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Good morning it's Suzanne back with your Second remote job lead this is a live Chat agent this will be a hundred Percent uh no phone job you will not Have to talk to customers on the phone It is with the company ticket rescue and It is fully remote now they are going to Pay you from starting at thirty four Thousand dollars per year and I'll put That Weekly in my title so that you know How much that is per week and under the Full job description you're going to be A sales and customer service agent fully Remote ticket rescue is a young startup Company intent on shaking things up in The event ticketing industry We provide a reliable and Quick Service Where users can come to sell tickets to All Live Events they also sell event Tickets in their online shop at ticket Rescue they believe that every fan Should have a chance to go to the event And they try their best to ensure that No tickets go away so they're probably In the ticket resale business so but in This role they are looking for a Us-based customer service agent who can Work full or part-time remotely you're Someone who isn't satisfied with the Status quo and will continuously seek Out new ways to Delight the customers Across multiple channels Which means Facebook Messenger Twitter And email the sales and customer service

Team handles all incoming ticket offer Inquiries from customers this will Require you to have an out of this world Level of friendliness communication Sharp attention to detail and can do Attitude you'll have a strong desire to See the business grow we'll work closely In collaborative with the rest of the Tight-knit team the ideal teammate Aligns with each of the core values if You meet the ticket rescue team at a Tailgate you'll find that they are Family first self-motivated industry Disrupters growth driven and positive so Mainly what you're going to be doing You're going to be handling inbound and Outbound inquiries via Facebook Messenger Twitter and email so again no Talking on the phone in this job you're Going to price ticket inventory Competitively against the resale Market Send payments to customers via Paypal Sharing uploading and reviewing docs Professionally and personally responding To customer reviews and comments Transferring tickets on the databases And purchasing tickets So if you have a superior communication And customer support skills if you work Well with numbers and understand market Trends consider yourself a people person And a leader comfortable with new Software and databases strong attention To detail organizational skills and are

Extremely punctual then they want to Talk to you all right so if you're Interested in applying for this role I'm Going to put the link down in the Description so that you can check out This job and that you can go ahead and Apply for it if you're new here welcome My name is Suzanne I post one to two Work from home job leads every single Day so if you're looking for that Perfect work from home job leave me a Comment down below let me know what kind Of work from home job you're looking for And I will try to find those for you Otherwise guys I will see you tomorrow

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