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Happy Wednesday everyone I am back with Another non-phone work at home job 2023 This company is hiring immediately and This is a data entry type of work from Home job and you know that these daily Entry jobs they knew they moved very Quickly so I'm going to share my screen Because I want you to go ahead and apply For this job before it's no longer Available so we're going to go ahead and Talk about Um actually Um this job here and it is with the Company mental health company they're Currently seeking HR data entry Specialists this is a full-time position And they do offer flexibility you have To be in the United States in order to Be considered for this job and when you Scroll all the way down to the bottom Here it is going to tell you uh actually The salary which is 17 per hour that is 680 per week so when we go more into Details about What you're going to be doing on the job Here I'm very easy easy job is you're Going to supervise the administrative Function for the original human resource Hub including hris Administration Background checks Personnel files Onboarding paperwork and other HR admit Responsibilities you're going to also Partner with HR directors HR Administrative managers and other HR

Leaders to identify systems improvements And enhancement recommends and Implement Solutions as well as you're going to Verify completion and confirms paper Paper proper approval to process Employee transactions such as new hires Performance reviews transfer termination The paid promotion Status change and then calculation and Payment of authorization is request and Then you're gonna do program custom Function and documentation such as Automated queries filters micros and Reports and then when you go down a Little bit further you're going to Provide all customers with excellent Service experienced by constantly Demonstrating their core and leader Behaviors each and every day I reached Out to hiring managers this is only as Needed basis again it is not a call Center it's only as needed basic y'all Know that I always reach out to hire Manager when I have any questions and This was it came up to me and I say is This a phone job they say no it is a Daily entry position and it's only as Needed only as needed and then you're Going to perform other duties as Assigned here now does this follow up Apply to you they're talking about a Social degree or equivalent education in In our experience in human resource Accounting or payroll don't let this

Scare you intimidate you from this job Still apply anyway even though if you Don't have a social degree like I told You my story the job that I'm currently On it required a bachelor's degree Master's degree I don't have a Bachelor's of master's degree I only Have a associate's degree I have a high School diploma associate's degree in Certifications so you got to go in Speaking life over yourself Discriminate yourself because you don't You don't have a social degree still Apply Um there's free things on Um Google That you can go and understand how to do This job Um previous experience and roles where Data accuracy is access work key Responsibilities I'm going to show you a Place where you can go for free to learn Your data entry skills okay Um ability to create and work Relationships strong computer skills With Microsoft Office Suite Excel word Excel and prior experience with database Again I'm going to show you a free place Where you can learn this and then they Want you to have analytical problem Solving critical thinking and Organization skills to evaluate options And Implement Solutions those are the Key words that you will Implement into

Your resume and then they're talking About language skills reasonability Leaderships and it's coming do offer um Perks of working full time again 401k Plan medical dental vision plan pay Vacation days that increase after the First day opportunity for advancement in Their National company as they grow you Grow with them employ a system program And then they do offer student loan Refinancing pet insurance Verizon Wireless discount movie Hotel concerts And sporting event discount so if this Sounds like something that you're able To do again to pay 17 an hour you can Always negotiate your salary if you need To so if you're interested in applying For this position here I'm going to Scroll all the way up right here to my Right this is the application that you Will fill out to the best of your Ability Um you have to upload load a cover Letter In your resume and you're going to fill Out all this information to my right ear Right over here and you put this Information once you fill everything out To the best of your ability then you hit The submit application okay and your Application be on its way so make for Sure you go ahead and apply today for These jobs and don't disqualify yourself Okay I am going to show you a place

Remember I told you there is two places That I want to show you like anytime you Talk about dating entry or typing anyway You need to get your typing where it Needs to be and it is with official Typing test so I'm going to share my Screen and I'm going to show you this Here and it's free 99 to you I'm all About free things here okay so again not only can you Practice your typing test but your 10 Key tests and your typing tips if I Click on start this is what you'll see You can practice full 10 key tests Numbers and symbols or you can practice Numbers and only and of course you can Practice your type of test if you can Choose one minute three minute five Minute if I choose three minutes click On it this is what it looked like it Will not start greeting me until I Actually start typing so make sure you Go get that typing on so you can get Where it needs to be okay another thing That I'm going to show you is Microsoft 365 I talk about this a lot because this Is free where you can learn Microsoft Suite for free and you don't have to pay A dime unless you want to but I feel That you know you should try to free Things first and see how that go and Here's Microsoft 365 training you can Learn Outlook OneDrive word excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft

Teams Yama and assets so Uh your Microsoft 365 let me go back and Show you here if I wanted Um to learn PowerPoint here all you have To do is click on the slide layout and This is what will appear some of them Have videos where you can watch it but You can also learn this way and again This is free to you go and take Advantage of this and learn as much as You know need to know because the more You know the more you grow okay now if This video has been helpful I want you To give this video a thumbs up and I Want you to subscribe to the channel Because I would love for you to be a Part of the family and I want you to Click on that Bell to turn on all Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified Plus that will give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they're no longer Available and when I go YouTube live Because I'm gonna go YouTube live every Month y'all and it's going to be a work From home q a and you can be able to Attend the work from home q a and we can Talk in real time so make for sure you Consider to just subscribe to the Channel and I want to leave some Encouragement words with you like I Always do is don't throw in the towel Before you reach the Finish Line don't

Throw in the towel before you reach the Finish Line you are too close To your destination And you want to give up and say look I've had enough I'm tired of rejection Letters Um rejection is a part of life Rejections make you stronger it builds Your character that is what it does Don't give up you know faith without Works is dead have I can do attitude Can't is not in the Bible it says I can Do all things through Christ Jesus that Strengthen me okay so you got to have That kind of attitude in the mindset you Have to have a will in mind a willing Heart and a willing spirit that is the Only way is that's going to get you from Point A all the way to Z you have to Speak life over yourself the power of The tongue determines life and death if You speak something negativity chances Are it will come out it will come to Fruition but if you speak positive Thoughts in your mind in your heart You know for it's going to come to Fruition you got this do not give up you Know you got to stay in the race you're Too close don't give up don't disqualify Yourself before you apply for these jobs Let the company do it I want you to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You yes I'm talking to you the one that

Is listening to me there is a job out There for you you've got to stay in the Race too many times people want to give Up before they finish the race throwing The towel and you haven't been in the Race that long you stay in your race you Run your race with class because at the End you're going to be able to tell People what you went through and what You went through and how what it took to Get the job that you are on okay so just Stay in the race keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there been made for you okay but it Starts with you you gotta believe if you Don't believe in yourself nobody else Will so go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs you Know that I talk about having multiple Strains of income no I don't only Believe in eight I believe in seven Multiple strains of income And it is with book vote I'm going to Share my screen I believe that this is a Easy side hustle side gig opportunity to Make passive income I am actually doing This myself y'all I'm not just telling Y'all I'm doing it myself and I've been Doing Book boat probably about I say About about eight or nine months now and For those who don't know this is a Platform where you can create low Content books and low content books or Journals law books Diaries as you can

See flashing in the screen on my screen These are considered low content books And people are making passive income the Secret sauce to this y'all is you gotta Pick a niche that is low competition if You get into a niche like for example Like I was at first notebook Compensation a lot of people are doing Those that's why I was not making any Sales but when I start knitting down and Know who who I'm making the book for Then I start making more sales okay so You gotta know that once you know that Then you're going to be very successful On this platform and again you know you Can always research and that's the best Thing to do is before you get out there And make things research it you know Research the product and once you Research the product look at this Product and say hi what can I do to make My covering better what can I do to make My interior better you don't have to be A graphic designer to do this no Experience no degree you can work Anywhere in the United States if you Don't understand how to make your covers You could pay somebody on Fiverr Anywhere between five and twenty dollars To do it for you okay and you can spy on Your competitors see what kind of Keywords they're using implemented in Your titles and descriptions again not To copy but to be expired and bookboat

Has upgraded they have a new studio Cover creators interior designs drag and Drop editors complete customization over A thousand two hundred plus free fonts More than one million royalty free Image Parascalables Design filter and much More and yes you're able to make puzzle Books like word search crossword puzzle Word scrap scramble and more As well as activity books connect the Dots mix and match puzzles customize Interiors coloring books turn your Vectors into two coloring book pages and 100 of low content Interiors where you Can mix and match Interiors to create Unique books for your audience and People buy these books every single day You do not have to make your interior It's already done for you they do have Live webinars on Tuesday and Thursday Where you can go and get your courses Answered so this is a great side hustle Side gig opportunity to make passive Income there is a sin what come easy Won't last and what lasts won't come Easy remember that the first will be Last and the last will be first and here Is the pricing I believe it's very Affordable the Newbie is 9.99 per month And the pro is 19.99 per month but if You use my coupon code which is the rest Of sweat all in lower case that Information is in the YouTube Description bar you will get 20 off of

The 9.99 per month and that is Lifetime As long as you have Book boat you will Get receive the 20 off or if you choose The 1999 per month you will get 20 off Of that and that is Lifetime forever as Long as you have book vote and the great Thing about it is you can try it out for Three days for free and see if you like It I guarantee you're gonna like it with The pro the only difference is you're Getting the puzzle creation software Included we gotta have a backup plan Y'all our cell phones have backup plans If we sit and talk and it says beep beep Beep you can charge it up and you can Still talk our laptop have a charger too As well our car you know when we drive Our car we're not looking for uh to have A flat but if you do there's a spare Tire that you can put on to take you to Your destination until you get it fixed Immediately okay so we got to be like That we got to have a plan a all the way To Z these jobs are not promised so you Got to do what you got to do in order to Make ends meet the honest way So you get out there and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs and Have a entrepreneur Spirit as well have A mindset to build a legacy for your Children children so you don't have to Worry about things if you do get um lose Your job you can still be able to you Know get these uh pay your bills and

Everything like that so remember to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you you got to Believe if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there and Grab what is yours by applying for these Jobs and remember to check out the video That is listed at the top or at the Bottom there are more no talk and work From home job needs to help you get Closer to Landing your first second Third job even a side hustle thank you So much for watching and I will see you In the next video bye

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