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What's up two chicks fam happy Thursday It's me Carl I am back with another work From home video but before I get into it If you are new here welcome if you guys Are looking for those non-phone jobs Make sure you hop over check them out on The blog be sure to Smash that red subscribe button turn on That Bell notification make sure you Guys thumbs up the videos and make sure You share on this channel guys we do Real giveaways and we are giving away 10 Brand new laptop computers they are Absolutely free we've already given away 12 so we're giving away 10 more so make Sure you guys go spread the word tell a Friend come back leave us a comment Don't forget to check out the Amazon Video that I posted on the channel Earlier today make sure you guys hop Over here to the two chicks blog look Under the spotlight job section apply For Omni this is a quick hire and apply For a Telus and don't forget guys to Sign up for brand into surveys the link Is down below in the comment section Let's jump into this awesome video so The company is called Sutter they are Looking to feel their customer service Agent too and as you guys can see this Is a work from home job now I do see Here the drawback they are stay specific They only hire in the following states

Utah Idaho Arizona Arkansas Tennessee Montana Missouri or South Carolina the Pay rate for this one is 16 to 18 an Hour depending on experience now the Position overview I see here that you Will be receiving incoming inquiries and Service requests from patients employees Providers vendors and others via the Phone email web portal Etc And responds to each with accurate and Timely information utilizing the highest Customer service and quality standards You will work as part of a team and Others to support one or more of the Service delivery teams establishes and Maintain strong collaborative Relationships with customers to identify Additional ways to be of service and Ensure customer satisfaction you will Help Foster an environment in which Continuous Improvement in business Processes and services is welcomed and Recognized adhere to all local state Federal regulations codes policies and Procedures to ensure privacy and safety Of our employee and patient information Education equivalent experience will be Accepted in lieu of the required degree Or diploma high school diploma or Equivalent education experience and I do See some preferred experience here Listed as well so again guys this is a Full-time position I see days of the Week Friday Monday Thursday Tuesday and

Wednesday so I'm guessing that you don't Have to work on the weekend so the Company is called Sutter Health and they Are looking to feel their customer Service agent too to work from home keep In mind they are stay specific the pay Is 16 to 18 dollars per hour and you Really don't need a degree I mean if you Have one that is good but if you don't Have a degree you still can apply for This job make sure you guys do your own Research make sure you share this video Leave us a comment down below don't Forget guys to hop over to Facebook and Join us kiss that cubicle goodbye make Sure you guys follow us on our Facebook Business page in these two chicks with The side hustle because guys we are Going to give away two additional Laptops over on that page so again it is Two chicks with the side hustle go over There start following us we are trying To get to 100 000 followers and when we Do we are going to do another giveaway So we already have some of our Subscribers over there now sharing the Information and you guys it's not too Late you can hop on over there follow us And start sharing the content you can Also tag a friend a family member on Each post that is posted over there as Well because that is a form of sharing And we do check those comments then you Want to follow us on Tick Tock Twitter

And also on Instagram two chicks with The side hustle now on Instagram we are Doing a pop-up giveaway so this means That between now the end of December we Will be coming on Instagram popping up Over there on a live stream to give away Something you guys know how we do so it Could be some money we've done this Before it could be a laptop you never Know or it could be a laptop stand we Also have been known to give away gift Cards so it could be a hundred dollar Amazon gift card or a fifty dollar Walmart gift card so it's gonna be Something guys so make sure you are over There on Instagram put us in your Stories create some of those funny reels About two chicks with a side hustle my Name is Carl and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people in the Next video Bye YouTube

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