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Hey two chicks fam it's me Carol and I Am back with a skip the interview and You can get paid guys to chat to lonely People you can live anywhere and work Whenever you want but before I jump in Make sure you guys subscribe like and Share the video because on this channel We give away laptops and we have 10 more Laptop computers that we are going to Give away once we reach a hundred Thousand subscribers so make sure you go Tell a friend share share share be sure To come back though leave us a comment Don't forget to let us know in the Comments guys what type of work from Home job or side hustle you guys are Looking for now if you are looking for More non-phone jobs be sure to hop over Here check them out on this blog make sure You go to the other blog two chicks with The side look under the Spotlight job section look for Omni Interactions and apply scroll down and Look where it says the recruiter reached Out look for it tell us both of these Are skip the interview I opportunities And make sure you guys sign up for Branded surveys the link is in the Comments section let's jump in so the Company is called remotely for you and They are looking to feel as you guys can See their chat operator position and you Can work from anywhere guys so if you

Live in a foreign country if you live in New York California you guys can apply For this one so it says here become a Chat operator and work from anywhere do You like to write and are you Self-employed it says then you are the Person that we're looking for apply Today for a job as a moderator for an Online fantasy Network and I'm pretty Sure you guys know what fantasy means it Says what will you be chatting about it Says we help thousands of lonely Americans every day to have a more Meaningful Everyday Life by expressing Themselves online with anonymously Um fantasy characters Anonymous so you Will be anonymous guys they will not Know you they will not see you anything Like that I used to work for several of These types of companies this is one of The easiest ones now I've never worked For this company but I have worked for Several other companies where basically You are carrying on a conversation with A gentleman and who knows what they want To talk about but you just kind of go With the flow on the conversation and You make them feel special so it says Our users write online text messages to Fictional people on a fantasy chat Platform your job is to answer them and Make conversation and that is all that You're doing you do not your feelings And all of that you don't get involved

In the conversation because again this Is a job and you must treat it as such You would chat about everything from Everyday life such as Sports weather Dreams fantasies other topics and you Must be open-minded or you would need to Be open-minded it says as a chat agent You will be 100 guys Anonymous so they Won't know who you are where you live What you look like any of that is text Only no video no voice so they will Never hear you and never see you you Will work independently and with full Flexibility earn more depending on how Often you work you will help those who Need someone to talk to so it says what Is the salary it says as a chat operator You will work as an independent Contractor and therefore have full Freedom and flexibility to work as much Or as little as you want you can also Work from wherever you want as long as You have access to the internet and have A PC or a laptop now it says there are Different ways that we reward you the Basic salary is calculated based on how Many messages that you reply to now I do See here it is hard to say exactly how Much the salary will be but a skilled Chat agent who works four to eight hours A day five days a week you can easily Earn two to five hundred dollars weekly It says some of the top agents make more Than three thousand a month which I do

Believe that because the company that I Worked for I was able to make two Thousand plus dollars sometimes a month Sometimes it would be a thousand other Times it could be five hundred it just Depends on how I wanted to jump on and Make some money you will decide your own Salary you will retrieve plenty of Bonuses and you will get paid out weekly So weekly pay love weekly pay love the Flexibility and love being able to log In and out whenever I got ready so again Guys this is remotely for you they do Pay weekly Um it states that you can make two to Three with two to five hundred a week And up to three thousand dollars or more Per month just depending on your work Ethic now it says that we pay weekly and The payment is in Euro through an online Payment service I see bit safe and I Think someone told us it was PayPal for The US I'm not sure 100 sure but I Believe that's what the young lady said That she was paid out through or they Told her she would be paid out through PayPal so guys again remotely for you You can live anywhere work anytime any Day this is one of those easy peasy side Hustle eggs that you guys need to get in Your basket so they are currently in Need of chat operators make sure you Guys check out this company go do some Research about the company go over to

Google type in remotely for you see what Comes up check the reviews on the Company this could be good for somebody That's maybe single or if you are Married and your husband is okay with You doing this type of job then I would Say go for it get the egg put it in your Basket and you know maybe it's good to Pay gas a light bill phone be a car Insurance things like that or if you're Really good at it Um maybe you could pay a little bit more You never know because like I said I was Able to make two thousand plus dollars Per month and there were other people With this particular site making money As well some people were making like Twelve hundred dollars a month other People were making fifteen hundred Dollars a month fourteen hundred dollars A month so it is doable so again Remotely for you non-phone positions get The interview you just fill out the Application I think you will have to do A test if I'm not mistaken you will have To answer 45 text messages and then once You do that guys they will go ahead and Approve you the same day and you can Start working so make sure you share This video the link will be posted right Below the video in the description box So you guys can check out this company Share share share remember to come back Though leave us a comment then hop on

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Instagram platform my name is Carol and I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people on the next video bye YouTube [Music]

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