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Hi everybody welcome back I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great I was just getting ready to do my Morning walk and I saw some good jobs so I was like let me go ahead and do a Couple of videos while I'm in the car Before I do my walk so you already know I'm gonna go ahead and get straight into The details and I'm going to be talking About a job with the company above Lending okay and they're currently Looking for a customer insights senior Associate this is remote of course and This job has some pretty good pay so Let's go ahead and get straight into the Details so with this job right here you Will be understanding business Objectives to design and manage surveys And customer research panels to discover User preferences you're going to collect Data on customers competitors and the Marketplace and consolidate information Into actionable items reports and Presentations you will support and Collaborate on product development brand Management and Market initiatives as Necessary annual May maintain a clear And concise messaging strategy for Public review replies with senior Leadership you will reply to reviews Left on multiple third-party platforms That's going to include trustpilot the BBB social pages and others and Collaborate with internal Sno and client

Success teams regarding the escalation Of specific client complaints and Program issues and you're going to Develop Monitor and optimize review Invitation segments and act on requests From stakeholders to pull reviews for Marketing material and other internal Projects you will track and deliver Monthly reports to senior leadership Regarding online reputation results Feedback theme and any other notable Developments so they're looking for Someone with proven work experience and Market research analysis with the Ability to interpret large amounts of Data strong analytical and critical Thinking skills knowledge of data Collection methods that's going to Include polls focus groups and surveys Reputation management role and or Direct Customer Service role that require Responding to frustrated customers the Ability to meet deadlines manage Multiple projects and remain flexible as Priorities change and also strong Organizational skills attention to Detail a BS degree in statistics Marketing or related field four years of Related experience and it will be a Bonus if you have experience working for A Consumer Finance company so this job Is going to provide you with benefits And the pay for this job is between 80 And 90k a year pretty good money there

And this job does have a very quick Application so you guys already know if You're interested in applying check out The link in the description bar you guys Already know that I wish you the best of Luck I'll see you guys in my next video And thank you so much for watching

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