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[Music] Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and you Already know I'm here to bring you guys Another job opportunity and this one Right here is going to have some pretty Good pay and we're going to be talking About a job today from the company Crowdstrike always make sure you check The career section to see what other Jobs companies have just in case you Want to apply for something else that is Better suited for you okay but today We're going to get into the corporate Events Specialist of course this is a Remote job it's full time and it's Available in the US so let's go ahead And get straight into the details so for This job right here you're going to be Coordinating and executing a signed Corporate event tasks and trade shows in Collaboration with cross-departmental Team members you're going to also be Responsible for managing various event Components including event operations And complex Logistics trade show booth Development trade show marketing Programs budget management and on-site Execution project management including Logistics secure during venues and Exhibition space travel Staffing and Development of Creative Concepts we're

Going to execute internal and external Event awareness and communication plan And Associated deliverables that's going To include email invitations web pages Direct Mail social media PR and webinars Also effective budget management and Reconciliation and you're going to help With the creation of event-focused sales Engagement and enablement programs to Ensure targeted audience Recruitment and You're going to need five plus years Combined corporate and trade show event Experience experience at a saas based Business to business technology company Is a benefit critical thinking skills They do want you to be proficient in Microsoft Office programs that's going To include Excel work PowerPoint and Salesforce and excellent written and Verbal communication skills of course You're going to get benefits with this Job and the salary for this job is Between 65k to 100 000 per year plus Bonus inequity and benefits okay so this Is a work day application workday Applications don't take long at all so Of course if you guys are interested in Applying for this job you can find the Link in the description bar you know I Wish you the best of luck I appreciate You for watching leave any questions or Comments below and I'll see you guys in My next video

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