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Foreign And welcome back to another video Happy Friday so if you're someone who's Looking to get started working from home Make sure you check out the links in my Description section or if you're someone Who feel completely lost when it comes To finding remote based position that is The right fit for you or just you know Frustrated in regards to finding and Getting a response back from companies That you apply to sometimes it can be Your resume so definitely get a resume Tune up make sure your resume is Remotely friendly very important so you Can find my services in the description Section below this video if you are Someone who's looking to get your resume And cover letter together or you would Like to schedule an interview prep with Yours truly then definitely check out my Services in the description section Below this video alright so on today's Video we're going to talk about this Work from home position that I feel is Very essential especially today when We're dealing with the covid-19 outbreak Okay so there are positions available For those who are interested in helping Others who may have contracted covet 19. So you're currently looking at a Position that is offered remotely this Is only available in the US and it's Coming from Michigan State University

They have a position that is currently Available for clerical Aid contact Tracer okay and we're going to get into The details of this position this is an On-call temporary remote friendly Position so keep that in mind providing Covid-19 guidance and resources to MSU Students faculty and staff temps can Continuously work nine-month Appointments with a one-week break in Between on-call Associates are allowed To work up to 40 hours a week for three Months then must be moved to 19 hours a Week and cannot work more than 500 120 Hours in any six month period so those Are the rules to their schedule contact Tracers are responsible for answering Calls responding to email Communications And follow up with close contact to Provide individuals with covid-19 Guidance and resources to mitigate Transmission spread of covet 19. desired Qualifications for this position include Knowledge normally acquired in the first Year or two year of college technical School or related field six months to a Year of related and progressively more Responsible or expansive work experience In typing spreadsheet software and word Processing knowledge of technical or Medical terminology and or Technical Training related to the field of Employment or an equivalent combination Of education and experience so they give

You some flexibility here if you meet These qualifications in terms of the Educational background and experience Who has excellent interpersonal skills Cultural sensitivity and ability to Communicate with culturally diverse Population Must have pay attention to must have Very important to them that you have These qualities and these skills so Excellent organizational skills be Detail-oriented able to maintain trust With individuals critical thinking Skills sound judgment and attention to Details so those are keywords I always Tell my clients who book interview prep With me via phone that is very important That you pay close attention to these Keywords in job posting and incorporate Them in your resume as well as your as Well as when you are interviewing you Want to mention those keywords again These are must-haves along with all the Standard information such as your Educational background and your Experience now for this position the University does require that faculty and Staff be vaccinated against covid-19 With limited expectations so in regards To a statement I'm not sure if this Applies to remote-based workers but it Might so if that is an issue for you and You're completely against vaccination That's perfectly fine maybe this is not

The position for you but understand that There are companies especially Universities and schools where children Are attending schools they may have Obligations under a specific procedure That is implemented and they have to Follow okay so if they do require that Remote base workers also are vaccinated It's just to be fair okay especially if You are getting remote based positions In a medical field with a medical Company because they're in a medical Area it may be required that you get Vaccinated for covet anything that is Health related medical related Etc they May require you to be vaccinated are There work hours you must be able to Work on weekends off hours holidays per Scheduling needs Remote now they have their remote work Statement MSU MSU strives to provide a Flexible work environment and this Position has been designated as remotes Friendly remote friendly means some or All of the duties can be performed Remotely as mutually agreed upon so keep That in mind so this position is Currently available and the application Is open closes in 2023 okay so you have Ample amount of time to apply for this Position now I wanted to talk about Contact tracing position I've noticed That a lot of companies are hiring Contact tracers every now and then not

Every time but this job seems to be a Growing position which makes sense due To cover 19. so they actually have if You're someone who's interested in Becoming a professional contact Tracer You can actually make this a career and Get education that is specifically for Becoming a contract attack tracers so Just to show you what I'm talking about There's a school called Johns Hopkins And they have their coronavirus Resource Center for contact tracing so this is Basically providing you resource and Guidance in regards to covid-19 pandemic And they have a covid-19 contact tracing Course okay that they offer at Johns Hopkins the covid-19 crisis has created It created an unprecedented need for Contact tracing across the country Requiring thousands of people to learn Key skills quickly a free six hour Course is offered for this developed by The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies is now available to train Contact tracers about how to do this Work effectively and help cities and States Across the Nation undertake these Critical efforts okay so in regards to How much exactly you will get paid for a Concept a contact Tracer the pay can Vary depending on what company you work For again so I've seen I've seen contact tracing positions were

Offered for fifty dollars per hour and That was offered to someone who is Practicing nursing like RNs so if you're A nurse you may want to you know Consider possibly getting training or Educated in contact tracing maybe Getting certified and you can actually Venture into this particular field Especially during this time and make Money even working from home now for This particular position with Michigan State University the average pay for This position is around 38 000 per year According to Glassdoor so I had to do Some research on their salary and Glassdoor have them around have the Average salary for this position to be Around 29 to 38k for this particular Position that I presented to you in this Video but it can go higher depending on Your area of expertise so if you're like A nurse or RN and you already have that Education in the medical field you could Possibly earn more money up to like Fifty dollars per hour so I've seen Positions that offer that as well okay With specific companies all right so Again it depends on your area of Expertise and what company you're Working for as well as it could As well as what State you reside in that Can affect how much you get paid so Definitely an area to consider as a Career path at this time all right okay

So that's something I want to share with You in this video if so that is Basically what I wanted to share with You in this video on today I hope this Was helpful and if you are someone who's Not subscribed make sure you subscribe Post your comments in the comment Section below this video I'd love to Read your comments and click and click That like button if you enjoyed this Video and it was helpful for you and Make sure you pass this information to Someone else all right and thank you so Much for watching I'll see you guys next Time happy work from home and have a Safe Halloween weekend

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