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Hi everyone it's Suzanne happy Tuesday Sorry guys I'm a little late on the job Leads today but I am going to try to get Two up for you the first one is with the Company La Senza it's a call center Customer service rep and they are paying Up to a thousand dollars per week in This fully remote position now I did Share this job yesterday on my community Post as well but it seems like even if You're subscribed and you have the Notification Bell on sometimes you just Don't get those notifications so I'm Sharing this again for new people and For people who haven't seen it before Lucensa is the global destination for The hottest fashion lingerie at an Incredible value with the best trans and Unbeatable prices worldwide they have 120 stores in Canada U.S and over 20 200 Franchise stores in 30 countries Worldwide And under the position summary a little Bit about this position as a CAC inbound Rep you must be confident outgoing and Self-motivated with a strong work ethic You must also be team oriented who is Minded open-minded and willing to learn And who has the ability to function Effectively in a fast-paced work Environment all right they want you to Have excellent communication and Interpersonal skills you're going to Provide work world-class customer

Service to the customers answer inbound Calls from customers while accurately Keying the corresponding information Into the ordering system build rapport With the customers upsell the products Maintain company and customer Confidentiality CAC inbound reps may Also be trained to work with customers Through email and live chat and assist With other duties as needed basic Computer proficiency particularly with Microsoft applications is a Qualification they're looking for as Well as punctuality and consistent work Attendance customer service and call Center experience a plus so this is a Fully remote position Edition there's no Degree required it sounds like you don't Even need a lot of experience so very Beginner friendly position here and They're paying between 20 25 an hour Between about 800 and a thousand dollars Per week so if you're interested I'm Gonna put that link Down Below in the Description for you you can go check it Out and I will be back in a little bit With my second work from home job lead

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