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Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another video for you guys and in This video right here I'm gonna be Giving you guys the inside scoop on a Company and their interview process and We're going to talk about a position and We're also going to talk about you know More details about the position and how Long it took to receive an offer on all Of those things and I like to do these Videos just in case you are interested In applying with this company you'll Kind of have an idea of how things may Go and so in the beginning of the year I Did tell you guys that I was looking for Jobs also I'm either looking for a Year-round part-time job or even a Full-time job that's going to work with Me and allow me to still be able to do YouTube and also get some benefits some 401K at the same time okay so I did Apply for a job with TJ Maxx okay so if You didn't know TJ Maxx they do have Work from home jobs and this was a Part-time remote customer service job I Will of course link that job in the Description bar for you and this is Their part-time customer service rep Position this position is only available In specific States and are here on the Screen and with this position right here

You're going to be responding accurately Promptly and effectively to all forms of Customer communication including phones Letters and email you're going to Resolve difficult and sensitive customer Issues and an objective and timely Manner you're going to also document Customers and store information into Call tracking systems promote a positive Company image also compose personal Replies to customer letters in or emails And maintain assigned reports and you're Going to update customer addresses for The Loyalty program make judgment calls That align with the brand escalation and Customer service policies you do need to Have the ability to multitask you must Have cable internet and one to three Years of retail customer service or call Center experience be able to prioritize And also have excellent verbal and Written communication skills PC Knowledge and typing skills okay so After applying for this job there is no Assessment or anything like that so you Basically would just be waiting to hear Back from the company so I did apply for This job on December 24th I didn't hear Anything but I finally did get a call on February 3rd so I would say considering That there were two holidays in between That time I'll say that that's a pretty Decent time frame for a call considering A lot of these companies it could be

Months before you hear from them if you Have your phone set to where you don't Receive calls from unknown numbers you May miss out on that phone call I don't Have my phone to that setting because I Do have kids that are in the military And out of the country and things like That so I can get a phone call at any Time so I did get the phone call from The young lady she was super nice the Only thing she did on the phone call was She just told me a little bit more about The position and you know explained that It was going to be you know part-time Customer service she didn't sell me the Hours and then she asked me a little bit About my experience which I have a ton Of customer service experience so I just Went over that briefly and then after That phone call she did did tell me that She wanted to move on to the next Process which would be a video interview So I scheduled my video interview for a Few days later which was going to be on February 6th okay so in terms of the Video interview the video interview Would be via Microsoft teams and I Believe that that video interview was Going to be with the person that would Have been my supervisor so I went ahead And I did the video interview super easy It probably lasted about 15 minutes a Video interview consisted of about Probably maybe four questions and these

Were those behavioral type questions the Start format I will go ahead and put the Star Format on the screen Foreign [Music] Format is just behavioral based Questions just asking you how you handle Certain situations with customers so for Example tell me about a time where you Had a difficult customer whenever you're Doing those type of questions always Have scenarios in your mind I tend to Use the same scenarios every single time I do an interview so tell me about a Time you had a difficult customer tell Me about a time that the system went Down while you were on a call how you Handled that tell me about a time where You received feedback from your manager And how did you handle it and what did You do with the feedback how do you Multitask how do you stay motivated so It was kind of like four of those type Of questions so of course I answered Those no problem Foreign [Music] So then that's when she went on to give Me more information about the position That's when she mentioned that this Position was only for 90 days which in The description of this job there States Nothing about this being a temporary Position but it is only a 90-day

Position so if you are interested in This job definitely just you know take It for what it is she did say that there May be potential to stay on later but I Already have like a temporary position That I already work with Pearson so I Don't need another one and then she Stated that the pay was 13 an hour so I Was kind of shocked when she stayed at The pay because when I looked on Glassdoor Glassdoor was saying that it Was like 18 an hour but of course as I Always tell you that's an estimate the 90 days and the pay made it a deal Breaker for me but of course you're Going to still proceed on with the Interview those were the kinds of the Position for me so to get into some of The pros of the position one thing I Really like about this position is the Fact that they do send you equipment They will send you a laptop okay so That's gonna allow you you to move Around the house you won't be stuck Working in one area you can kind of move Around and you won't need a home phone Or anything like that you only need Internet service and so the calls are Going to come through the headset and They send you the headset and the laptop I also like the fact that they let you Pick your hours she asked me what days Didn't work for me and she asked me what Times didn't work for me their hours are

Between 7 A.M and 4 P.M so if you're on The East Coast that's going to be Between nine and six so you will work a Schedule in between that time and she Said for the part-time rule they were Hiring for about 30 hours a week so you Can work you know ten to five or you Know something like that whatever would Work for your availability but it would Be within that time frame so I'm Assuming it was Monday through Friday Because when you call their customer Service they say that they're only Available Monday through Friday but she Didn't state that in the interview but I'm assuming that that's Monday through Friday okay so also just to get into the Training she said that the training was For a week and a half so after a week And a half you're gonna be on the phone So if you're from the old school Customer service his days like me a week And a half of training is super quick You kind of end up feeling like you're Thrown to the wolves and that may work For some people and it may not work for Others I'm used to trainings that are Like four to six weeks before you get on The phone so so yeah be aware of that It's going to be a very quick training I Was actually offered the position on the Spot so I didn't decline the position on The spot when I received the offer Letter I did you know thank them for

Offering me the position and then I Decline the position you will have to do A background check as well so of course Your offer is going to be contingent Upon you passing a background check but Overall I think that this is a great Opportunity for someone that's okay with Working a temporary job and if you're Okay with that pay if you want something That's going to be flexible in terms of You being able to move around the house And being able to work during the Daytime hours definitely go ahead and Check this out I will leave the link for You guys in the description bar for Anybody that's interested you guys know That I appreciate you so much for Watching leave any questions or comments Below and of course I'll see you guys in My next video

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