a great beginner Opportunity I also think it's a great Opportunity for those that are looking To just start working quick this is Definitely something that you should Check out I will leave the link for this Job in the description bar for you if You're interested okay and if I left Anything out I will either put that on The screen pin a comment or you will Have been seeing it throughout this Video okay okay so now I want to give You guys some tips on how you can get More hits with your job search and just Improve your job search overall and I'm Just gonna be telling you guys what I do You know what works for me as you guys Notice I get a lot of offers I get a lot Of hits and it's not just because I have A lot of experience it's just because I

Follow these three tips it and I'm gonna Pass them along to you and you can try Them out and see if they work for you Okay so one of the first things that I Would recommend is for you to stop Applying for jobs that are posted on YouTube okay so I don't mean stop Applying for jobs that are posted on YouTube but what I do mean is realize That when you do apply for a job that's Been posted on YouTube or Tick Tock you Are decreasing your chances of actually Getting that job because there's an Extreme amount of competition okay so my Videos don't get a ton of views but if I Post a video and it gets 1200 views at Least maybe 200 people apply for that Job and a lot of us YouTubers you know Use the same resources for finding jobs So that means that some of us are going To have some of the same jobs which Means that even more people are going to Have applied for that job so just be Mindful of that if you guys notice when I come to you guys with different jobs That I've applied for interviewed with It was a job that I never posted on my Channel I'm not gonna post a job on my Channel and then apply for the job too Because even with a lot of experience Still decreasing your chances of getting You know hired for that job so keep that In mind so what I would recommend for You instead is let's just say I post a

Video and you see the job that I posted It's a customer service representative I Would recommend going to the company's Career section seeing what else they Have possibly applying for another job With that company instead of applying For the job that I actually posted Plenty of people do get jobs for my Videos but at the same point in time we Don't know what level of experience they Have and you know things like that so so You can and you will get jobs from YouTube videos but you definitely Decrease your chances because of the Large amount of competition so that's Pretty much you know a good tip for you There so another tip I want to give you Guys is to check out company competitors Okay so for example if I post a job with The company form stack if you go to Google and you look up formstack Competitors you're going to see other Companies that are the same type of Company so I recommend applying with the Other companies because everybody's not Thinking this way everybody's not having Their eyes on those other companies and That can help you to get jobs as well Applying for some of these smaller Companies you know because some of these Smaller companies actually really look At resumes whereas some of the bigger Companies run your resume through the ATS system I recommend looking at you

Know smaller companies because they Still have people that look at resumes The old school way and that's what you Want you want to get actual eyes on your Resume instead of your resume going Through a machine which is what most of These big companies do so definitely Check out the company competitors check Out that company's competitors and again That's going to help you to find out About more companies and it's going to Put you in a position to where there's Not as much competition looking at that Particular company and those jobs okay So that's another tip for you so the Final tip that I have for you guys and There are more tips if you want a part Two of this video let me know but the Final tip that I have for you guys is Your resume okay so of course if you Have a lot of experience you're going Gonna get more hits I have a ton of Experience in customer service I also Have a ton of experience working Remotely but if you do not have all of That experience that's okay what you Need is a skills section on your resume You have to have a skills section on Your resume and it needs to be at the Top of your resume and you don't need to Just have any basic skills you need to Have transferable skills you need to Have hard skills in that skills section You need to also have keywords in that

Skills section as well you will also Need to make sure that your resume is Not too long and like I said you need to Have transferable skills on your resume So for example let's just say you worked At McDonald's right and you are a Cashier at McDonald's being a cashier McDonald's you're taking payments from Customers you can list payment Processing in your skills section how Does that transfer to a customer service Job let's just say you get a job as a Customer service rep and it's billing if They see that payment processing on There they're gonna count that as Experience with assisting and you know Taking payments and that's going to be a Transferable skill from outside of the Home to inside of the home so that's Just a small example do offer resume Reviews and job coaching I can Definitely help you with that type of Stuff if you want to get your resume Reviewed My Links will be in the Description bar but yeah those are just A few tips that will definitely help you Out in your job search definitely try Those and see how they work for you it's Definitely not as easy as it used to be To get jobs from home but it still can Be done you just have to move different And think different okay I hope this Video has been helpful to you guys if You have any questions or comments feel

Free to leave those below definitely Check out the link to transcom in the Description bar if you're interested in Applying you guys already know that I Wish you the best of luck I'll see you In my next video and thank you so much For watching

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