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What's up two chicks fam it is me Carl And I am back with another non-phone High paying work from home job but Before I jump into this awesome video if You are new here welcome please be sure To subscribe like and share because on This channel we give away laptops and if You want to win one make sure you take The video share the video invite your Friends your family members over here to The channel be sure to come back though And leave us a comment don't forget guys To go back check out all the videos that Were posted on the channel today and Make sure you guys check out that live Stream from yesterday if you are looking For the non-phone chat jobs we talked About four companies and some of them Are beginner friendly hiring right now Go back check out the video make sure You share it also hop over to the two Chicks with the side blog Look under the spotlight job section Make sure you guys apply for Omni Interactions and let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side hustle you guys are looking for Be sure to sign up for Branded surveys The link is in the comments section Let's get into the video so this company Is called Warner music group and they Are looking to feel this deal entry Specialist work from home position so it Stays here at Warner Music Group where a

Global Collective of Music Makers and Music lovers Tech innovators and Inspired entrepreneurs game changing Creatives and passionate team members so A little bit about the team it says that Warner music groups global data Operations oversees the collection Processing visualization and strategy For data throughout the company the gdo Scope includes product metadata digital And physical Revenue recognition Consumer Legal and rights data as well As other key information sources so it Says that the deal interest specialist Will play a critical role in ensuring The accuracy of our data for our labels Recording merchandise distribution and Licensing agreements upon which all of Our departments rely you'll work Directly with business Affairs and the Gdo to clarify key terms and help answer Questions from all levels around the Company now it says here here is what You'll get to do you will keep our Pertinent the data in the new rights Administration database you will Interface directly with the attorneys to Obtain clarification of contract Language and business practices you will Submit deals to business and legal Affairs for review which includes making Any necessary changes and resubmitting Them for approval you will bring a sense Of urgency and excitement to the role

Now about you it saves three to five Years experience and contract Administration or Rights Management this Is preferred first-hand experience Interpreting and summarizing various Types of entertainment contracts Including recording license agreements Fan clubs merchandise and 360 deals Demonstrate multitasking abilities Without getting easily ruffled when Priorities shift strong interpersonal Skills and entertainment industry Knowledge and you are someone guys that Is passionate about music business law And Technology familiar with the Recorded music and music publishing Industries as well as related legal Issues now this job from what I saw on Their website I pays 25 I believe to 35 Dollars per hour I did not see any state Restrictions listed this is a full-time Work from home job so again the company Is Warner music group and they are Looking to feel this deal entry Specialist work from home position make Sure you guys go over to Google like I Did do some research on the company just In case you guys get an interview you Need to know who you are working for and They may ask what do you know about this Company when was the company founded who Is the founder of the company so make Sure you guys jot down some information About the company because you don't want

To be like a deer in headlights and not Have any information readily available Make sure you take the video and you Share the video with your friend or Family member because I can almost Guarantee you guys that somebody out There somewhere in this big old world is Looking for a legitimate non-phone high Paying work from home job the link to Apply will be posted right below the Video in the description box make sure You guys come back though and leave us a Comment after you share the video hop on Over to Facebook join the group it is Kiss that cubicle goodbye because in the Group guys we post more jobs that may or May not be posted on this YouTube Channel because there are tons and tons Of companies hiring right now so we do Have a plethora of jobs posted over in The group also while you're on Facebook Make sure you follow us on two chicks With the side hustle this is our Facebook business page so we have two Giveaways going on on the Facebook Platform one is for the group once we Reach 250 000 members we're going to do A giveaway guys so if you want to be a Part of that make sure you come over There join but please be patient because We do have over 3 000 people right now Trying to get in the group just give us Some time to let everybody in and then You can start inviting your friends and

Your family members also on the two Chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page we are giving away two Additional laptop computers they are Absolutely free the only thing that We're asking you guys is to come over There follow us and share share share Tell a friend or you can tag a friend or Take the post put them on your social Media platforms your personal or if you Have a business Facebook page you can Also share it on the business page don't Forget guys to follow us on Instagram Now Instagram we're trying to reach 10 000 followers on our Instagram platform So once we reach 10K there will be Another giveaway we just did a giveaway Last week we popped up over on Instagram We gave away two hundred dollars in gift Cards so make sure that you guys go over There it is two chicks with the side Hustle so follow and you can tag you can Create some reels or some stories and Put us in the story just let your people Know that we post the real work from Home jobs the side gigs and the side Hustles and if they are looking for a Legitimate work from home job they are More than welcome to follow us as well We're just trying to push this Information out there to the masses Because we know that a lot of people are Still running into scams and if that is The case and a lot of people don't know

How to find legit work from home jobs But by you guys helping us to get the Information out there I am sure that Those people will find us eventually Thank you guys so much for sharing my Name is Carol and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people in the Next video Bye YouTube [Music]

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