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Hey hey two chicks fam it is me curl and I am back on this chilly Friday evening To bring you guys another non-phone work From home job but before I jump into This video make sure you guys subscribe Like and share because on this YouTube Channel we give away laptops and we are Giving away 10 more the only thing you Guys have to do take the video share the Video invite your friends family members To the channel make sure you spread the Word tell somebody and then come back And leave us a comment now we dropped Some videos on the channel earlier today Make sure you guys go back check them Out apply and share also guys Omni Interactions they still need people for These customer service work from home Positions and they are hiring like crazy Make sure you hop over to the two chicks With the side blog look under The spotlight job section click on Omni Interactions and apply today let us know In the comments what type of work from Home job or side hustle you got guys are Looking for now we do have a non-phone Blog for those of you that are new if You are looking for more non-phone jobs Come over here check them out on the blog and be sure To click on the link Down Below in the Comments and sign up for Branded surveys Let's jump in so this company guys is Called Anderson business advisors and

They are looking to fill this full-time Payroll specialist work from home Position now it says here That we are seeking a talented and Hard-working payroll specialist to join The growing team you must have the Ability to work with multiple clients at One time mostly Real Estate Investors And assist with the filing of quarterly And annual federal and state payroll Reports for our clients it says that you Can work from anywhere in the U.S except For New York so New York I am so sorry But they are not accepting applications From your estate at this time so if you Live in New York guys unfortunately you Won't be able to apply for this job now If you live in New York but you know People that live in other states that's Looking for legit work from home jobs Feel free to share the video because Sharing is caring now the starting Salary it is 38 to 44 000 per year based On experience the company is also Offering full-time benefits so full Benefits including Health dental vision Short-term disability and 401K the Requirements minimum of two years Experience processing and submitting Payroll requests or reports CPA firm Experience this is ideal two-year degree Is preferred it is not required moderate Knowledge of excel excellent time Management skills experience managing

Multiple clients at once General Accounting knowledge understanding of Debits and credits High degree of Accuracy and attention to detail Experience communicating with clients Regarding their payroll reports work Hours are Monday through Friday 8 A.M to 5 p.m it says must have the flexibility To work longer hours weekends as needed To meet the deadlines and they do have a List of job duties here I see you will Be working with multiple clients each Quarter assisting with the setup with Various States entering data into QuickBooks and preparing Printing and Sending out monthly financials also Speaking with the clients each month and Answering any questions that they may Have about the financial reports or the Financials provided now with this one Guys it is non-phone meaning that you're Not talking to customers but the client Could be a bank it could be an Attorney's office it could be because You're dealing with real estate so You're speaking with the Realtors or the Real estate companies not the actual Customer that's probably going into the Real estate building trying to get Something processed so you're not Speaking with customers just the clients Learning new processes and procedures All duties that may be assigned from Time to time by company management and

It does say full benefits included which You guys already heard me say that so Again this company guys it is Anderson Business advisors looking to feel their Payroll specialist work from home Full-time position you can live anywhere In the U.S except for New York the pay Is 38 to 44 000 per year this one is Posted on on phone blog and there will Be a link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company make sure you go over To Google type in the company's name do Some research just in case you guys get An interview you want to be prepared and Not surprised make sure you share the Video sharing is caring we're giving Away 10 more brand new laptop computers On this YouTube channel so make sure you Share tell a friend invite your people Over here but be sure to come back Though and leave us a comment and then You want to hop on over to Facebook and You want to join our Facebook group it Is kiss that cubicle goodbye also follow Us guys on two chicks with the side Hustle this is our Facebook business Page we are doing some giveaways guys We're doing four on the YouTube channel In the group and also on the Facebook Business page and last but not least Instagram so make sure you're following Us on all of these platforms because we Have giveaways going on and all you guys

Have to do is either tag someone on the Post or share the information let's get This information out to the masses But Be sure to come back though and leave us A comment somewhere my name is Carol and I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people on the next video bye YouTube [Music]

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