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G i f happy Friday my friends we have Made it through another week but I am Back with another work from home job Lead now this one is paying fairly Decent they are paying 24 an hour and They pay weekly I know sometimes when You're trying to budget for bills and Groceries it's easier to get paid weekly Than it is to get paid bi-weekly or Monthly just know the links if you're Interested in applying are in the YouTube description box below this video But TWC Global is hiring a customer success Specialist so this is a customer support Role and it is a 12 month one year Temporary assignment that gives you time Though to find your dream work from home Job while you are already working from Home racking up experience on that Resume and getting paid weekly now it Does say they include benefits as well Although it doesn't say what benefits They include they do want somebody who Can work Eastern Standard Time or Central Standard Time hours so if you're Outside of those two time zones you Might want to convert your time to those Time zones to see if that would work for You so they are looking for someone to Take customer calls and manage Priorities in a fast-paced environment You'll proactively contact merchants in Various system boarding statuses to help

Them successfully board and stay Connected to the service so you'll Understand and become conservant Regarding the company's sales tax Application you'll communicate clearly And precisely with the customers in Written in verbal form and maintain Accurate and timely records in HubSpot On their customer relationship Management system that they use you'll Educate and Empower customers providing Clarity on their sales tax application And you'll be the voice of customers Within the sales tax application driving Issues to resolution so you're actually Going to be taking calls and working With companies or small businesses Merchants helping them with a sales tax Applications getting their sales tax Stuff set up in the Software System they Are not requiring any kind of a college Degree they are looking for someone who Can show empathy for the customer have The ability to work in high pressure Situations someone who's a problem Solver who has great organizational Skills and of course a critical thinker Beyond that you have to have a great Communication skills and experience Using spreadsheets so either Excel or Google Sheets something like that now if You are bilingual in English and Spanish That is a desirable qualification and That will get you to the front of the

Line but it is not required all right as Always if this job lead was not for you Please feel free to leave in the Comments anything specific that you're Looking for even if I'm not always Responding I am always reading those and Keeping that in mind when I am searching For job leads to share thank you so so Much for watching and supporting me and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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