$65,000 To $100,000 Year Work From Home Job With No Degree Needed | Customer Operations | USA

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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another daily work from home job Lead for you this one is exciting to Share because it is a very high paying And really only requires like customer Service a type skills no college degree Isn't needed we are going to dive all in Just know the links to everything I Share are always in the YouTube Description box below this video the Company is Osmond now they are a mental Health company they only have nine Reviews on glassdoors so of course I Have this page linked down below and you Might want to do your own research on The company but out of those nine Reviews they have a 5.0 out of 5 star Rating they are hiring a customer Operations associate now this is remote Full time for the United States again They are a mental health company they Have a premier platform for clinicians And researchers advancing new Life-saving mental health treatments They say today mental health disorders Are one of the least leading causes of Death worldwide and so they are trying To help Physicians and stuff with Different developments to treat mental Health diseases they are basically Looking for somebody to assist with the Design and roll out of their Tech driven Automation solutions to effectively

Serve their customers at scale you'll Provide strategic and tactical support To the customer teams working closely With leadership to Aid in the objective Of providing high quality customer Support to the customers while meeting Goals and objectives you'll help analyze The team workflows and provide Recommendations to improve efficiency You assist with working with customers On life cycle touch points especially During their own boarding and post Graduation renewals so you'll Focus your Efforts on defining customer workflows In the post cell a life cycle writing And improving the processes to improve The overall customer experience levels Now they don't require any kind of College degree they're just looking for Somebody who's two years in an external Facing a customer role so two years of That customer service experience someone Who can be a process a thinker and use Systemized processing someone who has The ability to learn quickly understand And have a passion for the health care Industry someone who is a people person And can enjoy the direct interaction With customers of course you have to Have that great written and verbal Communication skills and someone who can Be a self-starter and have great Technical knowledge now if that sounds Like you pay for this position is

Anywhere from sixty five thousand Dollars a year all the way up to a Hundred thousand dollars a year and of Course on top of that they offer a Standard benefit package that includes Health dental vision of 401k and pay Time off all right if you've made it to The end of this video I want to say Thank you so so much for watching and Supporting me always feel free to leave Anything specific that you're looking For in the comments or any feedback you Have for me or things that I could do Differently on this channel to improve Leave those down below as well and I'll Be back really really soon with more Work from home job leads just for you

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