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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl I Am back with another work from home Video and this company guys they pay 17 To 20 dollars an hour be sure to Subscribe like and share because on this Channel we give away laptops and we are Giving away 10 more of them once we Reach a hundred thousand followers on This YouTube channel so make sure that You subscribe make sure you go tell a Friend Share my video let's get this Information out there to the Masters But Be sure to come back guys and leave us a Comment down below don't forget to check Out that part-time job that I posted on The channel it will be gone probably Later on today so make sure you guys go Back and apply this is an easy one Flexible schedule and all you have to do Guys is take messages you're an Answering service you will be applying For that position with the company make Sure you guys hop over here to the two Chicks blog look under the spotlight job Section on the interactions they need You guys because they have a income tax Client a big client and they are looking To feel these positions especially if You are new to working from home this Company will give you a chance again two Chicks with the side look Under the spotlight job section apply For Omni interactions now if you are Looking for those non-phones get the

Interview type of jobs and side hustle Eggs hop on over to the non blog and make sure You guys apply for or sign up for Branded surveys the link is in the Comment section let's get into the video So the company is ciao now they're Looking to feel their customer Experience rep and this is a work from Home position they are State specific Now it says here that the customer Experience experience plays in Indestendable role in our success as a Company as an award-winning 24 7 Customer facing team now as a customer Experience rep you are the voice of chow Now you will be helping the restaurants The diners the delivery part Partners Have a positive experience via the phone Chat text and email now you must be calm Caring and compassionate with a strong Sense of empathy this role requires Organization and balance with difficult Situations and a sense of urgency now Specifically you are responsible for Processing 1 000 tickets per month and Maintaining high quality scores now I Think guys with this one since it says Within one month and these are some Things that you guys will be doing now It says here that you will solve your First 300 email and inbound call cases I Think they're going to train you guys on Everything how to send the emails how to

Respond to the tickets and also how to Answer the phone and the text messages But the overall goal is to get you guys To none phone which is processing a Thousand tickets per month so that is What the ultimate goal with this company Will be you will be going going from the Phones the emails the chat the text and Then I think you'll just go straight to After you get all the experience you Would go straight to the Um The um the tickets answering the tickets I got Tongue Tied answering the tickets Uh a thousand tickets per month now the Pay range again 17 to 20 an hour I do See that this is the best place to work A winner multiple times where we focus On creating a great employee experience Rock Solid medical dental and vision Plans now I like that rock solid so they Probably got some good benefits with This company guys I do see the mental Health coverage the remote work stipend Three weeks of pay vacation paid Holidays seven weeks of baby bonding Time for all new parents which is great Because some of the companies only offer Six weeks and they're offering seven so That's fantastic Um I do see here some other perks 401K Employer contributing student loan Assistance employees stock incentive Plan pet insurance for your fur baby so

That is fantastic there they do offer a Lot of good things for their employees So this one will be posted on the two Chicks blog that will be a link right Below this video in the description box So you guys can check out ciao now so Again the company is child now they're Looking to feel this is a full-time Remote position for their customer Experience rep the pay is 17 to 20 an Hour and guys they are states specific So make sure that you check first and it Says here this is a remote position Based in one of our employee hubs I see Los Angeles San Francisco Austin Atlanta New York City Kansas City or Chicago shy Town is on here as well so now if you Don't live in any of these places make Sure you still share the video because One of your friends or your family Members just might be living here or Moving to one of these spots and they Are looking for a legit work from home Job and you will be the person to help Them find it so make sure you share the Video guys be sure to come back over Here though leave me a comment otherwise We won't know that you shared and a lot Of people share but they do forget to Leave us the comments so make sure you Do that so that we can put your name on This giveaway list and then you want to Hop on over to Facebook because we're Doing another giveaway over on Facebook

We have a Facebook business page it is Two chicks with a side hustle where we Will be giving away two additional Laptops once we reach a hundred thousand Followers on that page and then we also Have a kiss the cubicle this is a Facebook group KISS the cubicle goodbye Once we reach 250 000 members guys we Will be giving away something in the Group we have no idea what we're gonna Give away though but you guys know us You never know what we're going to pull Out of our hats we also have a Twitter Which is two chicks with the side hustle And an Instagram two chicks with the Side hustle on Instagram guys we did a Giveaway last Saturday we're going to do Another one once we reach 10 000 followers on Instagram so make sure You are following us to mixed with the Side hustle you can tag a friend over There as well you can share the videos Or whatever we have posted over on that Platform but just make sure you type Somewhere I shared so that your name can Go on the next giveaway list and we're Trying to get to 10K over there we are Already right around 9600 and something so I would say less Than 300 people for Instagram my name is Carl and I will catch you lovely amazing People in the next video bye foreign You too

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