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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another work from home job lead for You this one again is in the healthcare Field today is just Healthcare day I Feel like I gained a lot of subscribers For my Healthcare videos so a lot of you Are looking for Health Care positions And I haven't posted as many lately so I Am just catching up here of course as Always if you're interested in putting That application in the link to this job Page is in the YouTube description box Below this video but today we have the Company Hangar now they have a mantra of Empowering human potential they work in The orthotic and Prosthetics the Department of the healthcare industry And they are hiring a credit balance Specialist now what credit balances are In the Healthcare company is when Doctors bill out a charge it is a Certain amount and then insurance Payments come in Insurance contractual Adjustments come in patient self pay Payments come in and and you subtract All the payments and contractual Adjustments and that should zero out the Account and have it paid in full Sometimes insurance overpays or Sometimes the patient pays because they Don't think the insurance is going to Pay and then their insurance pays so the Patient needs to be refunded or

Sometimes the insurance needs to be Refunded because they paid too much Whatever the case is more payment has Come in than the total charges and so That creates a negative balance on the Account called a credit balance that is What you will be working they are Basically looking for someone to ensure Collections of services are provided Accurately timely fully documented and Make sure the account reconciles Correctly in the correct reimbursement Practices are followed you'll have Adherence to adjustment refund and Write-off policies as stated in their Operating procedures you'll be Maintaining databases by entering Updating and retrieve leaving data and Formatting and generating reports and You'll reconcile all those accounts I Was talking about that result in a Credit balance you respond to inquiries From customers about collection Resources so sometimes you may have to Pick up the phone and make outbound Phone calls or send messages to collect On unresolved issues you'll review and Monitor assigned encounters for those Collections now they do not require any Kind of college degree although Associate's degree is always preferred What they do require is two years of Office administrative experience any High school diploma or GED additionally

They need someone who has strong Interpersonal skills someone who can be A team player someone with working Knowledge of a federal and state Collection practices as well as HIPAA Guidelines of course you need to be able To use a Windows computer Microsoft Office like word excel PowerPoint all of Those things you need to be able to to Key 40 words a per minute and be Proficient with basic math skills now Unfortunately they did not list the pay For this position that'll have to be Discussed at the time of the interview But they do state that they offer a Standard benefit package that includes Health dental vision paid time off Before 401k and as always if you are Interested in doing your own research Which I highly suggest you do I have Included this company's Glassdoor page Also linked down in the YouTube Description box for ease of access Alright if you've made it to the end of This video I want to say thank you so so Much for watching and supporting me as Always feel free to leave in the Comments anything specific that you're Looking for even if I don't always Respond I do read those and keep that in Mind when I am searching for job leads To share and I'll be back really really Soon with more work from home job leads Just for you

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