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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another video for you this one is Going to be a little bit different today I've seen from time to time in the Comments where people want things where They can make extra side money so things You can do on your phone as a single mom Of teenagers I will dollar something to Death even though it's not gonna make a Full-time income to feed my family I do Have a full-time remote corporate job For that I am always looking for little Things where I can make money or get Gift cards to cover Christmas birthday Gifts with teenagers that there is Always the things like prom and expenses Coming up so anywhere I can cut my Bottom line or make a few extra dollars To cover something I am all for testing It out and so I have a personally been Testing this phone app called evadation I'm gonna give you an inside look I have A made enough points and we are going to Go through the whole cash out process Together show you what it's all about But you can earn money from just doing Things that you already do so evidation Is an app where you can download it Either on Android from the Google Play Store or on iPhone from the app store And they basically collect Health Data From you you can log in and take surveys They have a daily surveys for you

Whether you feel flu symptoms or not Click yes or no that's worth like 10 Points just for answering that question How did you sleep last night good sleep Bad sleep that gives you points just Answering daily questions like that they From time to time also have normally at Least five to ten a week articles you Can read They're quick articles on Health things like diabetes and stuff You get points for that and of course They want to collect your health data so So they will pay you for if you have a Fitbit or Apple watch or anything like That or just from your phone any steps That you take for every 2500 steps that You take you get seven points and of Course if you do exercise a connect like Your Apple Health Data or all of that We're gonna dive all into the inside of The app you get points for that for Letting them have access to your health Data so even if you're not an exerciser And you don't get points that way you Must take daily steps somewhere are you Running around to chasing after kids do You work an out of home job right now Where you're always walking and on your Feet are you always out grocery shopping Or doing different things we are taking Steps without even knowing it running Around getting the house clean so why Not earn just a little bit of extra Money now this isn't going to earn you a

Whole lot but again it's one of those Things that you're already doing in any Way especially if you wear like a smart Watch you're already letting your phone Track it you're already doing it so just Downloading and connecting the app and Then you can earn free money to help With Christmas to help with vacations Help with whatever you want it to go to Maybe you want to buy yourself a nice Gift down in the YouTube description box I will have this main page to their Website if you want to check it check it Out it does explain you earn ten dollars For every 10 000 points so one dollar is One thousand points but you can cash out Every ten dollars you can donate to Charity cash out for gift cards get a Paypal payment or a prepaid Visa card I Will also have this page linked Down Below in the YouTube description box as Well it just goes over how to sign up And it's the links directly to the iOS Or Android apps now one thing to quickly Note I do believe this should be Worldwide or wherever you you can access The app stores and get the apps I could Not find anything in their FAQ that said It was only for select places so once You download the app it'll be a yellow Little yellow square with an e in it We're just gonna open the app and you Can see it from my history I got 26 Points today for walking

9784 steps I got 10 points for answering A question one question about flu-like Symptoms I logged My Sleep Quality I Logged my mood today so those were three Points each and then my steps I actually Got from walking on the treadmill today Because I do sit at a computer all day And work so I do take breaks and walk on The treadmill I do 15 20 minutes here 15 20 minutes there just to break up my day So I got an additional 37 points for Those 74 minutes of exercise on top of The 26 points for the actual steps and Because I do wear an Apple Watch and it Tracked my heart rate I got six points For that and you can kind of see they Had a survey yesterday that was like 10 Questions I think about do I know things About the flu and I got a hundred points For answering that survey so there's Just a different things you can do to Get points the easiest way to get points Is if you wear some kind of Fitbit Apple Watch Smartwatch or you have some kind Of tracking on your phone already so I Have my Apple watch connected to my Apple health and you can see here under The connected section I have my Apple Health sync to this so I don't even have To carry around my phone when I am Walking or anything to pick up my steps All of my data for my Apple watch goes Into Apple health and then Apple Health Sends it into this app so that's how I

Get credit for everything you can Connect a Fitbit a Garmin if you have Google fit or if you use any of the my Fitness apps you can get points for Logging your food through my fitness pal You can also do things like connect uh Smart scales and all too now I do have a Smart scale and it is connected to my Apple health so I don't have any of These additional things connected Because everything is just running Through my Apple help and every morning When you come into the app and make it a Habit to open it daily you just refresh This section I've already done all my Surveys for the day but the flu survey The Sleep Quality and the mood are daily Points and then of course you know all Of your walking points for the day now Up here in the top you see where it says My points I have ten thousand and 27 Right now and we know that you can cash Out every ten thousand for a ten dollar Reward so let's do this together I am Going to just click where it says my Points and this screen is going to come Up this is congratulations you've done An awesome job with your points and There's a button to redeem my points We're gonna get to that in just a minute Now down here it is tracking where I've Earned points at today is right here Highlighted in the blue March 14th and I've gotten 100 of my points off of

Other exercise now you can get points For doing biking I do have like a Peloton spin bike but I have not done That today now already in the first 14 Days of the month I have earned for the Month of March so far 1257 points of course I'm only active But during the week I try to get up and Break up my work day on the weekends I Do a little bit of grocery shopping but Other than that I take those easy and Have that as my down time but we can Redeem our points for a donation to Charity gift card bank deposit or Paypal Payment so we're just gonna hit this Redeem your points button and it says They're gonna send a reward through Email the reward will be delivered to The email address within one to five Business days so I will have to report Back to you how long it actually took For me to receive see that but then we Just hit get your reward down here at The bottom and then it says our reward Is now redeemed and it is a showing that Is redeemed in the app and has Subtracted our 10 000 points now the Reward system does go through a partner It says that their partner will reach Out to us via email so I guess that is At the time that you pick your reward Even though it said reward Redemption Would take one to five days I just Checked my email and it says that

Evidence sent you a reward and you click The little button redeem to redeem and We've got it up right here it says that They've sent me ten dollars and I can Redeem this ten dollars so let's just Hit redeem and now I get to choose the Gift card I want or the prepaid Visa or The charity donations or I can choose to Get paid via PayPal or direct deposit Now I am personally interested in a Amazon gift card just to test this one Out so we're going to hit Amazon and Because when I signed up for the app I Entered my email address name and all That that's how they have my email Address to already send this to so we're Just going to hit redeem for a ten Dollar amazon gift card and it says it's Redirecting me to my gift card so it is Basically automatic once you do this now I am going to stop the screen recording Here because I want to keep my gift card Code private all right and it gave me The code and it directly let me add that Ten dollars to my Amazon account I'll Pop up a little screenshot if I remember To right here but that is the basis of This app now remember it's not gonna Make you a lot of money but I just Thought I would share something a little Bit different today please let me know In the comments down below how you like These a little little side things the Apps the surveys the side hustles side

Gigs if you're interested in seeing more Things like this that I personally test Out and let you know how they work or if You just want me to stick to the Corporate work from home jobs thank you So so much for watching and supporting Me I'll be back to regularly scheduled Videos very very soon

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