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What's up two chicks fam happy Thursday It is me curl I am back with another Non-phone work from home job but before I jump into the video if you are new Here welcome to the channel make sure You subscribe like and share because on This channel guys we give away laptops And we are giving away 10 more brand new Laptop computers they are absolutely Free the only thing that we ask is that You take our videos share our content Let's help get the word out there to the Masses be sure to come back though and Leave us a comment now we did a live Stream last night so if you're looking For data entry jobs make sure you guys Check that video out we talked about 11 Companies that are hiring right now make Sure you guys check out the video that I Posted on the channel last night Everybody needs to go and apply for this One it is a skip the interview we got it From one of our subscribers she made 600 To 800 hundred dollars off of this site Make sure you guys go back and check out The video you can work whenever you want And there is no interview also guys hop Over here to the two chicks with the Side blog scroll down look Under the spotlight job section make Sure you apply for Omni interactions and Don't forget to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is in the comment Section let's get into the video so this

Company guys is called vejo and we have Talked about this company before they're Looking to feel their associate client Support work from home position now it Says here that the pay rate is 15 an Hour but that is incorrect because they Updated their website and on their Website I saw eighteen dollars an hour So they have increased the pay now let's Scroll on down to the responsibilities It says that you will be responding to Client inquiries and issues via slack Email and zendesk and if you are not Familiar with slack or zendesk my Suggestion would be to Google it or YouTube it communicating with clients Via slack email zendesk utilizing Twillow Flex also assessing the service Needs of clients and connecting them With the appropriate response or Associated teams leveraging client Related resources also understanding Specific client needs assessing client Issues and providing recommendations to Resolve problems ensuring that each Client receives the necessary services And following up to ensure ongoing Service needs are met building and Maintaining good relationships with Clients to maintain a customer base Flagging any issues to ensure there are No gaps in client support and what You'll bring to the table you will need Some customer service experience also

Zendesk experience business to business Support experience as well so again the Company is v-hole this is a full-time Work from home job I did not see any State restrictions posted on their Website guys so make sure you Google This one go over to Google type in ve ho See what comes up check their reviews I'm pretty sure they have some good Reviews I have not heard anything bad About this company ever but make sure You do your own research jot down any Information that you feel is burdened Just in case you get an interview with This company you want to be prepared and Not surprised make sure you take the Video put it on your social media Platform stick it in some Facebook Groups share it on Instagram be sure to Come back though and leave us a comment Also guys hop on over to Facebook we Have quite a few giveaways going on with The brand four to be exact make sure you Join our group and invite your friends And family members to of the Facebook Group it is kiss that cubicle goodbye Also follow us on the two chicks with The side hustle Facebook business page Guys we're giving away two additional Laptops on this platform so make sure You are over there and you are sharing Sharing and sharing don't forget about Instagram we did a pop-up giveaway a Week or so ago on Instagram so be sure

To share on Instagram tag a friend tell A friend create a story create a real Put us in those stories and reels Because I can almost but guarantee you Guys somebody out there is looking for a Legitimate work from home job or side Hustle make sure to leave us a comment Though my name is Carol and I will catch You wonderful lovely amazing people on The next video bye YouTube

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