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Hey hey hey happy Thursday Two chicks Fam I hope you guys are staying warm Because it is freezing cold here where I Live make sure you subscribe like and Share because on this channel we give Away laptops and we're giving away 10 More brand new absolutely free to you Guys the only thing that we ask is that You take the video put it on your social Media platform share it with a friend a Family member but don't forget to come Back and leave us a comment also guys Don't forget to go back and check out All the videos that were posted on the Channel yesterday if you miss them they Are still up make sure you go back and Check them out I did drop no experience And a lot of you guys here are still Looking for work from home jobs apply Apply apply this is our motto because This is a good way to land your first Second or third work from home job just Keep applying keep your heads up and Keep pushing also don't forget about Omni interactions guys this is is a easy Peasy beginner friendly company they Will hire anybody make sure you come Over here to the two chicks blog look Under the spotlight job section and Apply for Omni and then scroll down and Look for Telus Telus is also one that Will hire anyone if you can pass the Exam so there are two positions posted For tell us make sure you guys check

Them out don't forget to let us know in The comments what type of work from home Job you're looking for and be sure to Sign up for Branded surveys let's get Into it so the company is forward they Are looking to feel this recruiting Associate part-time so if you guys are Looking for a part-time work from home Job this may be the company for you and As I was reading through some of the Things that you guys will be doing this Sounds like a good one guys to apply for So you will help the team locate high Quality candidates you may have to Answer some questions about experience Education Trajectory I also facilitate info Transfers and streamline the handoffs Demonstrate empathy you will be Providing and leveraging on user Feedback in your operational experience To improve on what we've built you will Create loyalty among users you will work With the team of your peers to solve Issues and complete various recruiting Tasks you'll have the flexibility to Work remotely from the comfort of your Home which sounds wonderful it says here That they are looking to feel 10 hours Plus per week so it could go over 10 it Could be 10 to 15 or it could be 10 to 20. it says that you are somebody that's Responsible you take ownership for your Work you could cooperate with a high

Level of confidentiality and attention To detail you're detail-oriented nothing Gets past you because you cross all of Your t's and you dot those eyes with Great pride you're agile now for this One guys you don't need the request Recruiting experience it saves it right Here recruiting experience is not Necessary but it is a big plus so if you Don't have it then don't worry about it Now you will need to provide your own Laptop or desktop with the monitor it Says it right here these are your Computer needs you also need a mobile Device because you will have to install A few programs on a personal phone or Tablet for authentication purposes and I Know exactly what they are talking about Now they do not hire in California but If you live in any of the other states Then you can apply for this job and this Company guys the pay is around 17 an Hour from what I have seen because we Have talked about forward before in the Past so again the company is forward They're looking to fear this recruiting Associate part-time work from home job Around 17 an hour however they don't Hire in California but if you live in Any of the other states guys you can Apply if you know someone that is Looking for a recruiting type of Position that's part-time make sure you Share the information and then come back

And leave us a comment down below now I Will be sure to put a link right below The video in the description box so you Guys can check out forward this sounds Like a great opportunity for somebody Since you really do not need experience Guys to apply for this job and this may Be a great way for you guys to get the Skills the knowledge the experience so You can move on to those higher paying Companies because a lot of these Companies typically are usually hiring For recruiters or HR Personnel make sure You guys hop over to Facebook oh make Sure you do some research too go over to Google type in forward jot down the Information before you apply for the job And then hop over to Facebook join us Kiss that cubicle goodbye we're doing a Giveaway in the group also follow the Business page it is two chicks with a Side hustle we're giving away two Additional laptop computers on that Platform and they again absolutely free Come over there follow us tag a friend Tell a friend share the video share the Blog post that is all you guys are have To do that is all that we require and Then you want to follow us on Instagram We're trying to get to ten thousand Followers over there and we are so close We have like 9 800 I believe or 9 800 Something like that or we're close to 9 800 so less than I would say 300 people

Guys so come on over there follow us tag A friend if you know how to share share The videos if you know how to create the Stories and reels on Instagram create a Story talk about us and tag Us in the Story my name is Carl and I will catch You wonderful lovely amazing people on The next video Hi YouTube

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