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Foreign [Music] And I'm back with another video another Episode to present to you another Amazing company that provides Remote-based opportunity so this is tax Season tax season is hair and I'm sure Many of you are preparing to get your Taxes done maybe looking forward to get Some refunds and maybe you are Interested in using some of the services That provide you with tax experts to Help you along the way right so this is Where Intuit steps in if you are Familiar with into what you know that They deal with tax companies such as Turbo Tax so Intuit is a global Technology platform that helps consumers And small businesses overcome their most Important Financial challenges they Serve more than 100 million customers Worldwide with with Turbo Tax QuickBooks Mint Credit Karma and MailChimp their Tax experts specialize in helping their Customers do their own taxes by Providing expert guidance tax Explanations and advice so that they can File confidently with TurboTax so this Is basically what they do in a nutshell And even though they serve millions of Customers globally some of the jobs that They have available are us-based so the Jobs that we're going to look at are Just for U.S residents okay so if you

Are outside of the US you can browse Through their website to see if there's Any openings available but majority of The jobs when I was looking are mainly For those who are in the US so we're Going to go through some of the job Opportunities and then we're just going To focus on one position in this video So it's a fine work from home positions On Intuit you just want to go to their Job search section which is the section Right here careers at insuits then you Can go to their keyword search where it Says search jobs and you can enter Remotes jobs to find remote-based Positions that may be available now if You keep in mind majority of the Remote-based jobs that they have listed On their website may require you to have Previous experience in tax preparations So just be aware of that if you don't Have experience in tax preparation of Course you know there are courses Available for you to get and get started But now you know that there are remote Based work from home opportunities that Are available for you if that is an Option that you desire okay or if you Know someone who do have experience in In tax preparation then you can pass This information on to them so you just Go on their website in their careers Section and you can put in remotes or You could put in work from home in the

Keyword search and you'll see the job Titles that are available for remote Based okay so digital sales consultant Inbound this is a remote-based position Bilingual if you are bilingual you speak Spanish as well as English they have a Position here for for those who are Bilingual this is a seasonal position Here and then they have a weekend only The work from home position for Bilinguals digital sales consulting Position is available which is remote Expert bookkeeper work from home job is Available in the US okay so these are The current positions they have Available they also have another work From home position that we're going to Look at and that is their tax associate Position this is available everywhere in The U.S so States available to work Remotely throughout the US so for this Particular position as I mentioned you Will need to have experience for a Majority of the jobs that they have Posted so for this job you will need to Have at least three seasons of paid tax Preparation experience with a minimum of 30 tax returns per tax year okay if you Are a tax professional they need you to Help their customers complete their Taxes using Turbo Tax you would you will Advance their goal of power Prosperity Around the world by providing expert Guidance and expert donation of tax and

Technical terms to their customers you Also play an important role in their Effort to enhance their brand by Lighting their customers and empowering Them to prepare their taxes so this is Very important to them so always read Their overview so that you understand The goal and a mission in regards to a Company so when you get started and Working for them you can represent them Professionally and you know you're Representing a brand so you definitely Want to represent them correctly So at a glance you will get 401K with Match they offer paid sick leave Flexible schedule options are available They are rated four and a half star on Glassdoor so about this rule as a tax Associate with Intuit you will work Directly with their customers again to Answer simple tax questions minimum Again is three seasons of paid tax Preparation experience prior tax Preparation experience and tax practice Or retail setting required strong Customer service skills and you can go On to read further information in Regards to the requirements okay so it Goes on to this knowledge of tax laws Anything to do with tax again if you're A tax expert if you have prior Experience then you are familiar with This okay so if you don't have Experience with this particular position

That is fine I have other work from home Jobs that I will be posting that that do Not require you to have experience true Levels so I just like to everyone in my Audience in different areas when it Comes to the remote-based positions that Are available to you okay so again the Lister benefits here paid sick leave Intuit provide E and O Insurance product Discounts is available to you and you Can read further details that have Related contents you can visit their Blog to learn more about to learn more About Turbo Tax and other tips as it Relates to assisting their customers Okay and again related positions are Listed at the bottom they are currently Looking for expert bookkeeper to work From home and other positions are Available currently on their website all Right so in terms of how much they pay You click or says view full job Description which we already just went Over it's just reiterating the position And the responsibilities okay so to find The salary for this position just scroll Down a little bit it says Intuit Provides a competitive compensation Package with a strong pay for Performance rewards approach the Expected base range for this position Can range from 19 an hour so if you are In New York expect to get between 19 to 27 per hour Colorado 19 to 25 per hour

California yay Californians finally a Company that hires in your state so you Can expect to get paid between 19 to 27 Per hour Etc et cetera so I would say to average For this position can range between 19 To 27 per hour it looks okay okay so pay Is offered is based so pay offered is Based on factors such as job related Knowledge skills experience and work Locations so keep that in mind I give You the salary range in my titles to What you can expect to earn in a Position whether you are starting out an Entry level you can of course you're Going to earn the minimum amount and Then as you stick with a company and Grow with the company you will earn the Max okay so it's 19 to 27 per hour Twenty seven dollars looks to be the max Based on your skills years of experience As well as your work locations so it Varies for each individual you're not Going to get the same pay as your you Know uh next door neighbor employee Depending on their experience level and Your experience level you might be Getting paid 19 an hour and someone else Who may have a little bit more Experience based on their location will Get paid twenty seven dollars per hour So if you comment in the comment section Like oh I've worked for this company I Only got paid 15 an hour I didn't get

Paid 27 an hour well maybe it's Depending upon your location and your Experience level as well as your skill And and how it compares to someone else Who may be getting paid a little bit More so that's your experience okay so That's basically the salary in a Nutshell for this particular position if You are interested go ahead and click on The information description section the Link will take you to full details and If you get started in applying for this Job you can also check out my resume Templates if you need assistance to redo Your entire resume then you can shoot me An email melissia at home gmail.com Melissia is spelled exactly how it's Spelled on my channel as well as my Website my name is like all over my Platform melissia at home gmail.com and You can book a resume revamping service I had the pleasure to work with so many Of you during the weekend and getting Your resumes together as well as you Know my interview prep consultation I Was able to speak with so many of you And give you some advice and tips and it Was a pleasure to do that to do so so I Look forward to getting your emails and Your success story as you implement Those tools and tips and advice using my Services thank you so much for watching I'll see you in my next video Happy work From home bye

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