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Hey everyone happy Thursday it's Suzanne Today I have this data entry clerk Position it's fully remote with the Company rainyga now the home office is Located in Georgia but it is a remote Position now this position has been up For a while but it is still open so I am Sharing it I don't think I've shared it With you before but if you have seen it By me before I probably did a long time Ago because like I said it's been up for A while so they're being they're paying Between 39 and 50 000 per year according To indeed's estimated salary and under The job description they're looking for A detail-oriented individual to join as A data entry clerk your primary Responsibilities will be keeping the Company database up to date moreover you Should be able to gather required Documents from clients and verify their Authenticity you should have excellent Typing skills and a keen eye for detail You should also be familiar with various Data entry software as a clerk you Should ensure that the quality control Measures are met at all times you will Be coordinating and overseeing the Activities of the data entry operator All right so you're going to maintain And update the company's databases Timely you're going to be able to handle Invoice payments and maintain an Accurate record your organizational

Skills will be beneficial in cataloging Data with appropriate tags and if you Are diligent and a fast typist then they Want you to put in your application Right away so apparently they have not Found that person yet your main Responsibility is entering data from Customers verifying data creating Spreadsheets maintaining and updating Databases ensure data preservation Retrieve data file physical copies of The data verify invoice details and Handling invoice payments cross-checking Adhering to the quality control measures Ensuring there is no duplication of data Gathering all required documents and Reviewing and catalying data with Appropriate tags alright so what they Want from you as far as requirements They'd like you to have a high school Diploma so no degree listed here is Required make sure you have that high School diploma listed on your resume if That's the high highest level of Education that you have if you have Higher go ahead and put that degree or Whatever you have on the resume instead So proven work experience in the admin Department as a data entry Clerk or a Typist excellent typing skills attention To detail Familiarity with Microsoft Office tools Good and written good written and oral Communication strong analytical problem

Solving skills good time management be Able to work independently and ability To offer enhanced customer service so Again if you have these skills go ahead And put your application in I'll put the Instructions to apply to this job down In the description and just make sure That you're putting all of these Responsibilities and skills anything That you have experience with on your Resume so it's easy for them to see and Easy easy for them to make a decision About interviewing you alright guys if You're interested go ahead and apply and I'll see you in the next video

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