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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another job for you guys this one Right here is coming from the company Exemplus and make sure to check their Career section they do have quite a few Remote jobs but the one that I picked Out for you guys today is the credit and Collection specialist okay and I like This one right here because the pay is Good it's going to range between 17 and 31 dollars an hour so let's go ahead and Get straight into the details and the Duties for this job are going to include Full cycle accounts receivable credit Risk assessment proactive debt Management assigning and managing credit Lines with designated Loa and collection Correspondence all within a fast-paced Goal-oriented credit environment you Must also provide excellent customer Service regarding collection issues Process customer refunds and process and Review account adjustments you must also Resolve client discrepancies and short Payments and you're going to be Responsible for money answering and Maintaining assigned Accounts customer Calls account adjustments small balance Write-offs customer reconciliations and Reviewing vetting and then processing Credit and debit memos okay so you're Definitely going to have a lot of

Responsibility with this job right here So in terms of the required Qualifications they want you to have Commercial collections experience one Plus years of that customer service and Excellent phone etiquette 6 to 12 months Of commercial accounts receivable Proficient in written and verbal Communication skills clear understanding Of the business cycle from order process To collection process and they will Prefer if you had manufacturing business To business environment that's a plus Microsoft Office that's going to be Excel word and Outlook that's a plus Microsoft ax Dynamics and if you're Observant accurate and able to thrive in A fast-paced environment they have a lot Of benefits they're saying that you can Live and work wherever you like I'm Assuming that's in the US but I'm not Sure and they are going to provide you With all of the equipment as well and Then you're going to also get an 11 Bi-weekly stipend to be provided for Your internet so they're providing you With a lot of benefits and of course pay That's going to be based on experience They do not have a long application at All I have applied with this company Before but they do take a while to Respond by the time they responded to me I had already been working another job So they definitely take their time to

Respond but if you're interested in Applying definitely check out that link In the description bar you guys know That I wish you the best of luck make Sure to leave any questions or comments Below and I'll see you guys in my next Video thank you so much for watching

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