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Hey hey hey happy Monday it's me Carl And I am back with another non-phone Work from home job but before I jump in Make sure you guys subscribe like and Share on this channel guys we give away Laptops and we're giving away 10 more Brand new laptop computers and anybody Can win them just make sure you take the Video put it on your social media Platforms write a post about what we do On this channel come back leave us a Comment don't forget to go back guys Check out the video that tan and I Dropped on the channel last night for Those of you that are looking for Overnight jobs we posted five of them Make sure you guys check out the video And share let us know in the comments What type of work from home job you guys Are looking for be sure to hop over to The two chicks blog and look for Omni Interactions and for tell us both are Posted on the home page and make sure You guys sign up for Branded surveys we Got some people here guys that make 15 To 50 dollars us in a day the link is in The comments let's get into it so this Company is called Pearson they have been In business for years and they're Looking to feel this professional Scorers work from home position so it Says that as a scorer you will work from Your home evaluating student responses To subject-related open-ended questions

According to a customer supplied scoring Guide now the candidates must qualify After completion of training in order to Begin scoring and some people guys they Work for this company year round so if You do a good job with them then you can Possibly probably continue on working For them year after year so it says Pearson offers compensation packages That reward exceptional quality and Productivity scoring is generally Compensated at a wage of fifteen dollars Per hour with additional incentives paid Based on daily and weekly performances Guys up to 150 dollars per week so this Is by far some easy peasy type of money So the requirements now with this one That I know somebody is going to say oh They want you to have a bachelor's Degree and they're only paying 15 an Hour yes that is correct they do want You to have a bachelor's degree it says Also that you must be eligible to work In the U.S all scoring and other work Activities must be completed also in the U.S teaching experience it is preferred However guys it is not required you must Be uh have the availability to work a Minimum of at least 20 hours per week You must be familiar with using computer Hardware a mouse a keyboard a webcam a Headset earphone speakers and Etc basic Knowledge and you must be comfortable in Using Microsoft applications as well

Ability to maintain a confidential work Environment access to a home or office Computer that meets the requirements of The scoring system internet service and Telephone connection as well now it says Major responsibilities you will have to Evaluate the student responses to Open-ended questions in a reliable Manner and scores According to customer Supply scoring Guides successfully internalizes Training and customer scoring guides Also may be required to pass qualifying Tests before scoring must be able to put Aside personal biases and apply scoring Guide according to customer requirements So this one is posted on the non-phone Blog there will be a link right below The video in the description box so you Guys can check out this company again The company is Pearson it takes one to Two minutes to go over to Google and Type in the company's name see what Comes up guys take a look at the reviews This I think is one of the best Companies as far as scoring is concerned They have been in business like I said For years and they do post a lot of Other remote non phone opportunities on Their website so just in case this job Is not for you still go on their website And check for other positions so this One is Pearson 15 an hour pretty much You can work around your own schedule

Work whenever you like with this one There's no set schedule and They do offer weekly paid bonuses so Make sure you guys check this one out And apply I will be sure to leave a link Right below the video in the description Box so you guys can check it out make Sure you share my video somebody out There is looking for a legit work from Home job opportunities side hustles side Gig so make sure you share this Information we're trying to push it out There to the masses I save people every Day from being scammed on social media Because there's so many scammers out There guys and some of these people just Don't know where these work from home Jobs the legit ones and the real ones Are posted so make sure you share leave Us a comment hop over to Facebook join Our group KISS that cubicle goodbye make Sure you follow us two chicks with the Side hustle we are doing giveaways on All of these social media platforms and Don't leave out Instagram Instagram two Chicks with the side hustle we are so Close to ten thousand followers once we Hit that number guys this when we're Going to do the giveaway on Instagram Make sure you follow us create a story Put us in your story and then tag us my Name is Carl and I'll catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people on the Next video bye


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