Non Phone Work From Home Job No Degree Posting Payments For Clinics Online Job Hiring Now

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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a non-phone work from Home job but before I jump into the Video make sure you guys subscribe like And share because on this YouTube Channel not only do we talk about legit Work from home jobs but we also give Away laptop computers and if you guys Want to win one they are free make sure You take this video go post it on Facebook share it with a friend don't Forget to come back and leave us a Comment now all last week we have been Dropping the work when you want videos Make sure you guys go back and check out Those videos don't forget to go over to The two chicks with the side Blog on the home page look for tellers International they reached out the Raider position 14 an hour it is now Open make sure you guys go over there And apply let us know in the comments What type of work from home job or side Hustle you're looking for and be sure Guys to sign up for Branded surveys the Link is in the comments let's jump in so The company is web PT they are looking To feel this payment posting specialist Work from home job so it says now as the Payment posting specialist you'll be Responsible for the full scope of cash Posting the ideal candidate has strong Attention to detail and works with a Sense of urgency when it comes to

Posting in high volume batches what You'll be doing as part of the team you Will post large payment batches for Customer clinics manage high volume Patient and insurance account Receivables review patient accounts for Accuracy making Corrections when Necessary follow all insurance payment Posting procedures for electronic and Manual processing also including Researching and posting take backs Refunds and forward balances review and Interpret insurance carrier explanation Of benefits or EOB to post a appropriate Payment and denial codes reliable and Punctual in reporting for work and Taking designated breaks now what you Should have to qualify understand the Ins and outs of medical billing payment And cash posting also medical Reimbursements ability to read an elb With a denial code review be organized Ahead of schedule communicate and Accountable work well in difficult Situations impeccable communication Skills two years of experience posting Large batches of payments two years of Experience supporting small to mid-sized Practices again guys the company is well PT and they are looking to feel this Payment posting specialist work from Home job make sure you guys go over to Google do some research about the Company just in case you guys get an

Interview you would need to be prepared And not surprised also guys don't forget To share the video somebody out there is Looking for a job such as this one and We do post a lot of non-phone jobs on This blog so make sure you guys share This video and then share the blog with Your friends your family members or Anyone that's looking for a data entry a Chat a texting an email type a job make Sure you guys share the information but Don't forget to come back and leave us a Comment now the link to apply will be Posted under this video in the Description box so you guys can check it Out also don't forget to join us on Facebook the name of our group it is Kiss that cubicle goodbye don't forget Guys to follow follow because we are Doing a lot of giveaways this year with This brand so don't forget to follow the Two chicks with the side hustle that is Our Facebook business page we have an Instagram and a Twitter same name two Chicks with a side hustle so follow like Subscribe and share but don't forget to Come back and leave us a comment Somewhere my name is Carl and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye YouTube

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