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Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and of course I'm back with another job for you guys And this one right here is coming from The company multi-plan okay so I Featured multi-plan on the channel maybe Once and they always have quite a few Remote jobs you just go to their career Section and type in remote and you'll See those jobs and as you see they have A few available right now but today We're going to be talking about the Investigation specialist job okay so Let's go ahead and get straight into the Details and with this job right here you Will be processing a paperless health Insurance subrogation caseload by Investigating potential cases and Pursuing med pay no fault liability and Workers compensation recoveries you will Be doing this via inbound phone calls And you're going to also follow client Specific procedures and guidelines Understand basic health contractual Provisions and apply to the Reimbursement efforts ensure compliance Of state and federal laws adapt to Process changes identify and develop Subrogation opportunities research and Request case information to develop Cases and assess and pull benefits from Clients from both Health claims systems

You will place parties of interest on Notice and respond timely to all Electronic written and verbal Communications you will pursue workers Compensations first and third party med Pay coverage and no fault recoveries and Engage advice and or help of management To proactively resolve cases you will Need to maintain Department productivity And quality standards and due to the Exposure of Phi sensitive data this role Is considered to be a high risk role Okay you will need a high school diploma And one year of experience in analytic Or claims environment a bachelor's Degree is preferred acquired licensures Professional certifications and or board Certifications as applicable customer Service skills working knowledge of Microsoft Word Excel and internet Research skills you will get benefits And this job does pay between 1750 an Hour and 1850 and hour once you Registered the application isn't too Long so of course if you're interested In applying you can find the link in the Description bar I wish you guys the best Of luck and leave any questions or Comments below and thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you in my next Video

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