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Hey y'all it's me Carl and I am back With a part-time work from home job but Before I jump into the video make sure You guys subscribe like and share Because on this channel guys we give Away laptops and we are giving away 10 More brand new laptop computers and they Are absolutely free we are going to take The computers and ship them straight to Your front door make sure you guys don't Forget to come back though leave us a Comment hop on over here to the two Chicks blog look on the home page and Make sure you apply for tell us tell us Has a U.S Raider position that is open Now 14 an hour skip the interview done Phone part-time work from home job also Guys let us know in the comments what Type of work from home job you are Looking for and don't forget guys to Sign up for Branded surveys the link is Down below in the comment section and Make sure you guys go back and check out That video I just dropped on the channel Delta Airlines they are hiring again be Sure to share their video with your Friends or family members as well let's Hop in so the company is William Sonoma They are hiring part-time customer Service reps to work from home and as You guys can see here they are stay Specific be sure to check that first Before you apply for this job so it says That this position requires full-time

Training for four weeks and thereafter You will work a part-time schedule what Benefits do you do we offer It says 40 discount on most merchandise Monthly performance bonuses up to five Hundred dollars fund contest rewards Recognition programs paid training from The comfort of your home now it says Your duties you will solve the problem Efficiently quickly with quality make it Personal take ownership Inspire Customer Loyalty give them a reason to come back Listen carefully be attentive emphasize Our effort because we care essential Functions the notes and the boats you Will address the customer questions and Concerns regarding product and delivery Info provide product information review Alternate Solutions If an item is out of Stock and place orders for the customer Successfully negotiating appease Customers using a variety of methods Established by William Sonoma guidelines Check inventory process returns issue Replacements and credits for damaged or Defective merchandise and you will also Guys perform other duties as assigned Now the qualifications high school Diploma or GED one to two years previous Customer service experience experience In a performance-based or metric driven Environment strong ability to Communicate both verbally and ridden With capable data entry skills now

Equipment you must have for training and For work so you will have to provide Your own equipment the pay for this one Guys it is 15 an hour so again the Company is William Sonoma they are Looking to feel their part-time customer Service rep work from home job they are Stay specific be sure to check that Again before you apply for this job make Sure you guys go over to Google and do Some research because you will have to Interview for this position now from What I've been told this is an easy Company to get hired with and they are Hiring ASAP so make sure you guys check This one out I will be sure to leave a Link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check it Out and apply don't forget to share my Video come back and leave us a comment Also guys join us our group it is kiss That cubicle goodbye we have a two Chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page and also a Twitter and an Instagram two chicks with the side Hustle and we are doing giveaways across These platforms so be sure to follow us Like and share that is all you have to Do but don't forget to comment somewhere And we will put your name on the Giveaway list my name is Carl and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye Bye YouTube yeah

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