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Happy Friday YouTube family I am back With another non-phone work at home job Leave in 2023 Um this company is hiring immediately They will train you no degree is Required no State high restriction is Listed and you can make anywhere between 16 and 17 000 an hour or more you can Always negotiate your salary so if You're interested in learning about this Then let's go ahead and dive right into The job okay now we're talking about the Company Justice Peak their currency Seeking purchasing clerk this is fully Remote again there is no State high Restriction listed long as you're in the United States you're eligible to apply For the job this is a full-time position When you scroll down here the pay is Between 16 and 17 dollars per hour Always remember you can always negotiate Your salary if you want to get paid a Little bit more now when we dive a Little bit deeper into the job here okay Again this company is hiring immediate Open for a purchasing clerk to join the Team the right candidate will experience In data entry and responsible for Providing support for to the purchasing Team for their company now they do offer Great benefits like the the competitive Salary package and bonuses they do offer Health Vision Dental life and disability Benefits 100 of paid for the company for

Employees and then they offer tuition Reimbursement on approved programs where They will send you back to school and They will pay for that okay and then you Also have monthly contributor to pay for Employee GM membership and 401K profits Share now your duties that you're going To be doing every single day on a job is You're going to receive an issue Purchase order request from field Personnel enter incoming corresponded Into software into material voice for Various vendors and companies various Purchasing spreadsheets and then when You go down here a little bit further You going to identify and correct data Entry errors using appropriate quality Control methods perform related Purchasing tasks as needed And then also you can provide General Data entry support across many teams on An ad hoc basis and research and follow Up various process and projects so this Is a easy job for you to do okay now the Requirements for this job is they want You to have excellent Microsoft skills Is required now there is a free place That I'm going to show you is called Microsoft 365 training where you could Go in here for free and learn everything You need to know about word excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft Teams if I click on word this is what You're going to see these are the words

For window training they go over welcome To word writing editing format text Layout page insert tables save and print Share and co-author whatever you need to Learn about Um word or PowerPoint for free you can Learn this within 10 minutes and be able To do the job okay now we're going to go Back to the job now these are some of The skills that you need to implement Into your resume because remember these Skills you need to take the skills from The job and implement it into your Resume because that is how your resume Pass the applicant tracker system and we Wanted you to get a job so I'm doing Everything I can to help you so make Sure you follow these tools to to get Closer to Landing this job so here is a Keyword that you need to put in your Resume excellent memorization skills Attention to details comfortable Communication with field Personnel like With phone email text teams so you're Going to be on the phone not with Customers but people within your area Basically inside your team okay Um I reached out to hire manager and They explain that to me excellent time Management skills needs to go in there Affect the communication skills Including writing speaking speaking in Active listing working knowledge of Microsoft Office I gave that information

To you Um with Microsoft 365 which is free Strong computer skills ability to enter Data into a computer quickly and Accurately you can go to and practice your Typing test for dating entry for free in Order to get your typing where it needs To be and then you need to have strong Attention to details and ability to Think analytical that is what needs to Go into your resume to make it stand out So if this is something that you're Interested in doing then don't Procrastinate hit that apply button Right now and go ahead and apply submit Your resume today okay so if this video Has been helpful so far make sure you Consider subscribing to the channel by Clicking that red button that says Subscribe and don't forget to click on That Bell to turn on all your Notifications so every time I upload new Videos you'll be notified and that will Give you plenty of opportunities to go Ahead and apply for these jobs before They go like this here and remember that The join me on March the 7th 2023 at Seven o'clock P.M Citrus Standard time I Would go YouTube live This is basically a work from home q a Whatever courses that you may have and Also I want to build a community where We um give out um inspiration quotes

Where we encourage and uplift one Another on our job search everyday life And whatever we face in on if we Currently have a job right now so make Sure you join me on March the 7th 2023 On YouTube live at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time I look forward in Chatting with you okay now you know that I'm always talking about having a backup Plan having multiple strains of income And that is with course careers and Before I give you course careers I want To give you some encouragement words Okay keep pushing keep applying don't Give up there is a job out there being Made for you but it starts with your Mind you gotta believe if you don't Believe nobody else will so you have to Grow go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for a job I get it Rejection is every day's life people Have been injected every single day I Have been rejected in my life it doesn't Matter if it's you're applying for a job It doesn't matter if you're trying to Start a business it doesn't matter if You go to the grocery store and try to Purchase something and they are out of The item and they say no we won't have It until next month that is rejection Again it's how you take rejection Rejection is not the end of the world no Means it doesn't mean no it means next Opportunity you got to keep pushing

Forward stop worrying about what's in The other lanes and focus on you what's In front of you just imagine if you're Driving and I'm constantly looking at Who's beside me or who to my right or Who my left I'm going to be in a car Accident I have to stay focused in life You're going to run across dips in the Road how many times have you drove on a Road and it's a dip in the road do you Either go over the dip or around it Majority of the time if you see it You're gonna go around it and that's That's what you got to do and life when You see a dip that is a problem that is A situation you gotta learn to go around And say hey today may not be a good day But tomorrow is going to be a good day The the day every day is what you make Of it nobody cannot upset you you Control what you can handle and what you Cannot handle and if people are not your Best interest you got to learn to cut Them or lose love them in distance I Tell I talk about that all the time Because it's very true everybody doesn't Have your best interest everybody's not Going to support you everybody's not Going to encourage you but I'm here to Encourage you if you got this keep Pushing keep applying and don't give up And don't disqualify yourself before you Apply for these jobs there is a job out There with your name on it okay so go

Out there today and apply for these jobs Now again I'm always pushing course careers Because I hear so many times people are Struggling really bad they cannot afford To put gas in a car they cannot afford To get their car fixed when it needs They they're struggling living paycheck To paycheck so if you're struggling and You just want a new career and you've Been at a job for a couple years and you Don't see any changes and you don't see That you are being promoted and moving Up and making a salary you deserve or Maybe you're a junior high school and You don't understand or you don't Uncertain about what you're going to do This is for you this is for anybody Anybody that can do this and that is With course careers course careers have Partnered with a lot of Fortune 500 Companies that will hire you into an Entry-level position dropping the Experience and a degree just only for Course careers graduates and basically The courses that you can take that are Self-paced they're online you can it Could take anywhere from a week to three Months depending on how much time you Spend doing this and the jobs that you Can study for are take classes for is Text sales we know that text sales is High in demand not only you get paid Hourly but you get paid commission there

Are more than 300 opening jobs average Starting salary is between 60 to 80k a Year this is a job where you will be on A phone digital marketing is more of Learning the analytics paid campaign if Your content creator or you like to Write this is something for you again This is something that you're not on the Phone there are more than 200 000 open Jobs average starting salary it's Between 40 and 60k a year like I always Say this is something That I am interested in doing sometime In August why because that is when I Have more time to do Um this kind of um the study and apply Myself Information Technology you're not On a phone there are more than 200 000 Opening jobs average starter salaries Between 40 and 60k a year so based on Information technology is more of a chat Job where you're dealing with tickets And cues okay so I suggest you to go and Check out the testimonies they have a Whole bunch of testimonies of people That are testifying that they went Through this course and it has changed Their life if it changed their life it Will change your life it's people that Have received job offers before they Completed the course I mean when you Sign up two weeks three weeks you end The course I will go start applying for These jobs you can get into Discord and

You can get in a small chat group with Other people that are in the same Position that you're in whether it's Digital uh marketing or information Technology are text sales and you can Chat with them and y'all could kind of Help each other out so this is the great Thing about Um course careers here and again how it Works is you start their free intro Course in that intro course it would Tell you everything you need to know About Information Technology text sales Digital marketing everything you need to Know and at that time you could tell if It's a good fit for you if it's a good Fit for you the no progression they take Action sign up today so you can start Doing your course course today and the Course again It takes about a Um a week to a month depending on how Much you expand with it and then you Start applying the skills you acquire From the course in a new career they Will teach you exactly how to land an Entry level position Um through Insider knowledge of how to Apply to companies what they look for in Resumes application how to interview and So much more again they partner directly With companies that want to hire their Students dropping their degree and Experience required for graduates okay

Now I'm going to go into one of these Here um I'm going to go into information Technology so we can go ahead and go Over what the price is I believe it's Very affordable when you go to college Or universities or graduate schools You're out of more money and plus you Know when you go to college you just Come out getting that paper and then When you go and apply for a job you're Getting rejected and then what people do They go back to school change their Major get another degree but with course Careers you're not only getting that Certification you're getting the Experience to it as well so when you go Down here this is some of the best of The companies for it that you can work For and then when you scroll down a Little bit further it tells you the date In the life of a tech sales you're going To be responding to emails and assigned Accept any tickets this is information Technology that's what I'm talking about And then when you go down a little bit Further It tells you what you'll be learning in The class and I tell you to go ahead and Look at these other testimonies there Are a lot of testimonies of people Testifying of course careers and again Their free introduction course is free The price is 499 dollars that is a One-time payment fee but if you use my

Coupon code which is the rest of 50 you Receive 50 off of that or you could do a Four payment plan of 150 where you get Where you pay every two weeks of 150 no Contract or heating fees along with 14 Day money back guarantee so if you're Ready to have a new career and change Your life then you need to enroll in Course careers today go ahead and sign Up my coupon code is the rest of sweat The rest of 50 all in caps that Information is in my YouTube description Bar and remember to make for sure that You go in Subscribe to the channel by clicking That red button that says subscribe Don't forget to click on the Bell to Turn on your notifications so every time I upload new videos you'll be notified And that will give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for The jobs and make for sure you march Mark your calendar for March the 7th 2023 that's on a Tuesday at 7 o'clock P.M Central Standard time I will go YouTube live this is a work from home q A whatever question you have in regards To working from home or your job search You need to be here and also I want to Uplift encourage everyone that is Um in the going through this job search Or everyday life so make sure you attend Share this information with everyone you Know and again my channel is all about

Non-phone working home job leads they go Out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time okay check out the Community tab that's where I engage with You as well if you would like to support The Channel all you have to do is click The join button there is a short video Explaining the benefits of you know Becoming a member of the YouTube channel Um I appreciate everyone that's Supporting the channel and have already Became a member of the YouTube channel I Really appreciate you remember to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you you gotta Believe if you don't believe nobody else Will so go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs okay You got this I believe in you thank you So much for watching and I will see you In the next video bye

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