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Hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am Back with another work from home video We got this company from someone in our Group in this company guys they are Hiring immediately make sure you guys Subscribe like and share also guys don't Forget to share the video because we are Giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers and they are absolutely free Just be sure to take the video put it on Your social media platform tell a friend Come back leave us a comment don't Forget to go back check out all the Videos that were posted on the channel Yesterday we did drop some skip the Interview ones non-phone make sure you Guys go back and check those out hop Over here to the two chicks with the Side hustle.com blog look under the Spotlight job section and get Omni Interactions in your basket and then Scroll down and look for tell us tell us Is seeking to hire 200 plus people for Their online data analyst work from home Position also guys don't forget to sign Up for Branded surveys the link is down Below in the comments section and let us Know what type of work from home job you Guys are looking for comment below let's Get into it so the company is called Entrata now the drawback to this one Guys they only hire in a few States so That is the drawback they are looking to Feel their 2023 leasing specialist work

From home position and I think with this One you can work full and part-time I Did see that listed on the website so it Says what you will be doing guys so you Will handle three types of inbound calls Leasing calls this is where people are Looking for pricing and availability Info so this is easy maintenance cause This is for the people that live in the Apartment complexes residents who need a Work order filled out resident solicitor Calls those who need a message passed Onto the on-site staff which could be The janitor the maintenance guy it could Be the resident managers in the leasing Offices now the requirement Self-motivation dependability they will Provide you guys with the equipment but You will have to have of course High-speed internet and they're looking For download and upload speeds of 5 Mbps So no Wireless Broadband satellite Internet Wi-Fi none of that guys is Permissible I do see here they do Require you to have a surge protector But that is just to protect their Computer equipment or their company Provided equipment a home office Availability it says must be able to Attend a mandatory two to three week Virtual training must be able to work Saturday or Sunday shifts now if you do Work a Sunday shift they do pay you an Extra one dollar for working on Sundays

High school diploma or GED must be 18 Years of age or older starting pay is 11. now that is on the low side but you Guys know what we say about these low Paying jobs we say to get the knowledge Gain in the skills get the experience Guys because a lot of these higher Paying jobs if you do not have any type Of work from home experience sometimes They will not hire you so use these Low-paying companies as stepping stones But this is an easy peasy job and they May just have room for growth so before You just get a job and say oh I'm just Going to stay here to get the experience For one month or two months or six Months check to see if you can grow with The company you may do a good job and They may promote you to a QA and this is Where you get paid just to listen to Phone calls or a supervisor or a manager Position so don't just start some of These jobs just thinking like you're Going to just get the experience try to See if you can grow with some of these Companies some of these companies have Been in business for years and people do Quit people do retire from these jobs so Just keep that in mind as well so again The starting pay 11 an hour with an Opportunity to earn up to 14 1950 with Certifications and with trainings again If you work Sunday shifts then you will Be paid twelve dollars per hour now I do

See here guys where it says that they do Offer medical dental vision benefits I Also see some bonus incentives let's go Back bonus incentives for the first 120 Days which is not bad at all full and Part-time shifts are available for this One we are currently looking for Candidates who are available between the Hours of 8 A.M mountain and 6 p.m Mountain one weekend shift of that at Least six hours is required each week so You are required guys to work on the Weekends and I would say Sunday because At least on Sundays they do offer 12 an Hour now it could be offered on Saturdays as well I'm not 100 sure about That but I do see that they have Sunday Listed so it says that we are not Currently considering agents if you live Outside of these four states so they Only hire in Utah Wyoming Texas and Idaho and we do have a big Texas Following on this platform so for those Of you that live in these states I would Suggest if you don't have a work from Home job and you want to give this one a Try give it a try again the company is In Trotta if you don't live in these Four states but perhaps you know someone That lives in Texas or Wyoming please Share the video guys we are trying to Push this information out to the masses And people are legitimately looking for These real work from home jobs inside

Hustles so again Entrada is the company They're looking to feel their 2023 Leasing Specialists work from home Position which to me is a leasing agent That's what I would call it but it's Just a work from home leasing agent so You to me have the best of the job Because you don't have to show the People the actual properties all you Guys have to do is probably take down a Name a phone number and which property That they're looking for and if they're Looking for a one bedroom or a two Bedroom that is probably all you guys Will have to do and answer a few Questions here and there so the pay is 11 to 14.50 an hour extra dollar if you Work on Sunday and the company will Provide all necessary equipment minus The internet service so you will have to Provide that make sure you guys go over To Google type in and try to do some Research and they are looking to hire People immediately for this job from What we have been told so make sure you Guys share the video and make sure you Come back leave us a comment hop on over To Facebook you want to join kiss that Cubicle goodbye because guys we post a Lot of jobs in the group that we may Have not even talked about posted Mentioned on this YouTube channel Because there are a plethora of Companies looking to hire individuals

Right now as I'm making the video There are so many companies guys out There so just in case we have not talked About some of these companies and you Don't want to miss out on some of these Companies or these jobs make sure you Guys hop on over there if you have a Facebook page join the group if you Don't have a Facebook page it is free to Create a Facebook account and while You're over there on Facebook guys make Sure you are following us on our two Chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page because on that page we Will be giving away two additional Laptop computers and they are absolutely Free to you guys all you have to do is Just take whatever you see over there or You can tag your friends or family Members on that page and we will see That you have shared or you have tagged Someone to the page guys and we will put Your name on our giveaway list we are Trying to get to a hundred thousand Followers on their page hopefully before The end of this month that would be Great and then you want to follow us on Instagram and guys we are so close to Getting that 10 000 follower so come on Guys share share share create a story Create a real put us in your story or You're real we will see us tag us and All of that and we will see a tag a Friend to our page we will see that that

Is a form of sharing sharing is caring On these platforms my name is Carl two Chicks with the side hustle and I'm out Peace

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