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Hey everyone it's Suzanne happy Thursday Sorry again with the late post but I do Work a day shift as well and we've been Really busy and so unfortunately I've Been I haven't been able to get these Jobs up first thing in the morning for You but I still want to get them up for You anyway this is a customer support Rep with Premier Talent partners and They are paying up to 27 dollars per Hour which is a great work from home Salary Premier Talent Partners has Partnered with the identity based Security Technologies client in the SAS Space to find an entry-level customer Service rep to join their team's office In San Francisco California this is a Hundred percent remote role so I think They are accepting people not Necessarily in San Francisco to be Remote for instance at the company I Work for we did hire a person outside of Our corporate office City he was in a Completely different city but we still Hired him for the role even though the Corporate office was in another place so Just don't let that hold you back if you Want to apply go ahead and apply anyway In this role you will identify customers Needs clarify information research every Issue and provide Solutions in a timely Manner if you enjoy interacting with Customers and solving problems this Position is for you so to be considered

For their open positions please register In Premier talents platform by clicking Apply this has been crafted to give you Control of your search and transparency Into the application and interview Process once you've completed the steps Outlined in your activation email They'll partner with you to ensure that You're on the same page and you're set Up for Success alright so some of the Responsibilities for this position is You're going to respond to tickets Within one business day navigate various Data sources to fully understand the Customer's experience utilize Internal Documentation to provide appropriate Relevant timely resolutions coordinate With vendors and larger company teams to Provide positive resolutions understand The client's exam program rules Requirements processes and systems to Guide their customers to the answers They need and identify customers needs Clarify information research every issue And provide Solutions and or Alternatives in a kind and respectful Manner so pretty typical in any job they Do want you to be proficient in English Familiar with customer support ticketing Systems like zendesk outstanding written Comprehension and communication Excellent organizational skills reliable Working laptop with stable internet Connection camera microphone and

Speakers and available Sunday nights or Monday Mornings in addition to weekdays To assist with weekend queue backup so I'm assuming that you're going to have To work some Sundays some Mondays maybe Not every week but at least some of Those weeks all right so you are going To apply with Premier Talent Partners I'm going to go ahead and leave you the Link Down Below in the description and I Will be back in a little bit with your Second work from home childblade

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