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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl I Am back with another work from home Video unfortunately we were not able to Come on the live stream today so we do Apologize for that anywho if you are new Welcome to the channel make sure you Guys subscribe like and share because on This channel we give away laptops and We're giving away 10 more of them so be Sure to tell a friend go spread the word Share my video and be sure to come back And leave us a comment down below don't Forget to check out all the videos that Were posted on the channel today I just Dropped a no experience guys and this One is an answering service position Make sure you guys go back check it out And apply also don't forget to hop over Here to the two chicks blog look under The spotlight job section there are a Lot of side hustle eggs posted but you Guys need to get Omni interactions in Your basket and then scroll down and Apply for Telus International Telus is a Non-phone work whenever you want Opportunity for you guys let us know in The comments what type of work from home Job or side hustle you guys are looking For and be sure to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is in the comments Section let's jump in so the company is Restaurant 365. they are looking to feel this Support specialist payroll work from

Home position so it says here the Support specialist payroll is Responsible for supporting the r or Restaurant 365 payroll clients they will Work closely with the sales team Implementation managers and third-party Partners to ensure all clients receive a Delightful experience with our 365 Payroll a successful applicant will have A proven track record of great attention To detail and the ability to work Simultaneously on multiple tasks and Also projects the combination of Technical know-how interpersonal Communication a strong sense of Initiative and a drive to get the job Done well will be critical to success Now it says here that you will respond To tech support tickets you will prompt Customers for info necessary to Troubleshoot the problem reports you Will reach out to customers by phone and Or screen share as necessary to Understand the problem reports you will Help customers understand r365 payroll Integration functionality you will Diagnose and document software defects And escalate them to management you will Participate in live chats you will Manage Personnel queue of customer Tickets identify gaps and Company Self-help documentation identify and Share ticket Trends with implementation Team conduct basic training on an as

Needed basis and other duties as Assigned now what you'll need to be Successful in this role is say it's Preferred qualifications previous Background impact with payroll and HR System systems High attention to detail Exhale knowledge flexible and adaptable Based on the needs of the client and Internal team solution oriented mindset With the ability to articulate Under Pressure effective communication skills Both written and variable with the Ability to articulate complex content With a simplified explanation strong Tick aptitude with experience Communicating across multiple platforms A passion for helping people get the Most out of Technology familiar with Restaurant managed you need to also be Familiar with restaurant labor labor Scheduling and Labor Management Understanding of basic accounting Journal entry principles understanding Of Labor accruals and payroll Implementation experience now for this One guys the company is paying 22 to 29 An hour and this one is 100 remote it Says ability to work remote or hybrid But of course you guys want to work Remote comprehensive medical benefits 401K matching Equity option Grant now That is a new one never seen that one Posted for any company before so again Restaurant 365 guys they are looking to

Feel this support specialist for their Payroll department this is a full-time Work from home job the pay is 22 to 29 Dollars per hour make sure you guys go Over to Google do some research about Restaurant 365 you need to know who you Will be working for make sure you jot Down any information that you think Would be important about the company Just in case you guys get an interview You would want to be prepared and not Surprised now I will be sure to leave The link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can apply For this job don't forget to share my Video somebody out there is looking for A legitimate work from home job and they Are sick and tired of these scammers and I am too because I see tons of people Getting scammed each and every single Day on social media by these scammers so Be careful ladies and gentlemen I always Do research on whatever you see posted In some of these Facebook groups or on These Instagram platforms as well in Tick Tock make sure you guys hop over to Facebook join the best group it is kiss That cubicle goodbye make sure you guys Follow us over on our two chicks with The side hustle Facebook business page Because we're doing giveaways guys we Are giving away the store this year so 2023 all of 2023 there will be giveaways Going on with our brand so we do have a

Giveaway going on the YouTube channel Also in the group also on the Facebook Business page and last but not least on Instagram so make sure you guys hop over There and share that's all you guys have To do is follow like and share follow Like and share that is so simple tell a Friend tell somebody somebody's looking For a legit work from home job and make Sure you come back though and leave us a Comment wherever my name is Carol and I Will catch you wonderful lovely amazing People in the next video Bye YouTube

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