HanesBrands Hiring $45,000 To $56,000 Year With No Degree Needed! Paid Training | Work From Home Job

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead for you today's job lead Is from the well-known company Haynes Brand I know some of you may be a little Skeptical about working sometimes with The smaller companies or up in the Coming companies so if you're looking For a larger corporate company you know You can depend on and trust this one is For you of course if you're interested In applying the links are always in the YouTube description box below this video But Hanes Brands is hiring a customer Experience representative now this is Remote for my United States folks only They are offering paid training and Training will begin on April 17th of 2023 so just a little over a month so Get those applications in because They're going to be doing the hiring Interviewing and onboarding pretty Quickly but they are looking for a basic Customer service person to handle Inbound customer inquiries this is going To require some phone work you'll handle Customer questions through telephone Chat and written correspondence you'll Investigate and resolve any questions Issues or complaints that the customer Has of course you'll perform these Duties in a professional and a polite Manner with every customer assisting Them with their questions you'll expand

Existing accounts by making new contacts Upselling products to the customers all Of those things you'll follow up on Orders when necessary of course you're Going to be investigating and resolving Questions and complaints from customers You'll also collaborate with the Haynes Brand sales representatives to make sure That return products are accurately Processed to the customer's accounts and Those credits and refunds are applied Now of course they are not requiring any Kind of college degree just a high School diploma or GED you've got to have Great computer skills and knowledge in Microsoft Office including word excel And Outlook you've got to have the Ability to communicate effectively with Customers and the ability to multi-task Now while Haynes Brands did not list Their actual salary in the job Description that will have to be asked At the time of the interview I did find Past and current employees who reported Their salary to Glassdoor and it looks Like for Haines brand a consumer Experience Representative makes anywhere From forty five thousand dollars a year All the way up to 56 000 a year so that Just gives you a little bit of an Estimate to gauge if it's worth your Time alright as always if this job lead Was not for you that's okay please feel Free to leave in the comments anything

Specific that you're looking for I do Read those and keep that in mind when I Am out there searching for job leads to Share thank you so so much for watching And supporting me and I'll be back Really really soon with more work from Home job leads just for you

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