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[Music] Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another job for you guys and this Job right here I had to go into my stash Of companies okay so sometimes when I'm On Glassdoor and I'm not really liking What the jobs is looking like I go to my Trusty stash of jobs you already know It's been 10 years nearly 10 years of me Doing this I got a stash of companies That I just go to to see what they have And I found this job right here with the Company y combinator they currently have A video editor job so I thought that This was going to be a good side hustle To bring to you guys it is available in The US it's going to be as needed and so It's going to be some pretty good pay on This as well so let's go ahead and get Straight into the details a little bit More about the company why combinator is The leading startup accelerator for Entrepreneurs since 2005 YC has invested In over 4 000 companies including Airbnb Dropbox stripe Reddit instacart doordash And coinbase and they are are the most Powerful startup community in the world Alongside the products and programs to Support Founders for the life of their Company they're looking to grow their Pool of multi-talented video editors for Ongoing work crafting long-form videos

For y combinators popular YouTube Channel and then short form videos for Their Tick Tock Instagram and YouTube Channel as well so with this job you Will edit rough and fine Cuts in Adobe Premiere in a timely manner you're going To utilize a variety of assets including Original motion design archival clips And shot footage into a seamless edit Alongside necessary sound design and Music you will incorporate feedback and Notes from the video team and work Collaboratively to refine why Combinators look and feel so you need a Minimum of two years of experience but Ideally four years or more Mastery of Adobe Creative Cloud including but not Limited to Premiere and after effects Portfolio of previous work that shows Sharp editorial judgment and resourceful Scrappy storytelling skills and a Passion for thoughtful visuals and audio With sophisticated design sensibility Strong attention to detail ability to Work across multiple styles from Explainers educational interview and More and experience with YouTube and Social media content focused on startups Business technology and Entrepreneurship Again it's going to be a remote job and You're going to earn between 50 and 100 An hour please include your rate in the Application form this is a 1099 job You're not going to be eligible for any

Benefits okay so here's the application Right here super quick application of Course if you guys are interested you Can check out that link in the Description bar if you know if you have Any questions or any comments you can Leave those below and as usual I thank You guys so much for watching I'll see You on my next video and good luck to Everyone who applies for the job

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