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Happy hump day two chicks fam it is me Curl and I am back with a seasonal 16 an Hour work from home job but before I Jump into the video make sure you guys Subscribe like and share because on this YouTube channel not only do we talk About legit work from home jobs and we Post videos every day all day we also Guys do real giveaways on this YouTube Channel so if you guys want to jump in On the fun and you want a laptop and They are free be sure to take my video Posted on Facebook share it to your Social media platforms don't forget to Come back though and leave us a comment Now if you are still looking for a work From home job and you are a beginner you Don't have any experience make sure you Guys check out the video that I posted On the channel last night beginner Friendly company pays up to 16 an hour Work whenever you want no interview Don't forget to hop over here to the two Chicks with the side house a.com blog Look on the home page scroll down to Where it says the recruiter reached out Apply for tellers Telus has a non-phone No interview guys work whenever you want Part-time position and it is for their Raider opportunity let us know in the Comments what you are looking for what Type of job or side hustle and don't Forget to sign up for Branded surveys Let's hop in so the company is called

Diligent Health Solutions they are Looking to feel their customer care Specialist seasonal work from home Position I do see here that the position Is full-time hours 16 an hour so the Customer care specialist will interact With the patients and Health Care Professionals and or customers and trade Associations and organizations on a Regular basis through multiple Communication channels such as inbound And outbound calls fax and email the Specialists will provide info about one Or multiple client products and services Covering different therapeutic areas and Or Industries now the Specialists they Will also demonstrate the ability to Quickly adapt to changing circumstances And utilize multiple Creative Solutions To go beyond the required calling Requirements in addition The Specialist Will also be expected to communicate a Call to action which may include asking For a decision recommendation purchase Usage prescription administrative tasks Or other action relating to the client's Product or service now guys I do see Here a high school diploma or GED is Required one year of professional Customer service experience with inbound Or outbound dialing this is required Also if you have previous call center Experience that is okay however it is Just preferred now they do have other

Duties and responsibilities listed as Well I will read a few responsible for Reviewing interpreting and reacting to Data provided effectively communicate Messages product info and or specific Offers to customers and clients converse With customers and clients in a Professional manner utilizing relevant Industry terminology as needed and Facilitate the process of trial adoption And usage of the client's products or Services now this one is posted on the Two chicks blog I will be sure to leave A link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company again diligent Health Solutions is the company they are Looking to feel their Customer Care Specialists this is a seasonal Opportunity for someone that pays 16 an Hour make sure you guys do your research Go over to Google takes one to two Minutes to type in the company's name And see what comes up don't forget get To share share share come back though And leave us a comment down below so That we can put your name on this Giveaway list and don't forget guys to Follow us on these other social media Platforms because we are doing giveaways Across all of these platforms so we have A group it is kiss their cubicle goodbye Where we post other jobs over in the Group that may or may not be posted on

This YouTube channel we also guys have a Two chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page as well as an Instagram And a Twitter same name two chicks with The side hustle be sure to like Subscribe follow share make sure you Tell a friend guys and share this Content because we're trying to push This information out to the masses get Sick and tired of seeing these scammers All day long on these social media Platforms lying to people about working From home when there are legit companies Out there but some people just don't Know where to look thank you guys so Much for sharing our information my name Is Carl and I will catch you wonderful Amazing people on the next video bye Bye YouTube

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