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Good morning it's Suzanne I hope you had A Merry Christmas I know I did today I Have a customer support specialist with The company benitec now in this job You're going to be answering emails and You're also going to be answering some Calls customer calls but this is a great High-paying work from home job up to 33 Dollars per hour and there is little to No experience needed in this job they're Very open to anyone who's willing to Learn so a little bit about this company Benetech believes that Equitable access To education is a human right their Technology and services break down Systemic barriers and Empower all Learners regardless of ability around The world they partner with local Communities to expand inclusive and Equitable education opportunities to Date they have delivered more than 20 Million accessible books helping over 1.5 million students job Seekers and Adults to read learn and pursue their Dreams people at benefit believe Strongly in the mission and they work Hard to embody their truths each day So they are attracting candidates from All backgrounds their users come from All kinds of communities and so do they They hire great people from a wide Variety of backgrounds not just because It's the right thing to do but because It makes their organization stronger in

Delivering social impact they encourage Members of traditionally Underrepresented communities to apply Including people of color veterans lgbtq People and people with disabilities the Opportunity Bookshare seeks a customer Support specialist to add strength to The customer support team in this Position you will make a difference in The lives of people who are supported by Benitec's non-profit mission of using Technology for social good to provide Accessible content to people with print Disabilities as a technical member of The customer support team you will serve As first line support to their Bookshare Customers this includes members Educators and partnering libraries you Will work and collaborate across the Organization to resolve technical issues And continually strive to improve the Bookshare member and educator experience Key responsibilities you're going to Provide service and support to internal And external customers via phone and Email managing and documenting member Interactions using Salesforce as part of The team you'll Support over 900 000 Global Bookshare members with varying Technical skill levels assist Educators With account management and Technical Support requests analyze existing Accounts check for errors anomalies or Otherwise support members with desktop

Web and mobile applications guide Members and Educators in the use of Assistive technology hardware and Software where collaborate Collaboratively to share insights with Internal Outreach and training teams Test new Bookshare software End product releases planning for impact On members from a support Viewpoint Update and create help documentation That supports members with the use of Bookshare products and features so Qualifications they're very minimal have A spirit a learning adaptable flexible Excellent problem solving elevated Attention to specific and complex Details demonstrated competence with Office software tools familiarity with And willingness to learn assistive Technology such as screen readers Refreshable Braille displays and Standalone notetakers Bookshare specific Applications mobile reading applications So you just have to be have a Willingness to learn these things a lot Of people will not have this experience So under the preferred category Familiarity with CRM platforms can Maintain detailed record keeping in high Standards and accuracy able to Prioritize deadlines strong interest in Mission driven organizations and the Communities they serve including people With disabilities alright guys if you

Are interested in applying for this Position I'm going to put the Instructions down in the description and Otherwise I will see you in the next Work from home chop lead bye

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