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What's up two chicks fam happy Tuesday Evening it is me Carl I am back with a Non-phone skip the interview work Whenever you want part-time work from Home job but before I jump in if you are Looking for more non-phone jobs be sure Guys to hop over here check those out on The non blog Remember to subscribe like and share the Video because on this channel we give Away laptops and we're giving away 10 More brand new laptop computers and they Are absolutely free to you guys all you Have to do is just take the video share The video invite your friends family Members over here to the channel be sure To come back though and leave us a Comment down below don't forget to let Us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for make sure you go Over to the two chicks blog look under The spotlight job section apply for Omni Interactions if you are new to the work From home space this company will give You a chance you don't even need Experience or a degree to apply to this Company make sure you guys look down Below in the comments and sign up for Branded surveys easy peasy survey site We got some people here making 15 to 50 In one day let's get into the video so The company is called NCC or national Contracting

I think it's National Contracting something but anywho they Are looking to feel their remote Transcriber work from home position so It says here that transcribing for NCC This is a flexible job as long as you Are maintaining the minimum required Amount of audio minutes you can decide When and where you work now you will Need to provide your own computer guys And it says running Windows 7 OS X or Higher along with high-speed internet Connectivity these both of these are Required now they will provide you guys With the transcription software also Give you tips on how to improve your Speed and your accuracy now ncc's Minimum hours requirement is three hours Of audio so the company is called National capital Contracting that's it I Know I was going to remember but anywho Guys it says that the minimum hours of Requirement is three hours of audio or 180 minutes per week some people Probably will be a able to hit this and Maybe less than a week because if you Can type fast now if you cannot my Suggestion would be to go over take the Typing test practice on this website it Is called and you can Take different typing tests and practice Your speed to get your speed up there Now the pay is somewhere dancing around Forty dollars per audio hour that does

Not mean per hour so you will not make Forty dollars an hour it means however Long it takes you to type out whatever They need you to type out so if it takes Me three hours to type an audio out and They're gonna pay me forty dollars for Those three hours now if I can type fast I'm making hit the forty dollars in one Hour but it's going to depend on Experience guys and of course your Typing speed so keep that in mind when You apply for this job it is not forty Dollars an hour however it is forty Dollars per audio hour however long it Takes you to type out their audio so it Says qualifications preferred but these Are not necessary so I wouldn't even Look at these I mean you can if you have Them that's fine if you don't just keep Going and apply anyway so again the Company is called national capital Contracting they're looking to feel Their remote transcriber work from home Position you can make forty dollars per Audio hour this is a non-phone and you Can log in and out whenever you get Ready just as long as you maintain the Minimum required amount of audio minutes Per week make sure you guys go over to Google do some research type in the Company's name know something about who You work for just because it is gifty Interview that does not mean you don't Need to know who you are working for

Make sure you share my video leave me a Comment and then you want to hop over to Facebook join us kiss that cubicle Goodbye make sure you guys are following Us on our two chicks with the side Hustle Facebook business page we're Giving away two additional laptops so Somebody's gonna win it could be you so Come on over there follow us share the Content tag a friend tell somebody guys And then you want to follow us on Twitter and over on Instagram two chicks With the side hustle we did a giveaway This past Saturday on Instagram it was a Pop-up giveaway so nobody knew we was Gonna come on make sure you are Following us let's get that platform up To 10 000 followers my name is Carl and I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people on the next video Bye YouTube

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