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Hey guys it's Suzanne back with your Second remote work from home job lead This is a data entry associate with the Company solid professor and it is fully Remote and it is full time the estimated Salary in this position is around 44 to 56 000 a year based on their uh Estimates from other similar roles this Is an exciting remote contract a higher Opportunity with a growing e-learning Company so it's going to be a temporary But if you do well in this position you Could be hired on full time so great Foot in the door you can be part of a Huge growth opportunity and e-learning Solutions by joining the successful team At solid Professor they create online Learning experiences for software Applications used in engineering and Design over the past 15 years they have Pursued their passion for learning by Developing thousands of hours of online Learning experiences for the members They were recently nominated as one of The best places to work and one of the Fastest growing companies in San Diego As solid Professor they're not only Dedicated to helping customers but They're also committed to challenging Themselves to develop new skills and Reach New Heights through training and Career opportunities they are seeking a Self-motivated process-oriented person To join the production team as a

Temporary data entry associate helping Them upload courses to the website for Exceptional learning experiences for the Members You'll Play a pivotal role in The course release process and can Expect to be working in the back end Website portal to help upload the Educational videos I liken this too if You were to help someone upload videos Up to YouTube something like that at Solid Professor they value cultural fit As much as creativity and Technical Know-how they're looking for someone who Is organized can consistently and Repetitively follow instructions for Their course release process it's a Temporary three-month contract with the Potential potential to become full-time And the full-time position adds Responsibilities as CAD production Specialist in education videos for the Website so if you did get promoted you You might get a few new tasks added on There which gives you an opportunity to Learn and grow in the company so they Want you to be people-centric to drive Excellence and stay stragile by seizing Opportunities and challenges and Adapting quickly So what will you be doing in this E-learning data entry role during the First three months you'll be involved in The course release process you're going To Showcase your CAD skills and

Techniques in various Cad and cam Software such as SolidWorks inventor AutoCAD so these are very techy terms I'm not sure if they're looking for Someone who has a lot of background in This but you could still try it's Sounding a little less like a data entry Position and more of a kind of a Software type person so check it out see If you like it recreate existing CAD Software tutorials track status of Various steps communicate with external Content sources coordinate with solid Professors learning design check the Quality of your work and the products And results alright so if you want to Look at the rest of this associate's Degree is preferred but not required They'd like you to have some experience In cat and mechanical design ability to Adapt excellent attention to detail Professional disposition I'll let you Read through all the rest of these to See if you're interested I'll go go Ahead and put that link Down Below in The description as always and leave me a Comment let me know what type of work From home job you're looking for all Right I'll see you tomorrow

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