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Happy hump day two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a non-phone high Paying real data entry job but before I Jump into the video make sure you guys Subscribe like and share on this channel We do real giveaways we're giving away 10 more brand new laptop computers and I Know these computers can help some People out so be sure guys to go tell a Friend tell your friends and family Members about what we do on this channel And what we are all about be sure to Come back leave us a comment down below Don't forget to check out that video I Dropped one last night on the channel no Experience you guys could literally get Hired within 24 hours now I know this is Not a high paying work from home job but You could use it as a stepping stone to Gain the knowledge to gain the skills so That you guys can go on and get those Higher paying work from home jobs make Sure you share their video as well hop Over over to the two chicks blog look Under the spotlight job section make Sure you guys click on gig spot and the Sign up today we had a young lady here She made seven hundred dollars off of This easy peasy side hustle site also Don't forget to apply for Omni Interactions and share Omni somebody is Looking for a beginner friendly work From home job you just never know you May be helping out a friend also don't

Forget to sign up for Branded surveys The link is down below in the comments Let's get into the video so the company Is Randstad they are looking to fear Their work from home data entry position It says that the position is 100 remote And guys they do pay 22 dollars an hour So you guys better hurry up and apply For this one because you already know These types of non-phone jobs they do go Fast so let's jump into the job details It says that a medical company is Seeking a data entry person to help Support their EHS department now you Will be responsible for heavy data entry Formatting their procedures reviewing Procedures metrics project management And other ad hoc projects as assigned They are looking for someone who has Strong Excel skills and if you are some Sort of experience with EHS then that is A plus you don't have to have it but if You do that is great now you will be Working Monday through Friday from 8 AM To 5 p.m Pacific Standard Time with some Flexibility in the schedule again 100 Remote I did not see any state Restrictions over on their website the Pay is 22 dollars an hour by being Employed through Randstad you will be Paid on a weekly basis which is great if You have data entry experience and a Strong Excel background then this could Be guys a great opportunity for you now

Responsibilities I see Heavy data entry Advanced Excel formatting their Procedures supporting the EHS Department Reviewing the metrics and the procedures Dig into details detail-oriented ad hoc Help project management experience Environmental health and safety Experience this is a plus the skills Data entry Excel data review Detail-oriented formatting project Management qualifications years of Experience two experience level entry Level so guys this one is on the Non-phone blog there will be a link Posted right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out runstad make sure you go over to Google do some research you want to know Something about the company guys before You apply and this way once you get that Email to interview you will be prepared And not surprised and you will have that Information just in case they ask what Do you know about the company you will Already have jotted down that Information and you have you will have It readily prepared for that interview So guys make sure you do some research Make sure you share my video and leave Us a comment down below now if you are Looking for more data entry jobs maybe You apply for this one you can also Apply for others come over here check Them out on the

Non-phoneworkathome.com blog be sure to Hop over to Facebook join kiss that Cubicle goodbye make sure you guys are Following us over on our two chicks with The side hustle Facebook business page We're giving away two additional laptops Over on their page guys so make sure you Hop over there start sharing the content We already have some of our subscribers Over there it is not too late we're Trying to get to a hundred thousand Followers on that platform so you guys Can help us get there thank you so much To the ones that have been sharing our Content we can't thank you guys enough Be sure to follow us on Tick Tock and on Instagram and Twitter two chicks with The side hustle now on Instagram guys we Are doing a pop-up giveaway before the End of the year so make sure you hop Over there two chicks with a side hustle You never know we may give away some Money it could be a brand new laptop it Could be a keyboard and mouse pad or a Gift card you just never know what we're Going to pull out of our hats and give Away and we've been known to give away All of these things that I just named so Make sure you are over there for your Chance to win something from the two Chicks with the side hustle brand my Name is Carol thank you guys so much for Watching and I'll catch you guys in the Next video

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