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Happy Sunday everyone I am back with Another work from home job paying 19 000 An hour no degrees required and this is A work from home job 2023 as well as a No talking work from home job lead Before I get into the job I want to make A announcement make sure you mark your Calendar for May the 2nd 2023 at 7 O'clock P.M Central Standard time I will Be going YouTube live this is a work From home q a plus I'm going to go over Eight multiple strains of income that You can start today making passive Income so you do not want to miss out on That so again mark your calendar for May The second 2023 at 7 o'clock P.M Central Standard time I will go YouTube live and This is a work from home q a and we're Going to be talking about eight multiple Strains of income that you need to have And you can start today okay so again We're going to Dive Right In the job Again where you can make 19 an hour this Is a work at home and no degree is Required and this they work from home Job 2023 I am going to share my screen So you can go ahead and start applying These jobs because these jobs move very Very quickly okay so um we want you to Go ahead and apply today as you can see On the screen we're talking about the Bryan University they're currently Seeking online chat advisor to work from Home and according to

When you go into this job more um in Details the primary purpose of this Position is to service online chat Generated requesting from students Current students and handle any general Chat courses regarding admission student Servers student finance academic or Registered service based on the Information available in the DeVry University catalog route chats that Require additional expertise to the Appropriate resource properly and Efficient okay so also when I go and Look there's no State high restriction Listed so as long as you're in the 50 States you're eligible to apply for the Position here when we go more into Details about what your responsibilities Are is again you go it's an online chat Advisor handling chat conversation with Students answer the front line admission Questions providing and feedback while Responding all representing all clients Partners unique Brands and business need Um you're going to also route details Chat inquiries to appropriate department Personnel with special consideration for Student finance courses to ensure Best In Class student service as well as You're going to handle chat conversation With continued students answering General student courses regarding Registration academic classes and University catalog materials provide

Feedback and then when you go down a Little bit further they do offer Flexibility to work either schedule is Preferred they want you to work 40 hours Schedule so you can either work between 12 pm to 8 PM Tuesday through Saturday Or you can work 12 to 8 PM Sunday Through Thursday so you can choose not a Qualification is when it says preferred That means if you have it that's great But if you don't have it it's okay Bachelor's degree refer not required it Doesn't you don't have to have a degree Of any sort they're looking for one to Two years of mission student service Experience with familiar with Institution catalog like I always say Google use Google as your friend go in Just type in how to use institution Catalog there's different videos that Show you how to do that and then subject Matter expert in front line admission Policy ability to multitask several Online chats at the same time and type And skills and then ability to Communicate in a concise and friendly Matter by a non-verbal Source okay now This company do offer competitive wedges And benefits again you can always Negotiate your salary if you have more Experience than what they're asking Here they offer dental medical dental And vision they offer volunteer time off They offer paid tuition program

Technology step in remote work remote And flex work options Career Development Programs paid parental leave and family Care service now if this is something That you want to do make sure you go Ahead and apply today these types of Jobs move very quickly all you do is hit Apply now now if you come across these Jobs and it's no longer available do not Get in payment mode explore within the Company and see if there's any other Remote jobs that may be a good fit for You again I reached out to hire manager All the time on these different jobs Here but I don't have any control when They say that they're no longer going to Be accepting applications so again make Sure you have your notifications turned On and remember that I upload new videos Every single day at 7am Central Standard Time so you can go ahead and apply for These jobs immediately and again there Are a lot of people that are looking for Remote jobs now since what went on but That doesn't mean that you cannot find a Job it just means that it is more and More people that fell in love with Remote life and they do not want to go On site they want to work from home so You have to do everything you can to Stand out from the crowd make it for Sure that you are tailoring or Optimizing your resume to each job post That you're applying for in order to

Increase your chances of making it Through the ATS and the human eye so Make sure you go ahead and apply today This is a great opportunity for someone And just go ahead and apply for this Position here now if this video has been Helpful thus far I want you to give this Video a thumbs up and I want you to Subscribe to the channel because I would Love for you to be a part of the family And I want you to click on that Bell to Turn on all your notifications so every Time when I upload new videos you'll be Notified and when I go YouTube live and Like I said earlier I will be going YouTube live on May the 2nd 2023 at 7 O'clock PM's interest in the time this Is a work from home q a plus I'm going To give you eight multiple strains of Income that you can start today so make Sure you join me share it with everyone You know that could benefit Um this live stream too as well and I Also want to leave some encouragement Words with you like I always do is that Life is like a roller coaster y'all one Minute you up next minute you down but You got to keep applying for the job It's not the end of the world no don't Mean no it means next opportunity when One door closed it's gonna always be Another door open you gotta always Remember that sometimes you're trying to Worry about things and God has already

Fixing working it out for you you just Gotta believe you got to just keep Applying to plant that seed so you can Get these jobs here you got to keep Pushing got to keep applying you can't Give up and don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it there's so many people That disqualify themselves before they Actually apply for the jobs by saying I Can't do this job I don't have the Experience they're going to train you The way that they want you to be trained On these jobs but you got to be willing To go through the child post and what You don't understand are not familiar With use Google as your friend to Understand this like I always say the Job that I'm currently on it's a lot of Things that I didn't understand but I Researched sometimes I went to the Library check out books I watched videos On how to do different things so when I Went in for an interview they thought I Had two or three four years experience And I learned this within a day or a Week in advance on how to do this thing And made myself sound professional and Practice and practice practice made Perfect So stop lowering yourself and say I Don't have the experience you got to Speak life over yourself the power of The tongue determines life and death you

Have to surround yourself around Positive people that have your best Interests I keep saying that you don't Want to be around negative people that's Always constantly putting you down every Time you tell them something they speak In death over you you got to be careful Who you tell people your dreams because Everybody's not happy for you and that's Including family a lot of people get Shocked when I say that some people are Blessed to have good family that support Everything they do but unfortunately Some people don't have it so you know I'm here to support you again I want to Build a community where we can uplift And encourage one another on our job Searching every day and that's what I Want to bring to this channel not only Bring you to no talk and work from home Job leads that go out to everything they Are or from home jobs 2023 I want us to Encourage one another and lift one Another up in our job search in everyday Life because we need more positive vibes In this world it is just too much Negativity going on every time you look Around somebody got something bad to say About somebody there's naysayers there's Haters there's people that's complaining All the time life is too short for all Of that you've got to plant that seed And apply for multiple positions every Single day and don't be scared to get

Out of your comfort zone and do things That you have never done before in your Life is apply for different jobs okay Don't just settle for one or plant the Seed for multiple positions and these Jobs will come when you least expect it But again keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there Being made for you but it starts with Your mind you gotta believe if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will I Want you to go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs Okay you got this hang in there you're Just at the Finish Line you know that I Always talk about having a backup plan It all means necessary Um when you think about it yourself cell Phone has a backup plan A lot of times When you're on the phone talking and It's getting ready to die out it start Beeping and you run to your purse and You run and find your charger and you Plug your phone up to the charger and You are able to continue to talk that is A backup plan when you are have a car There is a spare tire you're not hoping To have a flat but if something happened To your car you can put that spare tire On and it continues to take you to your Destination until you get it fixed Sooner okay so that's what we need to do In our life is to have a backup plan Don't never wait until something happen

And then you want to take action you Want to take action now because it's Going to be kind of too late and you Know I always talk about course careers I have people in my family that take in Course careers and they love course Careers and I want to show this Opportunity with you because a lot of People have been wanting to go back to School and they've been procrastinating For years this is a sign to go back to School we all know that text sales is High in demand people are making passive Income of course careers you do not have To have any experience no degree they Have partnered with Fortune 500 Companies they want to hire course Careers graduates until the entry level Position again dropping degree and Experience only for course career Graduates these are some of the courses That you can take text sales digital Marketing and information technology Textiles is more on you're going to be On the phone you're reaching out to a Potential buyers that are looking to buy A product from the company digital Marketing is more dealing with paid Campaign blogs websites information Technology is the same as it is more of A chat job There are great opportunities that you Can choose and start making passive Income you can make anywhere between 60

To 120k a year doing this Um I suggest you look at the testimonies And see what the students have to say Students are speaking good about course Careers and if it don't get you pop up I Don't know what will and how it works is She going to start the free intro course In the intro course it's going to tell You everything you need to know about Digital marketing information technology And Tech sales at that time you know if It's a good fit so don't procrastinate Take action again faith without works is Dead and enroll in the course it is a Self-paced course to begin learning you Can complete the course in a few weeks To a couple months depending on how much Time you commit you will learn Everything required to land your first Position and then you start applying the Skills you acquire from the course in a New career they would teach you exactly How to land an entry level position Through Insider knowledge of how to Apply to companies what they look for Resumes applications how to interview is So much more their partner again Directly with companies that want to Hire their students dropping their Degree and experience requirement for Their graduates okay so if I go into one Of the courses here if I choose tech Sales here when you scroll down These are some of the best companies

That are hiring right now for Tech sales Okay there's many more but this kind of Give you an idea of what companies are Hiring for Tech sales when you scroll Down a little bit further it talks about The day in the life of a tech sales what You actually be doing you're going to be Responding to emails and checking Calendars you're going to research Companies and add any new prospects You're going to be making phone calls to People in your Outreach and then when You go down a little bit further it Talks about what you will learn in the Class sales basis sell skills sales Technology sales process interview prep And then here are some more testimonies From graduation the people that Graduated from course careers I suggest You go ahead and look at this and this Is what you've been waiting for again The free introduction courses free There's a one-time payment of 499 Dollars you cannot go to university Trade school Community College and only Pay 499 that is all you're paying for This course but if you use my coupon Code which is the rest of 50 in caps You'll get 50 off of that then Information is in the YouTube Description bar there is no contract or Hitting fees along with a 14-day Money-back guarantee or you can choose The four payment plan of a hundred fifty

Dollars that is taken out every two Weeks for uh for four times of a hundred And fifty dollars and again there's no Contract or hitting fees along with a 14-day money-back guarantee so if you Ever wanted to go back to school and you Just like I can't afford it I'm just Waiting for the right time this is the Right time go ahead and sign up today Once you sign up you can start this Course today taking this course and be On your way to change your life and your Family life okay so stop procrastinating And take action today by signing up okay That information will be in my YouTube Description bar and I just want you to Just go and check out the video that's Listed at the top or at the bottom there Are more no talk and work from home job Leads or work from home jobs 2023 that You can do Um today that these companies are still Hiring and remember to mark the calendar Again from May the second 2023 at seven O'clock P.M Central Standard Time this Will be another work from home q a plus I will give you eight multiple strains Of income that you can start today Making passive income so make sure you Mark your calendar for May the second Again 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard Time and remember to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for

You but it starts with you you gotta Believe if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there today And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video bye Thank you

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