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What's up two chicks fam hey hey hey Happy Saturday it's me Carl and I am Back with another non-phone skip the Interview work whenever you want but Before I jump into the good video make Sure you guys hop over here check out Some more non-fone jobs data entry chat Email on our blog be sure to Hop over to the two chicks with the side blog look under the spotlight Job section make sure you guys apply for Omni this is a beginner friendly skip The interview so another skip the Interview part-time work whenever you Want weekly pay and they do have some Clients posted on their dashboard right Now so don't miss out go over there and Apply make sure you share because Sharing is caring on this channel we Give away laptop computers and we're Giving away 10 more laptops once we Reach a hundred thousand subscribers so Make sure you share go tell a friend Spread the word be sure to come back and Leave us a comment down down below make Sure you guys subscribe to the channel Turn on the Bell notification we will be On the live stream on tomorrow and you Don't want to miss interesting side Hustles that you guys never knew existed And this is a very very interesting side Hustle so make sure you are subscribed To the channel make sure you look down

Below in the comments and sign up for Branded surveys easy peasy survey site Let's get into the video the company is Daily transcription and they are looking For transcriptionists they're trying to Fill this work from home position it Says that we're excited that you have Interest in one of our openings daily Transcription provides services to Entertainment corporate and legal Industries as well as to academic Institutions benefits of working with Daily transcription flexibility guys so You can create your own schedule work Where and whenever you want and a lot of People here are looking for these types Of side hustle side gigs part-time jobs Assignments are paid weekly where most Pay bi-weekly or month monthly so that Is a great thing now they are in Competition with some of these other Ones here that they have listed on the Website now it says receiving training Feedback and coaching collaborate with Like-minded others and learn from the Best we don't guarantee a specific Amount of work per day or week but our Top transcriptionists they can make Anywhere from 350 to 950 per week and This is a typing type of job guys so you Can make this kind of money typing make Sure you guys apply for this one again The company is called daily Transcription go over to Google type in

The company's name because you want to Be familiar with who you are working for I know it is a skip the interview but You still need to know something about The company before you apply for the Position so this one is posted over on The non-foam blog and I will be sure Guys to leave a link right below the Video in the description box so you guys Can check it out make sure you share Sharing again is caring on this channel And we give away laptop computers so if You want to win make sure you guys go Tell a friend be sure to come back leave Us a comment Down Below in the comment Section hop on over to Facebook join us The name of our group we got a Facebook Group guys and a lot of the jobs that Are posted over in the group we have not Talked about on this channel because There are tons and tons of companies Being brought to our attention each and Every single day so we can't it is Impossible for us to post jobs on this YouTube all day long so make sure you Guys hop on over there join us kiss that Cubicle goodbye we post jobs in the Group five days a week so that is five Days a week guys that you can get some Great companies to apply for make sure You follow us over on our Facebook Business page because on that platform We are giving away two additional Laptops so if you don't win over here

You still got a chance to come on over There follow us and share that's all you Guys have to do is just share tag Somebody we do read the comments over on Their platform as well make sure you Guys follow us on Tick Tock Twitter and Instagram two chicks with the side Hustle we have another giveaway going on Instagram we're going to do a pop-up Giveaway so make sure you guys share Share share like crazy over on Instagram Guys because we are going to give away Something we don't know what it's going To be but it's gonna be something nice I'm sure because we have been known to Give away of course laptop computers now We've never given away a desktop and I Was talking to tan about that it could Be a desktop it could be a ring light For those of you that want to get Started on social media creative videos And things like that so we could give You guys a ring light it could be a Laptop stand some of you already have Laptops and maybe you just need a stand To put the laptop on it could be a Hundred dollar Walmart or Amazon gift Card we've been known to give away gift Cars is

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